Political self gratification

What is political self gratification? It is not much different from masturbation. Just imagine whatever that is pleasurable and masturbate on it, work on it I mean. One way is to think that you are the best talent in the world and the people must pay you whatever is your price, be it $3m, $5m or $10m. The thought of it is enough to get wet. And to really be paid that kind of money, now that is political self gratification at its best. Then you tell the people that what you have done is the best in their interest, like enhancing the value of their assets. Disregard those that have to pay more and more to chase the asset balloon. If they cannot afford it, just ask them to lower their expectations, from 4 rm to 3 rm to 2 rm. And you know the people just cannot do anything about it. Damn gratifying. They still have to come begging for more. It can be better by telling the people that they have to live with your logic, like it or not. Tell them that you are not going to build flats like cars in the show room for sale. They have to put in their orders, then only will you throw a tender and let the developers sweat it out in the next 3 or 4 years. Then tell the dumb asses that it is their fault for not planning when to get married and when to want to buy a flat. If this is not gratifying what else is? Comes election, throw them a slate of candidates and tell them these are the best talents you can find even if the talents are no better than their next door neighbours. And if the opposition comes up with candidates that are as qualified as yours or better, just question their motives. Your candidates did not have any motives. Or tell them the motives of your candidates are all honourable, to serve the people. Oh yes, tell the peasants that you are their servants, to serve them. After the election you can continue to rule them for the next 4 or 5 years. Screwing peasants must be great fun. Tell them to work hard, be cheap, be better and faster, tighten their belts when things are not looking good, and threaten them that without you their standard of living will go down, their property values will drop, and they may end up as maids in foreign countries. Isn’t that gratifying telling them that you are their servant? I must confess that I have no motive writing this. I am just getting a little self gratification. I am wet already.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think you are trying again to look into the hearts and minds of people -- in this case politicos -- and judge them or try to explain the label you've just created. Fine, nothing wrong with that -- we all do it.

Without self-talk, self gratification is impossible. You're not truly 'great' until the voices in your head tell you so – reminding you how much better you are than so-and-so, have your ego massaged by yourself, gloat at your vanquished political enemies, and for added bonus gleefully spit in contempt of the 'stupid citizens' – who you've successfully manage to con.

To compare the self-gratification with masturbation belittles the biological and psychological importance of masturbation. Masturbation is healthy, political self gratification is not.

In fact, masturbation is anchored on brutally-honest self-appraisal – based, at least in my case – that I am no longer the dashing buff young rooster I once was – and so I fantasise about the absolutely, no-way-on-earth, downright impossible: for e.g. having a menage a trois (hot threesome) with Jolie and Zeta-Jones, ending in a crashing finale of dangerous anal with Lopez or Minogue. As readers would notice I have a predilection for a more mature woman. Indeed I do.

Political self-gratification (going with redbean's labelling) OTOH is anchored in pure, unashamed, unrestrained, excessively active EGO. It is self-denial in its highest form. It is rationalising the fact that controlling the lives of others is actually a 'moral thing' to do, and you'll be justified in destroying anyone who goes against your 'morality'. To be gratified, the end result is your eventual political 'success' – you win, get in and seize the absolute power which you can wield at your pleasure to destroy your enemies and gain favours from 'true believers'. Your ego then proceeds to grow in size and increase in 'activity'.

Masturbation ends in a climax – usually of tissues and guilt, floating around a sense of relief and achievement: that in your fantasy you were the world's champion fucker of Olympic standard, and that you nailed 3 beautiful women ( or men – depends on what your thing is). Masturbation never becomes your 'identity'. It is an activity which all healthy people do.

Political self-gratification never ends. It is self-feeding, and becomes the thing which makes you who you are: an asshole. It becomes your identity – almost exclusively. It 'crowds out' any other aspect of your identity: that you are also perhaps, a father, husband, professional, sportsperson etc. In public life you wear the label pinned on you, and every piece of you character – as perceived by the public – is pinned to that label.

I do enjoy people revelling themselves publicly in their political self-gratification. It is fun to watch. My own self-talk informs me:

”Look at this action-borak motherfucker spewing sweet-smelling shit all over the place. Wow, he really fancies himself! I have never heard such eloquent self-praise and passionate self-promotion. Man, I'll bet he's getting aroused by pumping himself up. I wonder if he masturbates to his own reflection? Meaning...he fucks himself! Hahahahahahah....”

Awesome entertainment.

Anonymous said...

If they masturbate themselves to get the highs and climaxes they want; me believes Redbean would have no complain.
But, me also suspect that Redbean is implying that the people are made to see and participate in their "Political self gratification".

Shame shame huh?

But not with those without consciences lah.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We have the net to help to glorify those indulging in political self gratification. The net is such a useful tool for such a purpose. They should have invented it long ago.