National Service being insulted

In a brief few days, the national institution of NS has been insulted over and over again by people who are pleasantly disposed to FTs and new citizens. And this hurts, it hurts very badly to all NS men and ex NS men. The years of sacrifice that they gave to the country now seems meaningless. In just a few days, NS is no longer as important as it was. The rite of passage for all young Singaporeans is being brushed aside as something lesser, as little as any economic activity. For a start, a doctor claimed that his role as a doctor to treat his patients is as good as doing national service. This has infuriated many Singaporeans, especially the doctors that served as MOs. They must be wondering why are they so stupid when by the nature of their job, they are now doing national service. So what the heck, to don on the uniform for 2 to 3 years, and with reservist liabilities for another 20 plus years, when they don’t really need to? And for new citizens who have not don on the uniform, they can be found to be more deserving to be political masters of the country. Is that insulting? Now another one is saying that all kinds of activities in the country that benefits the country is as good as doing NS. Foreigners/PRs/new citizens who are contributing to the economy of the country, never mind if they did or did not serve NS, also can. I think he got a point. Our forefathers were immigrants and did not do NS also. So new talents, do or no do NS, same as our forefathers, immigrants. Immigrants have privileges too. Citizens? As an ex NS man, I am pissed off by the degrading of National Service as something as common as any economic activity. The amount of trouble and inconveniences to the NS men and their families, and their careers, are now being pooh pooh as just another mundane economic activity.


Wally Buffet said...

If all economic activity is national service, then I would still be doing national service by acting as an irresistable magnet to the trash descending on our shores and jobs are created for snakeheads, pimps, mama sans, night club "entrepreneurs" etc.

This donkey is talking cock.

Fuck him!

Matilah_Singapura said...

NS should be insulted over and over. It is wrong and has no place in a modern society.

any parent worth their salt should do whatever is necessary to 'protect' their sons from doing NS.

Yeah, fuck it -- break the law. Matilah gives you permission ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it saddens to see our pioneer nsmen turned 'ah peks' standing precariously in buses and mrt trains, and these young and not so old 'foreign' looking passengers hoarding the 'reserved seats'.

Anonymous said...

Kana sai...me lau peng also got "0" of the $9k used to bribe younger citizen

Anonymous said...

National Service(conscription) is an abuse of the citizenry.


Patrick said...

It is sad for those parents lost their sons, died during the NS in camp training. My sincere sympathy to the parents & how anguished to hear a doctor wothout doing NS said that.....

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is bad enough when parents lose their boys who voluntarily join the military – in a true spirit of voluntary service.

However when the son is forced into the military, and then is killed in training or action, it is tragic beyond words.

If you are forced to 'serve', that no longer counts as true service. You are a slave. Period.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patrick, welcome to the blog.

The pain and suffering for losing a loved one or seeing them crippled are immeasurable. Do those people who have not done NS under these sufferings the families have to go through, including the NS men?

Matilah, whether it is voluntary or compulsion, the pain and suffering and sacrifices are just as great.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, you are talking shit out of your motherfucking arse again and patronising those poor parents who have lost their sons doing NS.

You can accuse me of using strong language -- but you -- you are truly one of humanity's least noble examples.

Even suggesting that somehow one can gauge the 'equality' of the loss of a child is not only senseless, it is cold.

You hide behind this veil of fake compassion -- attempting to come across as someone who has some feeling for the plight of his fellow citizen -- but mate -- by saying what you just did -- if you really meant what you just wrote -- reveals you to be a real monster deep down.

Young men throughout history have been forced to fight and die because the state has compelled them to do so under the guise of 'patriotism' and 'duty' – and under the pain of punishment if they refuse. Why the hell do you think the idea of conscription is so controversial?

Your so-called intellectual defense of NS fails to consider the deeper morality – in fact, you simply just ignore it or serve it with a few platitudes here and there. Meanwhile out in the REAL WORLD there are parents who's lives are changed forever because their sons were killed BY (not 'in' or 'during'), but BY National Service.

If you're happy that I'm mad, or if your intention, was to anger me, congratulations, you've succeeded.

Fuck you. This time, really fuck you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I would like to give you all the swear words here. But being the host I will abstain from it. Further there is no need for me to lower myself to your level.

Don't be stupid with your so called moralising or nincompooh intellectual debate. To every NS man and his family, it is a very big sacrifice be it voluntary or involuntary. Please don't insult the NS men and their families with your pseudo intellectual argument which is only good for undergraduates arguing in the university compound.

What fake or real compassion are you yaking about? Every family who lost a son is painful and only you can fake it.

And what rubbish are you talking about people dying in history. The issue that we are angry about here is for people who have not done NS to belittle NS. You shit can't even understand what we are talking about.

Fuck you and your idiotic grumbling. Sorry everyone. Sometimes I must tell this low down joker off. This is the only language he understands. I can bet he will come back for more and with more vulgarities. But I will not respond further to let him think that my upbringing is just as bad as his. No way, fucker.

Anonymous said...

Reddy, it is right for you to scold this low down thing. We know you have been very patient with him for a very long time. I have not been posting much because of this cunt. I think many of your old bloggers are put off by him too and staying away.

He is out to destroy the credibility of your blog, hoping for bloggers to visit his barren blog. Who would want to visit a shit hole of his?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Cool down redbean. Just ignore him.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks guys, for your support. Anyway, he will cool down very fast. He can't be in heat all the time: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey motherfuckers,

redbean is right -- I do cool very fast.

Look at your responses -- all based on taking a shot at me instead of addressing the issues.

Sure, I'll cop to using words that annoy you -- but you don't even have the self-control to tell yourself that what you consider 'vulgarities' are just words.

And to suggest that 'intellect' is somehow only the domain of educational institutions is downright nuts. I have had stimulating political discourse with cab drivers and coffee shop peons.

You redbean insult the 'little people' by placing yourself on a higher intellectual perch (as if some hierarchy did actually exist in the first place).

In your original post you state your feelings at being 'insulted' because the so-called 'sacrifice' made by NS men is being (somehow) 'devalued'.

How can you possibly argue that the state in some way 'owes' us -- I too am ex-NS -- any kind of 'value'? They fucking forced us into conscription -- what master is 'obliged' to gratify his slave?

Huh? What world are you living in?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

BTW I don't offer my compassion to these families who have lost a son, a husband or a father. Neither do I try to say I empathise with them or understand their pain and suffering. No amount of words of compassion or empathy or sympathy can bring back their lost ones.

But they continue with their lives, knowing their lost ones have died in the service of the country.

All NS men deserved the right to be angry.