The Great Singapore Debate that wasn’t

Touted as a must watch political show on earth, oops, I mean in Sin. The PAP sent in its best speaker of Parliament, the opposition sent in, supposedly their best. Ok, a mismatch as far as class and oratorical skills, and ability to deal with the issues were concerned. But the whole show was a disappointment. It was a show about time keeping. Yes Sir, your turn now. Sorry Sir, time out. Next, you there. Sorry you got only 30 sec. OK, next one. Quick, quick, oops, your time running out. Dong! Was it a debate? What was more important, the issues in discussion or keeping time? Oops, sorry, I got to go now. No time to write some more. See you next time. Bye.


Wally Buffet said...

We have many more decades to go before we see the same standard of debate like in the US between the incumbent president and his contender for the office.

Just treat it as a badly produced and directed comedy show lah.

Relac man. It's only entertainment for fuck sake!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The opposition needs to put up their best men for the job. Vincent and Gerald were good enough but could have been better if the likes of Chen Show Mao, Chee Soon Juan, Sylvia or Kenneth were roped in.

And the time enemy should not be a factor to spoil the show. A serious production needs more time and commitment to make it look at least serious.

Anonymous said...


What made you expect anything more than wayang?

I concluded that the govt (that includes,Medicorp) is not serious at all when I don't see people like Kenneth, Dr Chee and GMS included!

What are we to make of the split into a Mandarin and English 'versions'? The ruling party is so kiasu even about giving the opposition even a decent air time to make their case.

The hypocrisy and lack of insincerity came across too clearly.

Tharman very clearly is NOT at all comfortable or confident facing Kenneth or Dr Chee one on one even in a group. That shows how inadequate the ruling party really is.

I particularly DISLIKE the Josephine something condescending manners which she tried so hard to conceal but was unable to. While she reel of her prepared script, she was unable to divert our attention from her lack of response to SDP's examples of underpaid Singaporeans at the bottom.

Yes, there will always be poor people in a society. That is not the issue or contention, The issue and contention is why are people paid so little for a full time job, that leaves little over after pub bills and transport? Such people are poorly paid because there are foreigners allowed in by govt willing to work for less!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The presence of more professionals contesting this election is a sign that the fear of the past is breaking down. Once the dam is broken, more will follow through. When that happens, all smugness will be wiped off from the faces. No longer can they adopt the tactic of laughing at the opposition MPs to belittle them.

Anonymous said...

You watched, I did not.

I know it was all a farce when the moderator mentioned that half the time goes to the PAP, the other half to the rest of the opposition. That prompts me to switch off.

A healthier choice!