The Ten Commandments of Sin

1. Thou shalt believe in one god 2. Thou shalt believe in one party 3. Thou shalt not steal when being paid very well 4. Thou shalt not begrudge other people’s big salary 5. Thou shalt not kill but anything else ok 6. Thou shalt believe that some are more equal than others 7. Thou shalt believe that what you saved is not your money 8. Thou shalt not have doubts in god's words. 9. Thou shalt believe that your country is a hotel 10. Thou shalt believe that foreigners are your saviour


Anonymous said...

Mr Chua Sir;

me likes to add an Eleventh and that is; You have voted me to give me the MANDATE to rule You as I like, so remember, I am your Rulers. And You quai quai take my orders.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Thous shalt not interpret the constitution in thine own way. Only the gods can interpret the constitution.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore story is resembling more like the Animal Farm where it will become "four legs good but two legs better". I fear it may become "all citizens good but PRs and foreigners are even better" cos they are "foreign talent" who's here to "make jobs for citizens". When will people wake up to see the sad state we're in right now? Don't wait until all foreign "talents" and PRs withdraw all our reserves and leave us beggars! Dear all, please wake up and wake up your neighbors, colleagues, friends and relatives to this reality!