Singaporeans got beaten up by FTs

Hawker FTs in Clementi Hawker Centre, Food Loft, beat up Singaporean family of 3 over additional helpings of anchovies. This is clearly a sign of contempt for the locals, and the FTs must think that locals are trash to be beaten at will. How often can one witness foreigners working or visiting a foreign country feel so audacious and at liberty to beat up the locals? Only in Sin will this thing happen. Now the locals got to fear foreigners instead of the other way. Better be more polite to them. It would not be surprising if this happens in the crowded MRT trains as the proximity and the shoving could easily turn ugly. I think it is better that the stupid Singaporeans migrate to nearby JB, Batam or Bintan for their own safety. This is the price they have to pay for having so many FTs coming here to help them and provide jobs for them. Be grateful and make the FTs feel welcome. Maybe by being nice to the FTs they will be nicer to the Singaporeans and would not be too hasty to beat them up. The family should count themselves lucky. The man got two blue black eyes, the wife’s back was hurt. The son also got a black eye. Nevermind, they can pay a lawyer to sue the hawker and his wife. I don’t think this is a seizable offence and the hawker will continue his business as usual as if nothing has happened. I always feel very disgusted to hear of Singaporeans being scolded, chided and now beaten by FTs, our guests, the people we welcomed with open arms into our home. And Singaporeans deserved to be beaten or trashed as they did not have any sense of belonging. This cannot be a country when the citizens do not feel that they are citizens, nor feel proud to be citizens. And when they got beaten up or chided by foreigners, it is so embarrassing to see them walk away lan lan, with no one to turn to. Singaporeans are just shameless, but what to do? Lee Ao is right. Singaporeans are stupid. The rapid bastardisation of its citizenship is starting to have its ill effects when Singaporeans no longer feel that this is their home and foreigners feel that this is their playground with the presence of Singaporeans an irritant.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This poor family of 3 had to run for their safety, chased by the hawker and his burly wife. They had to hide inside their car but could not get away as the path was blocked by the wife. In the meantime the hawker kept banging and kicking at the car trying to get at them. It must have come out of a scene in a China village.

Sinkies, with their small built, specky, and good life, were not built for martial contest. And these foreigners, many from the farms and country sides, well built and brutish, could easily kick the arse of every sinkie.

When the sheep invited the wolves to stay, this is what's gonna happen. Goodbye sheep. Growllll!

Anonymous said...

It's already happening in our crowded trains during peak hours. Atas Indian PMET, too engrossed on his mobile device, refuses to move for other commuters, leading to shouting matches. The sad thing is, other S'poreans kept quiet instead of embarrasing the uncouth foreign shit. This only makes them bolder.

Anonymous said...

Mr. redbean, what about the flip side - we Singaporeans beating up the foreign domestic maids? And to top it off - paying them peanuts, with no days off!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry about Sinkies beating up maids or cruelties to maids. We have laws to lock up sinkies that beat up foreign maids.

My fear is that Sinkies will have to move to safer places for their own protection, like JB, Batam and Bintan.

Wally Buffet said...

When I am in that shithole of a cuntry, hardly a day passes by without me seeing men fighting on the streets, women quarreling with their neighbours. The only thing good about that lawless cuntry are the breathtaking natural mountain sceneries and of course the top class bitches which can be had for the price of a good pair of shoes and lots of promises.

These muck that are admitted by the thousands each and every month of the year into this country are the rejects that their country said good riddance to. Do we honestly think that real talents such as physicists, scientists and the well heeled billionaire Chinamen will come here? So what do you expect huh?

Sinkapooreans are:

1. Kiasi: Afraid to retaliate.

2. Kiasu: Scared to loose when fists start flying.

3. Kiabo: In this case, the anchovies cost them plenty.

The foreign trash may just be working for the opposition parties to whip up hatred and annoyance to Sinkapooreans ahead of the coming elections. They can blame no one but themselves for believing that these scums will assimilate into local society.

