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Three tsunamis after the GE

Someone said the Worker's Party did not know that the tsunami is coming. Would there really be a tsunami? For the moment there is a calm before the storm. For 13 GEs, there were no storms to talk about after the GE. There were a couple of afternoon showers that were regarded as bad and shocking, like a little flooding in Orchard Road. The coming GE is the 14th GE. 14 is never a good number to those who believe in fengshui. Could there be a storm after the GE? What could be worst than a storm, more like a tsunami? As in all democratic elections, the people, the 'masters' of the country, shall decide. Three frightening results can actually happen. No one can really throw them out as rubbish, impossible. The first shock could be Chok Tong losing his Marine Parade GRC. The second shock, LKY and Tanjong Pagar go down. And the shock of all shocks, Hsien Loong loses Ang Mo Kio to a team of young turks. If any of these three events were to happen, it could rightly be called a political tsunami. And if all three were to happen, it will be a triple whammy. The falling of a few ministers and their GRCs is now more of a reality and can be expected. Nothing earth shattering. Are the people prepared for such a tsunami? No way, impossible! Is there such a thing as impossible in a free and open democratic election?


Anonymous said...

Not too bad if they can still take on the NCMP role which LHL is so supportive of....

Anonymous said...

If Chok Tong goes, no big loss for Singaporeans.

If the old man goes, we can see some entertainment inside the PAP.

If LHL goes, the shock may put the old man on the gun carriage.

If all three goes, Wally is going to pack up and leave for Lijiang for good.

And I will bring out my champagne. I haven't tasted champagne for quite a long time.

Anonymous said...

That would be good experience, to learn what it is like to be NCMP. NCMP wanted to do so much but cannot do anything except talk only.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to fool the electorate by increasing the number of NCMPs, hoping that in the process voters would not be insisting on more opposition MPs, since NCMPs will also provide alternative voices.

But, Singaporeans are not that foolish and as they said, NCMPs have no power to influence policies. So, what is the point of putting more NCMPs into Parliament?

Anonymous said...

Did someone said that NCMP could be appointed Cabinet Minister lately?

Anonymous said...

Just cannot trust the PAP any more. They are high and mighty and extremely arrogant. Their ministers and MPs promises are all nothing but a lot of hogwash. They insult and belittle the intelligence of the people by claiming to give some handouts to the people before election as if it is a gift from PAP. Every cent in the hand out belongs to the people from the high and heavy taxes the PAP government has been collecting from the people for years. PAP only talks about the ignoble handouts but they conveniently forget about the hand ins of countless billions of dollars that the people are being squeezed through both direct and invisible indirect taxes like high HDB selling price, high COEs and ERPs, high property tax and rentals, high medical charges,high PUB bills, high MRT and bus fares and a myriad of other invisible taxes.

It's a shame for PAP ministers to pay themselves by the millions while the people are being squeezed dry. They do not know how the poor and the middle class are suffering . It's time to send the PAP into the political gutter . Hope the opposition candidates will win every seat contested. Viva Chen Show Mao and the Workers Party.

Anonymous said...

"Hope the opposition candidates will win every seat contested. Viva Chen Show Mao and the Workers Party", unquote.

Hope the Voters have the guts and wills to vote for the Alternative Party Members. Otherwise, the road ahead could be difficult for us, the People.