Nitcharee’s family has a $13k bill

The Thai girl who had her leg crushed and amputated after falling into the tracks of the MRT now faces a big bill of $13k for her 3 days stay in a public hospital in paradise. The bill includes doctor’s fee, stay in emergency ward, amputation and all the works. And to cremate her amputated legs would cost her family another $650, not counting the expenses to fly here to be by her side. This is a case of one tragedy after another. Some may not believe that there can be so many tragedies happening to one person in paradise in a few days. Is she covered by insurance as a private student? Or does the SMRT have an insurance to cover for commuters hurt inside the station? The last resort to pay for this tragedy is for Singaporeans to open up their hearts, if there is any. I think there should be, after all this is paradise and the residents are all saintly. Poor girl.


Wally Buffet said...

Also sympathize with her family on the tragedy.

Understand she was here to study.

Excuse me? This paradise is only for rich birds from India or China or scions of Malaysian or Indonesian tycoons to play and romp in.

A girl from a poor family in Southern Thailand has got no business coming here to study. A better alternative nearer home would be Penang.

As a foreigner, she will be charged for full private rates without subsidy. And it's a high dependency room she is warded in.

It might be better for her family to repatriate her back home.

Why must Sinkapooreans always be made to "donate" to people, especially foreigners who do the stupidest things?

If there is any donation, those Thai fellas milling around Golden Mile Complex should start the ball rolling.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I do sympathise with the child and her family. This is a tragic event for them.

However it is not fair to take shots at SMRT or to slam the hospital -- or 'guilt trip' the whole cuntry into 'chipping in'.

If she had an a similar accident say in S Thailand, it is unlikely that she would still be alive.

Please lah redbean, free speech and all -- sometimes you do cross the line. Sure, we 'sut' the public health system, SMRT and other 'privatised' govt entities, but in this case I doubt if there was an intended malice at work.

I believe that everyone is saddened by this, and those who were involved did their jobs.

As with most enterprises, culpability is limited to direct fault. If it was their fault, SMRT is probably covered. However, the girl fainted and fell onto the tracks -- horrible, but striking out in anger and finding someone to blame or to hang responsibility on is crazy.

Wally Buffet said...

For the record, it was reported that she fell onto the tracks because she was feeling faint. Probably didn't want to take her meal while throwing tantrums.

Absolutely no one's fault but her own.

Disrupting MRT services and causing people to arrive late at their destinations is already bad enough.

In fact, the SMRT should consider sending a bill to her and so should our SCDF.

Yes, yes, yes, I am a heartless pig.

But we must take care of our own first.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Shit Matilah. I know you are in a smelly mood. I just stated a fact that this is a very expensive place. I no blame SMRT nor anyone for it. I just hope SMRT has an insurance to cover third party liabilities just like any big organisations for such accidents.

And sinkies are rich or many are rich and have real big hearts. Let them to the merits for helping this poor girl and her family lah. The Thais in Golden Mile can chip in if they want to. Now this is all voluntary.

I think some will be doing their parts now. Free enterprise lah. Free to help and donate lah. Why must be the Thais to donate?

Anonymous said...

It is a sad trajedy. Those who can help should do so. Whatever misgivings we may have about foreigners in our midst, shoud not detract us from being compassionate. For a start maybe SMRT can do something.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I don't think 'fault' has been established, or that it can be.

However the girl is responsible -- as all of us are responsible for where we are, and what we happen to be doing at the moment, what happens to us -- even though it may be beyond our control -- like fainting or having a heart attack, A virus or a congenital disorder may be 'to blame', but the person who is experiencing is still responsible. It's similar to when they get 'good luck', the 'bad luck' is for them to handle.

redbean, stating that a place is 'expensive' is not a 'fact'. sorry to slap you again.

A 'fact' is something objective. i.e. you have no option to disagree with a fact and be 'right'.

'Expensive' is relative and subjective -- it depends on the individual and therefore it is right for some and incorrect for others, as well as a whole range of opinions in between.

You mention 'liabilities' as if SMRT is somehow to be blamed for this. How? How is it that SMRT is 'liable'?

In many of your other posts you rant and rave over foreigners. 'Foreigners this, foreigners that, go home lah kpkb kpkb kpkb..'

All of a sudden now you find 'conscience' (dunno from where) and decide to be the judge and jury and Intrepid Defender of Justice of an event that was plain and simple, albeit tragic -- BAD ARSE LUCK.

No wonder I'm in a smelly mood.

Anonymous said...

do take note of all the places the girl can faint...she fainted at the MRT...why here?

