A little reflection

After the initial shake out, with defections, break aways and a big doubt on where the opposition was heading, I thought the next GE will be more of the same. The bunch of opposition parties will just strangle themselves and their chances to be elected. How not when they could not even keep their own houses in order and show that the only thing they could do well was quibbling over their little differences when they could not even think of winning more than two seats? For those who are hoping for change and a brighter future, it was depressing to say the least, and bleak. Since the initial hiccups, two changes have taken place. First, the PAP’s announcement of new candidates is rubbing the people the wrong way. They thought they could throw anything they want at the people and all will be accepted, as there were no better choices from the opposition camp. Newly minted citizens to replace and rule over Singaporeans at a time when the pain of having too many foreigners here just did not go down well to the true blue Singaporeans. And to train bright and chirpy newbies at public expenses, it is no longer cheap to pay for an MP today, is also not well received. The next big development is the coming forward of better and better candidates from the opposition camp. After so many years of longing for better candidates from the opposition, this dream is coming true. We are seeing many good candidates, some excellent, standing up to be counted. This is an opportunity that the people have been waiting for and they better not waste this chance to do what is necessary for the good of their children and the future of Singapore. Squandering this chance will send the wrong message to more good people volunteering to serve the people and country. These are brave and able men, coming forward willingly, not waiting for an invitation. The people need to return the favour and tell these men and women that they are most welcomed. And hopefully, several more will step forward at nomination day. These will be the things that will cheer up the disillusioned and helpless Singaporeans, to have an alternative instead of more of no other choices. I am feeling a little better now, and in higher spirit looking at the forces that have been lined up. The opposition may not defeat the ruling party in this GE. But it looks good that several GRCs and SMCs will be there for the taking. And we shall have a more balance Parliament with more balanced views for the good of the people.


Matilah_Singapura said...

It is truly amazing how some people – like redbean – still cling onto the belief – with desperation I might add – that to solve the cuntry's problems, and to lead and govern the people requires 'good political candidates'.

And a 'good opposition' is necessary – blah, blah fucking blah.

Of course, not a skerrick of empirical evidence is ever used to back up the claim. Of course there is the one-data-point example of how 'Singapore prospered because of Lee Kuan Yew', therefore to continue the people must elect 'worthy' MP's or the cuntry is doomed.

My reason for not voting is because of the stupidity of people in large groups. Since these large groups base their 'belief in politics' on the basis that their ideology/ choice of candidate is better than 'that other group and those other people' – it is a form of never-ending gang warfare.

I don't want a part of that bullshit, and therefore I don't vote.

If OTOH you do vote, and after awhile you realise that your choice at the ballot has let you down and is the cause of massive govt fuck ups and wastage – you are not to blame people like me, as you get the government you so fucking well deserve, because you believe in fairy tales!

Serves you right!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The PAP has done well for the last 40+ years. It is hypothetical if another party could have done equally well or better. But lately, we can see that some things are not agreeable with the people, or with people like me.

And it will be good if someone can go to Parliament and kpkb about such things. It may not work, but can try. And if the people vote enough of people to voice their unhappiness, they could be changes, for good or bad, subjective, but at least the people can have their inputs.

So what is your suggestion, do nothing or be a guest? No one is saying getting better opposition will definitely be good for the people. For one, the govt will be too busy dealing with the opposition and may not have time to work. One thing for sure, if there are two parties vying for the people's vote, you can bet that they will have to try harder, or at least they would not be so arrogant as to dump anything they want to the people.

And it is amazing for you to jump to conclusion that it would not work! Maybe bad candidates will work instead?

Anonymous said...

i agree with many of matilah's points. to simply depend on having a few non-PAP candidates in parliament to sort things out, is to pass the buck. on top of that, their small number does not allow them to.

if singaporeans do not want to do anything THEMSELVES to improve their situation, then they should not and cannot expect improvement or changes.

from word on the street, there are a lot of unhappy people out there, but how many are actually going to vote for an alternative party if they have the opportunity? most seem far too scared to do so. too worried that the country may fall flat. yet, besides doing well economically, the rest of this country is not chugging along too well. otherwise why all the complaints. so the 2nd fear is baseless.

to base one's vote now on who's the better man is also a rather simplistic decision. a vote now holds far more weight. it is a statement that one disagrees with what's being done, with the attitudes that exist.

it is a decision to increase political awareness, to offer experience, and yes, training, to those who are willing to try politics and policy-making. to start the process of building up a pool of solid, knowledgeable politicians. and god knows singapore needs leaders, real leaders. it is madness to continue the way this country has, arm twisting motley crews of individuals to enter politics, and to base the choice of who on academic qualifications.

