I am impressed. First we have the Tony Tan and Hazel Poa, then Benjamin Pwee, Vincent Wijesingha. And then standing ovation when Chen Show Mao appeared. And look who's entering the arena, Tan Jee Say and Ang Yong Guan. And all these, not discounting the pathfinders like Sylvia Lim, Goh Meng Seng, Gerald Giam, they all add up to quite a bit of weight to the pioneer and veteran fighters of Chiam, Low and the other opposition leaders. One thing that stands out, the new candidates are standing head to head with the PAP slate. But the most startling of all is Nicole Seah. At 24 she seems young, but not when she speaks. She is every inch a mature and able politician in the way she carries herself and how she handles the press. I am impressed. When you have a good candidate, it shows. No one is questioning her on her maturity though she is only 24. It is not just age. You have it or you don't.


Anonymous said...

That Tin Pei Ling is just an empty Tin Can making incoherent noises every time she opens her big fat lip mouth. The worse insult is the state controlled mainstream media had an article highlighting that Nichole is even younger without digging deeper to state that Nichole is young but when she speaks, she is able to connect to the ground folks and what she says actually makes sense.

Singaporean said...

Ms Tin was supposed to be the PAP's answer to attract Gen Y voters. It fell flat on Day One.

Nicole Seah's facebook page garnered more than 12,000 Likes in a few days.

Gen Y has spoken.

Anonymous said...


Nicole beats even ranking PAP women ministers and MPs. In fact, when you place her side by side with ALL of the PAP 'high flying' women, like senior law partner Indranee, Lim HH,etc, they appeared pathetically inadequate. But, why should we be surprised? PAP would NEVER select anyone but from the ranks of the mediocre and docile. The Lees are forever on the lookout for any mortal threat to their dominance. That's the name of the game. Leadership renewal, character assassination of capable opposition leaders, etc are just part of a gamut of noise to cover up PAP's ultimate nightmare of being replaced by a more superior group.

PS: I almost fell out of my seat laughing when I watched that video clip on that SAF major general's Chan or Tan session with some PAP kaki-tangan. It was hilarious! he was treating them like kids! Too obvious, the general is a fish out of water, out of his medium. No wonder, he is being touted as the 'next PM'. The Lees will definitely feel very very secure with such a frontman.

But knowing g the PAP, Nicole and the NSP should be prepared for the shit and character assassination that would come their way, now that they have shown their calibre. The jingos in the PAP will be out in full force to target her especially. I wished that this is not true, but I know the old Lees and the mindset of the cadres too well.

Older Folk said...

Not only Gen Y has spoken. The number of likes on her FB page comes from across all generations!

Anonymous said...

The PAP is trying to distract voters by asking the opposition to proclaim that they can form the next Government. So many ministers are playing the same tune this few days. Rest assured the old man will give the final veiled threat again when he opens his mouth.

All this time, they still do not read the ground correctly. Singaporeans do not care less whether the opposition can or cannot form the next Government. Singaporeans just want more opposition MPs in Parliament to voice their concerns. The more the better it is for Singaporeans. But definitely not NCMPs.

This time I think the older voters, having been sidelined, jobs taken away by foreigners, hardly able to cope with cost of living and medical care, are starting to realise that after 45 years of PAP rule, life is not getting any better but getting perceptively tougher.

It is not too late to vote for change.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, me just do not like the many army personnels in the Cabinet and those new ones that are joining the PAP as Election Candidates. These military men are just not impressive so far in their jobs.


Anonymous said...

Where else can they find barrels to scrape nowadays?

There are only three last bastions left for them to scrape - the armed forces, the NTUC and PAP grassroot organisations.

Basically, all clones. They see, hear and speak alike. And predictably all yes men/women.

Anonymous said...

First, one good man and woman stand up to be counted among the Opposition.

Then, it seems to have sparked some kind of chain reaction...inspiring other good men to come forward as well.

A virtuous cycle - I would say!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Zenho, welcome to the blog.

In the age of Aquarius, many things are expected to change. If we look around the world, we are the last to change.

The shift in the ground is quite unexpected and I too am caught by surprise as well. We have had our J wave, K wave and Canto pop wave. We may see a Gen Y wave.

The young are restless and do not want to be spoonfed and called dumb. They are going to make their presence felt in this election.

Anonymous said...

"Nicole Seah's facebook page garnered more than 12,000 Likes in a few days."

And she doesn't even need to use "creative feature" to achieve her target unlike some PAP scrumbag .


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Older Folk, welcome to the blog.

Nicole is standing out very well.

notanotherspinstory said...

Being brave enough to go against the establishment doubles your credibility and popularity.

2011 is indeed an impressive showing by opposition. I hope most will get elected, otherwise its a waste of talent.