What caused or contributed in a major way for her to actually faint at this point in time and at this location?

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Much as I sympathize with her and her family, some poor foreigners may still not be familiar with the well known Singaporean good advice, which is that should you have the misfortune to be hospitalised - "You just cannot fall sick, it is better to die"

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 913

Which goes to show how shitty this 'popular advice' is, and it is definitely the hope of morons to say 'don't fall sick'.

Everybody falls sick at sometime or other, just as everyone gets hungry eventually.

Do you think the govt should provide food too?

People in the healthcare industry need to be paid and healthcare infrastructure is complex and costly -- because it needs to be able to save lives -- mostly at the brink when people are hanging on by a thread.

The motherfucking cheapskates can't see the 'value' in living. Of course you have to pay! What higher value is there than your own life or the life of one of your family or dear friends?

To these unreasonable and intellectually dysfunctional cunts -- going out and blowing $100k on a car or thousands on an LCD home theatre to scream out karaoke and annoy the neighbours is ok. But come to their own and their families health --- oh! boh lui! wah sangat mahal...kpkb kpkb kpkb.

OTOH, perhaps it is better that these folks die -- leaking blood, shit and piss, screaming in agony, begging for mercy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura is indeed damn cute.
"What higher value is there than your own life or the life of one of your family or dear friends?".

So, the value of life for strangers and far away aliens must be cheaper or worthless, isn't it ? This seems to be what some of the commentators are saying here mah! And also the commentators are saying that if foreigners want to come to Sin, they got to make sure they can afford the cost of coming here, are they not ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1157:

It is impossible to 'love everybody equally'. There is a hierarchy, and it is hard-wired into human brain tissue.

Human are social animals -- they 'bond' with each other and this enables them to survive much better.

The strongest bonds -- which take up most of the effort and time -- are the close relationships we form -- usually with family, and most often with friends.

Therefore those, including one's own self-valuation form our 'highest values'. Which means they take up the most 'resources' -- time, energy, consideration, moderation of behaviour, compromise, tolerance...all these are 'limited' resources..i.e. people have 'limits' to how considerate they are prepared to be, before signalling that they've had enough of your shit.

The fact that resources are limited and so is your attention, means that naturally your higher values take precedence.

That doesn't mean that strangers have 'lower' value. Due to our brain and genetic hard wiring, the tendency is to 'take care of your own first'.

You also forget, those 'strangers' who you claim therefore to be not cared for or worthless belong to their own social groups -- where people will be interacting and looking after each other.

So there is nothing wrong by putting yourself, your family and friends FIRST. You have to -- it is why our species is still here.

Humans do well in SMALL groups. They prevail, they can get very productive and can survive many generations.

The last 'undiscovered' tribe was discovered in Papua New Guinea 30-40 years ago. The had been going for tens of thousands of years -- far longer than any 'big group' or 'country/ nation state' has existed.

Small groups == smart. Big groups == stupid.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is really a wonder why some poor aliens came to Sin to study or to live.
Recall those study mamas who brought and are still bringing their broods to study in Sin, then work in vice trades to support their children and to enrich themselves.
Even if their children do one day indeed be experts in their fields of study or the mamas themselves become richer than their compatriots back home, so what. Sooner or later, the relatives and neighbours back home will call these mamas whores or 'qian(bitches) niren'. How is that going to affect the wellbeing and namesake of their children ?

Anonymous said...

Utterly disappointed in the way some of you think.

"This paradise is only for rich birds from India or China or scions of Malaysian or Indonesian tycoons to play and romp in."

"A girl from a poor family in Southern Thailand has got no business coming here to study."

honestly, you don't sound uneducated at all, but how is this logical?
Obviously Singapore provides a good enough education for foreigners to want to come over&provide their child with a proper one. It's not fair to attack her based on nationality and/or financial status.

You speak as though we provide for the world's needs everyyyytime, but we really don't...

Moreover, I don't think she ought to be blamed for being stupid; falling onto the tracks. It's ridiculous to judge someone that harshly when no one in the right mind would choose to fall in front of an oncoming train on purpose. And your "Also sympathize with her family on the tragedy" was simply redundant as a starting sentence with the things you've written right after. You clearly don't sympathize at all.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

SMRT only thinks it fit to give her $5000. It was right for the father to reject this sum and take SMRT to court.

The public was more generous and donated much more. No amount of monetary compensation can make her live normally.

I was hoping that SMRT is more generous, after all all is a couple of hundred K when they are paying millions to their top executives?