Please give her a chance to prove herself

This seems to be the battle cry for a poor little girl trying to learn her ropes in politics. And we have all the adults trying to their best to help her along. Would the electorate give the opposition candidates a chance to prove themselves? After all, the ruling party already has 82 candidates in a Parliament of 84? After all, the ruling party has been ruling the country for more than 40 years? After all, Singaporeans do not have a chance to know what it is like to have a credible opposition in Parliament? No, the electorate is not taking a risk of a new govt, but giving a chance to a few good opposition candidates to test it out in Parliament, as real opposition candidates with real alternative views. Most important of all is for Singaporeans to give themselves a chance to choose the best from all parties to serve them, not to rule them. Would Singaporeans be enterprising enough, be more adventurous, be less kiasu and less kiasi, and give themselves a chance that they did not have for a long time? Squandering this chance is like sending a message to all potential politicians that they do not want to change the system, that they are happy with the system and that they are not going to give the opposition a chance. So beat it, don’t rock the boat.


Anonymous said...

Don't joke joke leh! How can just chin chye give chance for her to prove herself. Sinkaporeans must not leave anything to chance hor. It is a question of life and death. What happens if under her care rubbish pile up to 3rd storey? The estate under her may become a slum hor.

The opposition also begged Sinkaporeans to give them 'kee hway' for the last 45 years. But 'boh pian' leh. 'Pai seh' take PAP money, want upglading, die die must vote PAP leh. Sorly, belly sorly.

Anonymous said...

Will you support WP's Angela Oon? http://bit.ly/hJP0hI

Matilah_Singapura said...

As I am experiencing an attack of 'quotitis', I'll respond to this with regurgitated quotes:

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." - George Carlin

"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"I've always believed that a person is smart. It's people that are stupid." - Marilyn Manson

"You can't cheat an honest man" - W.C. Fields

"Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite" Trans: "every country has the government they deserve - Joseph de Maistre

Put it all together and you sorta get the picture: If you are one of the 'many', you are an idiot and deserve the consequence of your participating in voting

If you are one of 'the few', you'd better finds ways of protecting yourself from the dangerous stupidity of the masses.

Anonymous said...

from the picture of Ms Tin shown on the tv news last night, she has that wholesome, bright and healthy look. maybe when one meets her in person, then we will come to the view that she indeed has what it takes to be a well meaning politician.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

From all that was shown in the media, she came across as young. This is something that is pretty evident.

Anonymous said...

After reading so much comments about Tin Pei Ling, wonder if Ms Teo Ser Lee, a ex-beauty queen would have more appeal to Singaporeans?
Ms Teo has international exposure, has been working for sometimes and appears in the main media infrequently on social affairs programmes. She's mature and appears to be a very sensible lady.

Anonymous said...

What , give her a chance. So long as they are from PAP don't give them any chance. It's time the people show the PAP ministers the door , the exit to permanent oblivion. Simply don'trust the PAP any more.Tell me which PAP minister or MP is not a millionaire when they ridiculously give themselves several million dollars a year and all at the expense of Singaporeans having to pay high taxes -high PUB bills, high COEs and high ERPs everywhere and at every nook and corner, high hospital and health care bills and high GST as well as high rentals and illogical high selling price for HDB flats. So, no more PAP please. Throw the PAP into the gutter.