Let’s poison the Oceans

Japan is pouring thousands of tons of radioactive water into the ocean. And the world looks on with mouth wide open, speechless, or because it is Japan, or because the Americans did not protest, so the world cannot do anything. No, not that. The Japanese said the radioactive water is safe, no danger to human lives at all. The livestocks in the ocean will not be affected. Sashimi and sushi will be still as fresh as before, from the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Ocean to the Artic and Antartica. There is no cause for alarm. Where is GreenPeace? The good things are about to happen. The next generation of Japanese will become Ultra boys. The fishes in the oceans will turn up as Gigantors. There will be no more food shortages. Each Gigantor can feed more than what 10 whales could. Oh I forgot, the Japanese have natural lightings in the dark. They will all glow beautifully. And so will the rest of the world in times to come. PS. Just imagine what the western media will write if it was China or North Korea doing the dumping. just imagine....


Wally Buffet said...

I was passing by a shopping mall atrium the other day when I saw hordes of crazy Singapore foodies gulping down buckets of Japanese produced snacks, ice creams, fruit juices etc like the tsunami and the resultant nuclear plant meltdown didn't occur at all.

No wonder it's business as usual with the financial markets as well.

I am buying into pharmaceutical companies with cutting edge research and development in cancer therapies because I can foresee that such drugs will also be selling like hot cakes a few years down the road, especially in East Asia.

Nuclear plant meltdown, Fukushima 2011? What the fuck is that? No it didn't happen. You just imagined it.


Lost4ever said...

We are all facing the issue with a blind eye. The reactor is next to the ocean, and sea water was use when all things failed... But we choose the believe that the Japanese are honest people.

Now we are all fearful of eating mutant seafood and fishes.

Only India has the guts to stand up and stop all food imports from Japan.

Lets wait to see if we will all be thirst to death when all our drinking water has too much radiation. San Francisco has already detected high does of radiation in their tap water.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk like Japanese. Berry safe. Ladiation berry row, safe, no harm to human beans.

What Fukushima? What Nanking Massacre? No happen, no, no. No say rie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wally;

"Singapore foodies gulping down buckets of Japanese produced snacks, ice creams, fruit juices etc like the tsunami and the resultant nuclear plant meltdown didn't occur at all", unquote.

It happens wherever there is Japanese Food Outlets, however must say that me has a different interpretation. And that is; everybody is spending on food, fashion, electronics and what not because TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME.


Wally Buffet said...


In a way, agree with you. There might not be very many tomorrows with the way the Earth is being abused.

I am not at all perturbed with their gouging down the possibly radioactive foodstuffs which are mostly air freighted and fresh off from the nuclear meltdown country, I'm just surprised that no one seemed to care a hoot about their own well being.

The Americans, the Japanese, the Europeans and the South Koreans can do no wrong. It's pop culture at it's worst. If the foodstuffs came from a nuclear stricken country like the PRC or India, you can be sure that only ghosts would savour the food.

I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy everything that is pleasurable and hedonistic but I sure as hell is not willing nor prepared to push the envelope.


Matilah_Singapura said...

C'mon relax. At one time radioactivity was touted for its 'health benefits'.



So chow down on that Jap fast food – you never know...you might become a super-human :-)

Anonymous said...

"..crazy Singapore foodies gulping down buckets of Japanese produced snacks, ice cream...."

Never underestimate the ignorance or heroic stance of some Singaporeans as far as food is concern. Why? The most quotable quote that we read or hear on MSM is - 'it must be safe because the Singapore Government is very strict with food imported from around the world blah, blah, blah'.

Now, if something wrong were to happen with the consumption of such food, what do you think they will say? Again, the most quotable quote that we read or hear is going to be 'how can our Government allow this to be imported blah, blah, blah'.

I rest my case!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Frankly I'm not going to give a fuck about this and continue eating Japanese food and flavouring my food with their delicious condiments.

One is never a true patriot until one relishes the government constant economic rape, mass poisoning and indentured servitude.

Anyway, radioactivity also kills cancer cells -- so eating radioactive Jap produce might actually save your life!

Chow down!

Anonymous said...

Had this earthquake and tsunami not happened, are we any wiser if there were leakage of radiation into the air and the sea around Fukushima Nuclear Reactor? Would someone even bother to check the readings? Would the operators tell us? Maybe I am asking dumb questions where the answer is obvious.

Another thing concerns the thousands of tons of radioactive water. What do they do with that? Do they recycle them to cool the reactors, or are they supposed to be dumped somewhere eventually?

Perhaps I should not be too concerned. Ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is very influential and has been able to successfully ask the Evil Empire USA to meddle in the political and territorial issues in North East and South East Asia and thus in the words of the supplicant to 'contain China.' Hopefully Singapore by the same supplicant should be obliged to appeal to the United Nations to stop Japan from continuing to pour nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean and thus to contain the poisoning of the waters of the oceans which belong to all humanity. It's time Singapore's international big mouth do something useful to countries around the Pacific Ocean and to the world rather than arrogantly telling US to come to Asia to contain China and thus offending and inculting the hatred of all Chinese people.