Sorry not enough, must explain!

This statement must be still vivid in many Singaporeans’ mind. Committing a mistake and saying sorry is not enough, and must explain, dunno explain what? But Singaporeans are generally very kind and forgiving. Take Vincent Wijeysingha as an example, after the threats of something bad from a video, he is letting matter to rest without demanding for any explanation. Then there is the Mas Selamat Jalan episode and Kan Seng said he had apologized or accepted responsibility. So it is over. No issue any more. No red faces, no one feel pressurized or cornered. Perhaps our society has matured, and small people who liked to seize on every opportunity to blow things up, the blow job professionals, are long gone. This is good for the people or else we will still have third world ruffians in our first world city.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, just say 'sorry' and move on. Explain the best you can, if that is required...but move on. Don't get stuck in the past -- it's too expensive. Just move the fuck on. If some people don't accept your apology -- their problem. No one's perfect.

We all make mistakes -- so what the fuck do you want to be 'satisfied'? I've apologised, and I'm moving on!

Singapore society used to be so fixated on making someone 'pay' for their mistakes that 'kiasuism' became a part of the culture and too many bright people shunned risk. You need tolerance and forgiveness, or else old hurts and grievences turn into collective neuroses.

Anonymous said...

you suffering from dementia also.

Anonymous said...

Our ministers must be the best job in the world. Apologised satirically , and fire those under his charge, still collect his millions, and maintain his arrogance. Obama can apply for a job as minister here after his term expire cause it is the best job in the world. No accountability, no responsibility, no transparency , giving bullshit and nonsense, but still collect millions with ShittyTime singing your praise and trumpets ! Where else can you find such job.