My Chinese friends who drives Beamers and Mercs on Chinese roads scare the shit out of these scums when the latter cross roads recklessly. The drivers would then wind down their black tinted windows and spit at the motherfucking peasants.

These may be the same peasants now operating the hawker stalls and venting a little of the anger back at Sinkapooreans who are stupid, cowardly and ha ha daft!

Ship the whole fucking lot back to where they came from and let's reclaim our country from these motherfucking pests.

Anonymous said...

You see, sinkies are third or fourth class citizens by now.

In time to come, even people of JB, Batam or Bintan will look down on them as daft and stupid, to be kicked around in their own country by foreigners.

At least the Indonesians and Malaysians fight for their rights against foreigners. They demand that their rights be upheld.

I pity this country.

Anonymous said...

If this were to happen in Taiwan or China, I think the hawker and his wife would have been chopped to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Too much nannying produce weak people.

I just wonder what we are driving at, building all those sheltered walkways everywhere. Singaporeans can't even tolerate being in the sun for a moment or getting caught in a drizzle.

That photo of the maid carrying the backpack of the NS men speaks volumes about our soldiers. I think they can only fight in fine cloudy weather. In sunny or rainy weather, they probably need to carry an umbrella into battle.


Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, in full scaremongering and xenophobic regalia:

> This is clearly a sign of contempt for the locals, and the FTs must think that locals are trash to be beaten at will. <

Clearly. Undoubtedly. Irrefutably. Absolutely.

> ...[W]hen they got beaten up or chided by foreigners, it is so embarrassing to see them walk away lan lan, with no one to turn to. <

Oh dear...have their little itsy-bitsy feelings been hurt? Has insult been added to nuance injury too? Do they nee mommy to hug them and tell them 'everything's alright?'.

Life is so unfair isn't it? The govt is to blame, aren't they. Damn foreigners...there's no justice...boo hoo hoo, it's horrible, a travesty of justice...life isn't worth living...oh the sheer unfairness of it all!

> [F]oreigners feel that this is their playground with the presence of Singaporeans an irritant. <

I too often find some Singaporeans irritating.

So why is that a 'problem'? It could also be seen as a 'signal' to modify that irritating behaviour and become more 'real', amicable, and not carry on like spoilt brats

Wake the fuck up, you annoying idiots! :)

Anonymous said...

How come we have Foreign Talent running a stall ? Pls ask our government what is the definition of Foreign Talent ?

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I have always enjoy the services from the foreigners doing business in Sin. Be it Carrfour, Best Denki, Courts to the foodstalls own or run by Chinese Nationals.
There is always good friendly services plus varieties to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, when I first read the article I am wondering why are FTs running food stores?

You mean Singaporeans can't cook decent food anymore? This is an example of the immigration policy of the government. Just let them in, more taxes to be collected and more profit from the transportation GLCs.

Hey, you want quality transportation with less squeeze, pay more and we will do that. Next moment, another 100,000 foreigners come here and ba, back to increasing fares.

Welcome to the new Singapore. GCT just announced no stop to entry of FTs, just harder to get PR. So expect an equal amount of immigration you dumb deaf doodles Singaporeans.

Pity the dumb singaporeans.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I keep suggesting to people to consider becoming Hotel Dwellers.

I have said time and again that the cuntry no longer belongs to its people...so what the fuck are you doing still waving the nationalistic flag?

Get global, people. Cuntries, governments and nation-states with their 'national borders' are fast becoming irrelevant.

You're clinging onto something akin to an out-dated religious idea when you try to defend 'my cuntry is for my people'. Only anachronistic fools still believe in that.

Wake up, fucking dinosaurs doomed to extinction!

Anonymous said...

Someone here mentioned about
Singaporeans leading a 'shelter' life. Yes, I often why the need to build so many walkway shelters even when it means only just a few steps walking to a bus stop or to another HDB or office block. Once in Perth city, there was this sudden downpour of rain, and I saw the office workers in their best morning turn out just simply walked on with their umbrellas or run to the nearest building to wait out until the rain stopped. There did not seem to be any shelter walkways or stuffs like that. Perhaps that a partial explanation that the people there are a rugged lot, and less whining too.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 139:

Yes, that is right. Shelters cost money -- usually public money. Why spend it when people can just buy umbrellas and rain coats, and have fair warning on what tomorrow's weather will be so they can prepare themselves?

