Please tell Boon Heng not to cry

What the heck is he crying for? This is time for celebration man! His life has just begun. With the amount of money he has, he can join Wally in Lijiang and become a bigger emperor. But if Lijiang is too crowded, he can always buy a small island in the Pacific Ocean and called himself King. I am sure there are many financial advisers who can help him to spend his money in the more glamorous way. If not, Matilah’s service can be had for a small fee as long as he also shares in the happy times. He has earned himself a well deserving retirement from the party and it is party time. Go celebrate and enjoy. The world is a paradise for him.


Wally Buffet said...

Frankly, I just don't understand the psychology of crying men.

I only cry when I want to show the girl that I am "so in love with her" that I want to die!

But once the bird is in hand, the tears dry up as like spirit vapour and I'm off to see whether there are more birds in the bush.

Get a hole of yourself willya?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good advice. Please take good care of your health. There is a great life after politics.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I feel so sad seeing him cry.
Please don't cry.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are so many crying politicians nowadays. The novelty may not be there. A bigger impact would be to hold a ceremony, invite all the politicians, from opposition camps also, then announces his retirement from politics.

Before that, prepare a gold wash basin and wash his hands in front of everybody. Would that be impressive?

Anonymous said...

Step 1 : Announce retire/quit/dropped

Step 2 : Cry publicly to gain sympathy.

Step 3 : Pray very hard everyday.

After all, once there is a change of government, all those rodents who have had a hand in creating suffering for the people all these years will be identified, rounded up and punished.

No one wants to be lynched, especially the most guilty ones.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Only male idiots cry in public. Human psychology is severely misunderstood here.

If you show your feelings to your small 'in-group' that is ok, and probably desirable. You'll get support, empathy and have people you know you can lean on to recover.

However if you 'show your wounded finger' to the public -- a bunch of strangers, you invite ridicules and scorn. Most people will find your public display of emotion 'inappropriate' and judge you as a person with no self-control, and call you a sissy or a pussy -- terms which you well deserve.

To cry in public when you've had a good run is to display ungratefulness and shows the world what a spineless worm you are -- unable to deflect the slings and arrows of life, unable to remain composed when you lose it like a school girl experiencing her first period.

If you like to cry for the public, become an actor!

Fucking pussy!

Anonymous said...

I hv nothing against this man but his team. No one from the party cried when investors were sold toxic product by Lehman Brother and many suffered terrible lost when their money were wiped out. No one from MAS stand up and demand banks to compensate..Lau Goh, LHL and Mr Heng.

Anonymous said...

He is supposed to take care of us oldies. He was sent to Japan to study the system of old age care. From this, I was under the impression that he will be another one of those God of Longevity inside the PAP. Now he is removed.

You guys do not have to worry about his health or whether he can take care of himself in retirement. Years of practical experience, doing it inside the PAP Government, they are well capable of taking care of themselves.

The problem now is who will be the next one in charge of finding solutions to the issue of oldies. Not that Lim Boon Heng is already doing an excellent job. I hope the next one is not the present Minister for National Development. He will send all the old folks here to a deserted island and sell more land to private developers.

Anonymous said...

What the heck, you guys seemed to have much sympathy for crocodile crying huh.

"Get a hole of yourself willya?". This is a classic piece of advice and if there is no hole just bury the eyes in the sand like an ostrich will do. Shame on You!

Did Minister Lim Boon Heng ever suggest anything like Ministers' pay be reduced in tandem with fellow Singaporean workers? Did he ever suggest that those undeserved pay hikes that the Ministers got for themselves be donated to charities?

We do have some very big crocodiles that have the propensity to cry at the wrong time and wrong place. If they were to cry at a funeral, we can at least understand their love for the deceased. But, they cried for getting sacked from the Federation and their lucrative jobs. Sissy is quite apt.


Anonymous said...

Kick him in the bloody usk for crying. Stupid idiotic goof.

Oh! so sad so sorry to see him cry. Any way what is he crying for? The lost of opportunity to make further potential millions in the future. Did he cry when Singaporeans lost hundreds of millions in the Malaysia CLOB shares, because MAS said it was ok alright to deal with CLOB shares. But when Mahatir up the ante and clobbered Singapore investors and held their shares as hostage causing them to lose thousands of millions ,MAS and PAP ministers just folded their arms and claimed that investors bought with open eyes conveniently choose to forget that Singaporeans were told by the government that it was legal to trade with Malaysia CLOB shares. Likewise MAS allowed US crooks and scoundrels of American banks and other financial institutions to sell fake bank products like Lehman Brothers' Mini Bonds and AIG, causing the unsuspecting Singaporeans to lose thousands of millions of dollars. Did Lim Boon Heng and other PAP ministers cry for the people and help them to recover their losses in full. No, the people were blamed for being stupid. It was like adding salt to injury. But why did MAS allow dirty toxic poisonous products to be sold to Singaporeans. Lim Boon Heng and his cohorts of ministers deserve to be kicked in the usk by Singaporeans. They have not learn a lesson. Now MAS allow the ugly American and European super crooks and scoundrels to trade in SGX in an untransparent manner through a secret system called Dark Pools. Very soon Dark Pools will swindle Singaporeans many times more money than the combine losses that they suffered in Malaysia CLOB shares and the toxic Lehman minibonds. I am afraid if this happen again Singaporeans may descend on the streets and call for blood like the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia,Libya and Bahrain.

Anonymous said...

Someone please go and sayang him.

For trading in the stockmarket, like they always said, you trade with your eyes wide opened. You know what you are in for.

Anonymous said...

Mediac**k juz found a replacemnt for Tan Ping Hui

Anonymous said...

This is worse than having one's maid carrying SAF's haversack - Mindef should be investigating this softie...provided he served N.S of course :)

Anonymous said...

Heck..we should play this "crying" scene instead of classic from that of the old man during time of nation building

Anonymous said...

Now that he is retired, with all the free time and accumulated million$, I would advise him to visit the casinos more often, play more than a few hands - so that the IRs will have good business, and continue to have jobs for Singaporeans!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with Anon 6:11. In future MediaCorp should use this clip when they need a crying politician. This one outshone Swee Say and even LKY in terms of drama.

Anonymous said...

>>This one outshone Swee Say and even LKY in terms of drama.

Don't place your bet yet - someone in pink could out-perform them all after the results of pending elections

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen pictures on Sin Min few years back of Eric Low and Sitoh howling after their defeat at the last election? Really crying out loud. not just wiping away that drop of tear.

I guess they are all good drama actors and I wonder how many more sympathy votes Boon Heng will help the party.

Desperate situations require desperate measures.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The sadness is real, I think. The reasons, I dunno what to say.