More good signs

I just found time to glance through the ST. My immediate impression is that the ST is playing pretty fair in its coverage of the opposition candidates. Chen Show Mao and Benjamin Pwee were featured generously. This is the best sign that the govt is maturing and showing a willingness to accept the presence of good opposition candidates. These two candidates are as good as they can get for a truly engaging parliament when issues are tested and debated instead of unhealthy personal attacks. The presence of genuine and quality candidates in Parliament is both good to the people and the ruling party. At least they know that they are dealing with respectable people with similar dreams and aspiration and not thugs and mobsters. This is a golden opportunity for the ruling party to raise the level of politicking to a higher level and let the best men win and represent the people. Anything else is sinful and any underhand tactics could ruin the reputation of whichever party that indulges in them. The people are waiting for this moment when good and capable men and women stand up to represent both the ruling party and the opposition camp. There is now an alternative, till this moment I am hitting the keyboard. Pray that no more gutter politics appear as the GE gets nearer. Please no more silly boy behaviours. Adults and respectable people needs to behave like adults and respectfully. Peeping into the key holes or that sort of antics, best left to silly and low down people to do. Let the people condemn whoever resorts to dirty politics. Let the people spit at those jokers who failed to play the game in an honourable manner. Decent and honourable men should compete in a respectable manner with equally decent and honourable men. The people are watching to see who is the first to stand up to show how dishonourable he is by playing the dirty game. The electorate is not stupid and knows very well who is an asshole. They are also watching how the media conducts itself. So far so good. Will it last?


Anonymous said...

For over forty years, what has Redbean seen and learnt?
You really is one kind soul that's hoping and wishing.
Hopes have became hopeless and wishes have became wishful thinkings and yet You hold on to them like a drowning man onto a straw.

Anonymous said...

We cannot just live on hope.

What is the point of not being stupid and watching and knowing who is the asshole, but not taking the most important first step of bringing on the change when marking the ballot?

Generation upon generation will die of old age, just hoping.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir, you used to introduce yourself as ex civil servant in your profile. Looks like you have amended it and removed the reference to ex civil servant. What happened? Did some unseen hand from men in white force you to remove civil servant reference?
If so, then it confirms the notion that there's no freedom of speech for former govt employees.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A controlled media is a controlled media.

Just because you think you have one lousy 'data point' doesn't mean it is a 'good sign'. You are committing the logical fallacy of confirmation bias -- i.e. you believe first, then look for data to 'prove' that you are 'right'.

Anyway, just because the media is 'allowed' (or appears to be) to give more column space to the opposition suggests that the media is still controlled and it is the incumbents who make the rules, and grants 'liberties' now and then, and thus appear to be fair.

Get fucking real man. There is still no free press!

Anonymous said...


Maybe they have to feature the moles more prominently to give the impression they are the real beans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, I removed the civil servant to focus on photography. Now that everyone knows that I was an ex civil servant, good enough.

As for praising the press, I almost want to award them a Nobel Prize for the same reason they awarded one for Obama.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Silly politically inept Singaporeans should take note and investigate the current US Federal Govt Shutdown which was just thwarted by Obama's last minute deal.

In Australia we have a similar 'safety valve' called 'Loss Of Supply', a feature of all Westminster parliamentary systems. Just last month Hong Kong's Legislative assembly used the threat of 'Loss Of Supply' to block govts appropriation bills (i.e. TAX and other forms of LEGAL theft).

For years there has been no 'safety valve' in the republic. to have government by the people for the people you need this 'safety valve' -- because 'The government The People deserve' needs changing occasionally and having a this mechanism makes it easier.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I hope good and respectable people shall be smart enough not to be used by people as moles. They need to have some self respect for themselves.