It is not the govts job to 'protect' you from the weather. And when they do, you just take it for granted that it was 'free'. It isn't.

Sheltered walkaways are an expense just like any other. Whether built publicly or privately someone has to justify the cost. It is not an 'automatic right' to have your girly-good looks, and weather-sensitive metro-sexual demeanour protected by the government!
Personally, I don't pay too much attention to the domestic press. I pay even less attention to the 'nationalistic retards' who prefer ad hominem attacks and xenophobia -- as if they count as 'arguments' -- instead of rational discourse based on facts and reason.

I prefer to read opinions about S'pore in the foreign financial, management and entrepreneurial publications to get a more 'self-interested' view of Singapore, from the point of view of a foreigner who has an entrepreneurial bent.

The spirit of private, individual enterprise aka 'entrepreneurship' is alive and well in Singapore. At least the govt realises that entrepreneurs and free-wheeling capitalist environments are THE ONLY way to create REAL WEALTH.

Pick any problem facing humanity, and the universal answer to a solutions is always More Capitalism. Nothing motivates people more than the realisation of 'opportunity' in every problem imaginable (and some unimaginable) and that if one finds a viable and marketable solution, that will lead to profit

Go ahead, test the 'More Capitalism' hypothesis: pick a 'problem', any problem and solution is More Capitalism and its corollary: Less Government – because more government means you get to keep less money you worked so hard to make.

Singapore is without doubt one of the easiest places in the world to set up shop and live – even though the govt 'moralising to the masses' gets a bit preachy (like religion) and some of the members are just fucking arseholes.

The point is, as an individual, you can do very well in S'pore – and shield yourself from the parochial bullshit of the chattering classes – who are too wrapped up in their narrow, shallow mindsets to seize the myriad opportunities staring them square in the face, right in their own backyard.

More Capitalism! Or fuck off and join a commune!

Anonymous said...

Actually, this kind of arguments and fistfights is a norm in China.

I've seen it happen daily at the roadsides, road junctions, housing estates thought my travel.

The average PRC person is more aggressive verbally & physically when compared to an average Singaporean.

We we have just witness is just the beginning of a cultural change due to immigration policies.

When the number of PRCs here exceed the local born, who do you think will be the cowering?

When the majority do not queue up, would you still bother to do so?

Also, the qualities that our founding fathers had like integrity, honesty, etc will go out of the window with this cultural influx.

*Sigh* To think the leaders keep telling us : FTs are good for you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you see, this stateless FT coming here to scold me some more.

To all Singaporeans, while you still have this asset called your country, better make sure you stand up to defend it.

Matilah is a stateless person and has nothing to protect excpet himself.

We are anarchronism! Never mind, we still our country, our home. This is a valuable piece of rock. Never ended up losing it and become like our forefathers, stateless and becoming subjects of empires.

Make your noise and make it known in this GE, that we want our country back.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry, the 6.5m will come, be it citizens, PRs or just guests. Our economy depends on the number to register the growth. Without the numbers, there can be no growth.

Be very afraid.

Wally Buffet said...

My country is for my people. Period.


Because it's so fucking small that if I have a fervent wish to get a speeding ticket, I can traverse it's length from East to West in under 15 minutes flat.

Raising the population to 6.5 million and up to 8 million according to some myopic men is not only unsustainable, it is even irresponsible.

We are now the most densely populated country in the world. Soon, we'll also be the country with the most compacted garbage dump.

Give us a country the size of a continent and all these xenophobic rantings will dissipate and stop in time.

Even when the country is a continent, there are countless Pauline Hansons cursing aliens!

What more a country with standing room only.

