Only 20% wants to emigrate

A survey by the Institute of Policy Studies found that only 1 in 5 of the Gen Y wants to emigrate from their home country, called Singapore. Only 20%, why so little? My God, if 20% of China or India’s population would want to emigrate, that would be more than 200m from each country. And won’t it be surprising that a world class country has so many of its future leaders wanting to quit? The biggest communist country and the biggest third world democracy may not have so many citizens wanting to quit. How’s that for comparison? And one of the reasons quoted for living is stifling? Mentally or physically? Wait till we have 6m or 10m population then we will know what stifling means. But by then the state would have convinced the people that stifling is progress and the only way for growth. And the people will get use to it and probably adjust their waistline to be trimmer, so that there will be more space when travelling in public transport. Don’t worry, 20% only, too little. If one member in every household wants to emigrate and they said only, it cannot be serious lah.


Lost4ever said...

3 incidents happened in the last 2 weeks...

1. 2 covered tent concerts next to Civic center over 2 weekends... so noisy so I visited ONE of them... in the evening... WO... guess of honour was the MP... and one of the songs was ’爱‘ and one of the phase ‘我问天’ was converted to 'PAP'... this is open campaigning using public funds.

2. If you have watch the news on Sunday night (03 Apr 2011), you would have seen an MP doing door to door visit carrying goodies bag for the residents... are they using PAP funds, RC funds or Town council funds.

Has the ruling party going too FAR with this sort of practices... I hope what I observed were just isolated cases....

Or we should all throw in the tower and join the animal farm.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am sure it is their own money. They are rich by all counts and can afford it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Before I allow myself to indulge in paroxysms of joy at these claims, a bit of skepticism is warranted. The thing about surveys and polls is that they are wildly inaccurate, but could provide clues – provided they are used with caution.

Also claim that '20% want to emigrate' is in reality – when rubber meets the road – an entirely different case from '20% will definitely emigrate'. There are always more people who wish and hope, than there are people who will actually take action. It is far easier to adapt yourself to the current environment – and just 'take it' – than to pack up your life and probably the lives of your family and move.

The will to action, in this case, is proportional to the amount of 'shit' on has to deal with. If there was blood in the streets, and the cuntry was falling apart, you will get many more 'emigrants' / refugees than if the cuntry is socially and politically stable, and the people are not starving or killing each other.

Taking all that into account, I think that this survey – as pleasantly surprising as I find it – it's nice to have a lot more 'fellow hotel guests' – I think the 20% figure of actual, future emigrants is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Just wonder why the School Of Policy Studies conducted such a survey.

It will be more convincing to tell the World that over 2000%(over our native Singaporeans) of foreigners, yes, one 2 and three zeroes in numerics are vying to settle in Sg. This is to show how good Sin is !

If 20% do indeed migrate, what will be the percentage of native Singaporeans be? Below 47% ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The things to ask about statistics, surveys and the interpretation of data are:

1.Who benefits
2.How big and diverse was the sample?
3.What period do the results refer to?

#1: IPS survey – could it be that their 'findings' are to be used to justify immigration policies and other social engineering plans of the government?

#2: Although confined to Gen Y's, how diverse was the sample – what were their socio economic backgrounds, level of education, current profession, marital status, sexual orientation... for e.g. if many of the people surveyed were LGBT, maybe they want to emigrate to get away from the govt's Section 335 of the Penal Code, therefore the data gathered could skew the overall result.

#3: There could be something going on in the rest of the world/ society at the time-period the survey was conducted to affect the emotions and consciousness of those interviewed. Could the results be different if it was conducted in another period?

Skeptical yet?

Matilah_Singapura said...


IPS -- Institute of Policy studies

in S'pore known as

School of Policy Studies