The proof in black and white

The main media is facing another challenge, its credibility to tell the truth. Forumers used to send in their letters to the main media, which often will be edited for clarity, grammar, correctness, errors or statistics accuracy, or whatever agenda the editor wants to push through. Whatever that is done to their article, there is nothing much that the letter writer can do. They can complain for inaccuracies and sometimes these could be righted at the pleasure of the editor. There could be many cases where the edited letter could come out differently and that’s it, printed as the view of the letter writer. This kind of things is going to change for good. Letter writers can now post their original letters in cyberspace forums to redeem the integrity of their letters. They can post both letters, original and edited copies, in the internet. This means that if the editor is having a different perspective or with a different intent, it will be captured in black and white. If such examples are repeated often enough, the editor or the media it represents is going to have its credibility and integrity aired in public. The power of the new media is unstoppable, and in good hands, can bring about a more truthful picture of events around the world. Old media beware. The days of tyranny of the old media is over. Their monopoly of news and information is compromised and news presented to the public cannot be the same again.


Wally Buffet said...

These tyrannical sycophants can only now edit mostly one sided boot licking letters. In fact, such letters doesn't need much editing. Their job is redundant and we have another dud drawing a salary for nothing. Reminds me to raise this at the next AGM.

The real stuff is in the internet.

The reason why I'm still subscribing to the pile of shit wrap is because old habits die hard.

Every morning when I sit on my throne to do my daily morning ablutionary ritual, I like to have a guffaw or two and you can only get it in the shit times.


Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. Unlike wally I do not use newspapers anymore -- except fro cleaning glass and wiping up mess. I don't buy -- the letter box here gets an ample supply of free community newspapers.

All my news is from several news aggregators.I set up Google alerts to gather news on particular topics -- e.g. SGX-ASX merger (as seen on my blog) and that becomes an aggregator for that topic itself.

Aggregators are instantly accessible on all devices -- desktops, laptops, mobile phone -- all the time.

Billions of dollars in global Big Media infrastructure -- all for free!

Anonymous said...

What have the years of those one sided boot licking MSM taught me? That I should completely ignore the MSM, so that means not even subscribing or reading those shit.

And without a dog to contribute the poo, for which most people would use the shitty times for, I am helping to save the earth.

My main source of news now comes from cyberspace. Raw, unedited, true opinions, nothing less.