Sinkapooreans, being kiasi, kiasu and kiabo can only rant and rave. That's about all we can do, unless you fellas have better ideas.

Anonymous said...

Read somewhere that the silly sinkies were told that it was a private matter and they could take up a private summon against the FTs.

This type of things sinkies got no protection liao. Who is that foul mouth who told sinkies to carry a gun to protect themselves? He is right you know.

Anonymous said...

For self protection it is time for Singaporeans to organise self protection groups for you can't wait for the authorities to protect locals from cocky arrogant foreign talents as they have the support of the government who coddle to them whether they are Tom, Dick or Harry.Some one should make a study of the frequent bully and humiliation of ordinary Singaporeans by Foreigners and high light it in the internet. I say internet because you somehow feel Singapore newspapers are too not sympathetic to locals. I overheard a case at a kopitiam that a caucasian cyclist knocked down a teenage girl of about nineteen years of age and rode off quickly without coming down to help the poor victim. The poor girl was badly hit and was subsequently paralysed from waist down. Another case was that a good samaritan told some foreigners not to smoke at a smoke restricted zone in a shopping complex but was scolded and humiliated by them. Some foreigners have been seen to throw cigarette butts or litter like banana skin or tissue papers from their cars but they always seem to escape the law. So in Singapore foreigners are king but locals are worms. I think Singaporeans better wake up before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

"Sheltered walkways are an expense just like any other"

That is just talking about the initial cost. When wear and tear comes in later, someone has to pay for the repairs.

That's when increases in service and conservancy charges comes in, and that's when the Town Councils will have a good reason to justify their charging more. The stupid people will complain, but to no avail. They asked for it, they have to bear the pain of the screwing. Blame themselves!

Belly good, ang mo chiak choo look.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans must know that this is their country and their only home. Protect it at all cost and don't lose it.

Matilah, you don't have a country so you can be KL and tell us sinkies to surrender our rights and our country away. No way.

Singaporeans must fight whoever is selling this country away. If not, what the hell we do our NS for? It will be an effort and a big sacrifice for nothing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 315:

Singaporeans 'delf-organise'? Are you serious? The fuckers can't even agree neither do they trust each other. Good luck with your wishful thinking lah!



How I do wish I was indeed stateless. In a 'perfect' world that would be desirable. However, you have no choice but to be -- at the present -- some kind of 'member' of a state -- or multiple number of states so you have at least somewhere to go where you can assert your 'rights'.

i.e. you use the govt's rules for your own self-protection and freedom.

You all screaming about ‘saving your cuntry’. Fuck, you missed the point entirely. That only applies if you do indeed have a country to ‘save’ in the first place.

Singaporeans lost their country way, way ,way before this FT situation began.

Don’t you fuckers even know your own history? And how you allowed yourself to be boughtby the govt by 'carrot and stick' and that you always "get the government you deserve".


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, agree with you. They have lost their country without knowing. But it is still not too late to take it back.

Anonymous said...

Walau! your leaders are so magnanimous but the people are so selfish.
Foreigners NEVER suka suka come and stay permanently, they are accepted and many are invited by your leaders to come and help Sin to exceed beyond first world leh.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...


[1/2] Got Action, or Talk like Chicken Backside only?

Sure they can take it back. there is 'real' hope and there is 'false' hope False hope is like religion -- it is pure bullshit that is designed (and succeeds) to make people feel better by not lifting a finger or their lazy ass off the sofa -- just believe, and like magic everything is ok, and yo are 'saved'.

Real hope on the other hand rests on the idea that you can get change, but you have to turn off the porno, get off the sofa and actually go and DO shit directed toward the objective of change. i.e. it is all individually chosen ACTION focused and concentrated onto a goal, and you don't quit until you succeed.

Real hope rests purely on using your power to choose (aka free will) to ACT – as opposed to kpkb kpkb kpkb all the time as a trapped 'victim of circumstance'.

Lee Kuan Yew's PAP is the Peoples ACTION Party, not like the blogsphere and Singapore-internet which is more the People's TALKING COCK ONLY, NO ACTION Party.