i do not agree though with matilah saying he will not vote. for all he knows, his might be a deciding vote. it is a very v v slim chance, but why take the chance. from his comments, he seems like a thoughtful, responsible sort, despite all the profanity he uses. so why does he want to shirk the responsibility?

to all those who want to do the same or who want to spoil their vote, at the end, they still bear responsibility if things do not go the way they would like it, simply because they did not participate.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 340:

i do not agree though with matilah saying he will not vote. for all he knows, his might be a deciding vote. <

That's fine. But the last part about being 'the deciding vote' is not only highly improbable, but SCARY if it was an actuality.

Imagine being the ONE VOTE out of millions deciding the political future of a cuntry. You could not call the resultant outcome of that election "the people's mandate" -- it would be grossly UNFAIR to the losing side.

Again, the likelihood that my vote would actually "make a difference" is ridiculous when you consider the Laws Of Big Numbers.

This is not a vote at your local football club on who should be the one to go and buy the drinks -- a "democracy" of less than 20 people. The numbers involved in nation-wide elections are HUGE by orders of magnitude and involve complex relationships, peer pressure, social 'gravitas', individual issues, national issues...to complex to even make a comparison.

So if you think "my vote counts" -- that's great because you some how feel 'important' and that you are playing a part in 'representative republican democracy'.

Actually, no you are not. Your one vote is only one vote out of MILLIONS.

Anonymous said...

@Matilah, I respectfully disagree. If the whole electorate has the same thought as you, would it still be considered ONE vote? People do influence others, some more than the others.

In my opinion, you would be as equally liable if you were to sit on the fence. Not being part of 'that bullshit' isn't a choice at all; everyone in this country is in it together. To choose not to be a part of that bullshit is, unfortunately, still part of the 'bullshit'.

What you are saying is "I don't care who's going to be elected to power. Just serve me the winner." Just my 2 cents.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Anon 622:

>  If the whole electorate has the same thought as you […] <

Ah the old “grandmother reasoning”. – that specious piece of 'argument' handed down by generations of lousy and intellectually lazy parents to their future screwed-up progeny. This is the kind of argument parents make when they cannot convince their children any other way.

Lousy Parent: You have to go to bed now
Feckless child: No. Anyway, WHY do I have to?
Lousy Parent (trying to illustrate by thought-experiment) : what would happen if EVERYBODY __(describe 'undesirable' action) __ like you?

E.g. What would happen if everybody littered?
What would happen if everybody took drugs?
What would happen if everybody didn't learn?
What would happen if everybody farted at the same time?

There are a few ways to respond to this useless tactic in argumentation:

1.Well if everyone is doing that, then I would have to serious consider following them because otherwise I'll be the odd one out.

2.If you really use that as your argument, then you completely forget HOW humans make choices – when they are free to choose. You are also really ignoring the fact that there are Large Numbers involved here. The fact that you don't see everyone wearing the same c;othes or eating the same food will sorta give you a clue that people – left alone to choose – will act according to their 'free will'.

3.Related to #2: The fact that no political election is won UNANIMOUSLY will tell you that, no matter how spectacular you think your opponent is, not everyone, at the same time is going to vote according to YOUR mind. Everyone has his own mind.

>  Not being part of 'that bullshit' isn't a choice at all; everyone in this country is in it together. <

Again with the 'everybody' argument. Casting a vote -- valid or invalid -- last time I checked, was still a choice. Being 'smart' or 'stupid' in ones actions is a choice. People in large groups are STUPID. Therefore your association and the nature of that association with that group IS a choice.

> To choose not to be a part of that bullshit is, unfortunately, still part of the 'bullshit'. <

I have no idea wht the above sentence means.

It sounds like some sound-bite from a Zen fairy-tale, popular amongst those who like to convince others how 'enlightened' (whatever the fuck that means) they are.

> What you are saying is "I don't care who's going to be elected to power <

WOW! Now you are telling me what I am saying. Brilliant mind reading mate!

But, you are correct: I don't care who is elected because of the unchangeable 'natural law' which states: The People Always Get The Government They Deserve.

>  Just serve me the winner <

What for? You've already established that I don't care.

Sure, go ahead and exercise your one-vote-democratic-right. And when you are one day satisfied with the outcome, try the same in the stock market: go and try to bid down a ticker by shorting ONE STOCK. Let's see how successful you are ;-)