So instead of waiting for everyone to take ACTION to get back their cuntry...which hasn't happened...what are you going to do as a person of ACTION?

Better to move on your own and emigrate, relegating your citizenship to a more beneficial status as self-directed, action-centered Hotel Dweller.

You can blog and talk all you want, and expound all sorts of theories, but unless you are really a person of ACTION --- real energetic, self-starting, pro-active, massive, sustained long-term ACTION -- forget it. wishing, complaining, cursing, hoping, praying blogging, facebooking...is all a compete waste of time.

I prefer to be an 'outsider' looking in -- completely dissociated from what I used to call "my country" -- with all the passion, attachment and deep emotion that the term once truly applied. Sure they can take it back. there is 'real' hope and there is 'false' hope.

Lee Kuan Yew's PAP is the Peoples ACTION Party, not like the blogsphere and Singapore-internet which is more the People's TALKING COCK ONLY, NO ACTION Party.

So instead of waiting for everyone to take ACTION to get back their cuntry...which hasn't happened...what are you going to do as a person of ACTION?

Better to move on your own and emigrate, relegating your citizenship to a more beneficial status as self-directed, action-centred Hotel Dweller.

You can blog and talk all you want, and expound all sorts of theories, but unless you are really a person of ACTION --- real energetic, self-starting, pro-active, massive, sustained long-term ACTION -- forget it. wishing, complaining, cursing, hoping, praying blogging, facebooking...is all a compete waste of time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

2/2]Action – Who's action toward, What exactly?

I was born and had a wonderful childhood and youth in Singapore. I fished at kelongs, I caught guppies, spiders and tadpoles, I played kuti-kuti and chatek and marbles, I've fucked girlfriends (and their sisters) at McRitchie Reservoir and Fort Canning under the stars, and on Changi beach when we were allowed to camp there (before the fucking PAP banned it – fancy that – the people of the cuntry not even allowed to enjoy their own beach) – getting a butt-full of sand in the process, I have swam naked at P. Blakang Mati and St Johns, served in 8 National Day Parades – 2 years as Guard Of Honour,and even represented my ex-cuntry in foreign competitions.

I've had my dick sucked in movie theatres like Lido, Odeon and Cathay whilst eating kachang puteh bought from the mama outside or curry-pup bought from the Malay guy on a bicycle, I've fucked chicks in the changing room at the old Metro Scots Road and CK Tang and the old Yaohan at Plaza Singapura.

...all in all having a good time and not disturbing anyone. So why did the govt steal my cuntry and treat me like a serf? Why did they shut down the clubs in the 70's, ban books and music and subject the peaceful citizens to all sorts of rubbish – absolute, total rubbish, then come election time threaten the citizens with the ol' HDB-CPF carrot-and-stick legal Ponzi Scheme?

What the fuck did we do? Most of us just worked hard and lived peaceful lives with our family and friends, but the govt -- the perennial uninvited guest – always want to kwai lan and 'makan' eveything. Motherfucker, save a few bucks by driving to JB to buy petrol also cannot. No, no, they have to 'protect' their TAX on fuel – can't have those people saving some money at their expense..oh no.

Then when I raised the issues and questioned the 'intelligence' of such govt edicts and propaganda– I am shouted down or 'cautioned' by my fellow citizens – some of them even close friends – ”Hey watch what you say, the ISD might be listening”

WTF? Instilled feelings of fear and dread for what? Obedience? Compliance? The ISD runs on the taxes I pay...nabeh, pay tax to fund your own oppression? Fuck that shit lah!

So fuck it, folks. The cuntry disappeared long, long ago. Long before many who are posting here were even born. It was a slow process, but it happened...just like compound interest – you start of slow, and then one day you have a rapidly growing snowball.

Yeah, I did my NS. Even though I'm against conscription, I didn't want to be a fugitive either. Anyway I believe in citizenship-militia – but it should remain voluntary.

Even when I emigrated, I was still very much a Singaporean – putting up with all the bad treatment and being subservient to the govt, whereas the govt is supposed to be subservient to The People. I dutifully applied for exit permit every year – even return to serve – on my own expense. Return to vote too. Until in the mid-1980's, then the shit started to change. PAP started to become really arrogant. And they never let up – they became more and more bold and the people did nothing.

After Goh Chok Tong's extremely divisive 'quitter' speech, I decided 'enough was enough'. Fuck you too Jack and the horse your rode in on. Fuck your bloody govt arse with a basket full of durians.

From that time, S'pore has been a Hotel to me, and I've never been more free or happier, and a whole lot wealthier as a nice bonus!

Anyone ready for ACTION? No? I didn't think so. In that case the PAP will retain the monopoly on ACTION, and you can be the recipient of the consequence.

Awesome entertainment!

Wally Buffet said...

A true blue Sinkapoorean indeed.

A story much like my own.

Sincerely, we are sorry to lose you and in return got those fucking peasants that are bullying our own sons and daughters born in Singapore and they're getting bolder by the day with their outrage.

My policy now is to be rude and demanding to every foreign trash that I come into contact with, save the chicks of my desire. Just to let them know that we are not welcoming them with open arms. I am also ready to exercise my right of self defence with the Wing Chun skills that I am afraid will grow rusty without use.

Make my day. Make the first move!

OK guys, I am going to get something out of another foreign "talent" with nothing but promises and promises.


Anonymous said...

"A true blue Sinkapoorean indeed", in praise of Matilah Singapura.

The Guy ran away from the troubles in Sin to enjoy living elsewhere and pluck the struggling Singaporeans here almost everyday. Why did he not stay and fight the rulers together with the people? Instead he is helping the leaders to screw Singaporeans?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1119

What a great question.

The short answer: People collectivized in massive opposing groups are inherently stupid.

Therefore I am not to blame -- they are sabotaging themselves. Granted, I fuck the people as often as I can because I like writing about it and it gives me a perverse pleasure.

It is not my intention to 'help' the leaders, but everyone is welcome to my ideas :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wally Buffet needs to be commended for his individual stance to take individual action which demands a certain basic code of behavior from 'the visitors'.

wally doesn't run screaming like a jilted schoolgirl to the govt to 'help' him -- he is prepared to set the bar himself and only associate with those who meet his standards of behavior.

That's what I'm talking about: INDIVIDUAL action, self-directed, self-governed and in one's own self-interest.

The rest of you fuckers better wake up and take notice -- act independently instead of as a big stupid, lumbering, chit-chatty group.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At least people here are fair enough not to ask about his motive. What, only slimy people have motives. Or assholes who spent their lifes living on motives and think that everyone also has a motive like them.

We only question Matilah:)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Just so you cunts don't waste my time, and that there is no misunderstanding here to upset you whining bitches -- let me state here and now that my motives are all, and will always be selfish -- based on self interest which is mine alone to enjoy.

You can call it a 'pursuit of happiness', or you can call it evil and immoral -- I don't care.

Jonthan said...

Well this is only my story. A Chinese Mainlander was very rude to my wife and daughter. So I was rude and very aggressive back and I threaten him that as a Singaporean I can get him deported. Of course I couldn't and this stupid government would always side with a foreigner than its own citizen. But the Chinese believed my lie and quickly chicken out.
I had similar encounters with Indian born assholes, but if you stand your ground they will also withdraw.

The point I am making is that we (Singaporeans) will only be bullied by foreigners if we allow it. Therefore we should make a stand and help each other. Otherwise the other alternative was like what Chin Leng says migrate to Batam or Johor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Jonthan, welcome to the blog.

The sinkies have been brainwashed to the point that they still think they are immigrants here and every new immigrant has equal or more rights than them in this island. And if the new immigrants tell them to get lost, they will.

This is the pathetic state of affair being propagated. Sinkies will lose their country if they don't believe that this is their country and allow other people to sell it away or take it away.