The game of spamming and gutter politics

The spammers are getting a field day as the GE heat gets hotter. The application of technology to affect blogs and sites that are on opposing camps can only get worst. Getting spammed, flooded with phantom visitors and hits to slow down and incapacitate sites will be the order of the day. Are these healthy activities or do they fall into the category of dirty and unclean? Would Chok Tong’s call for a clean and gentlemanly contest be just a wet dream? There are bound to be supporter and opponents for all parties in the election. Some are zealous, over zealous in the support of their parties and idols. Some are paid to do the dirty job of attacking the opponents and undermine their activities. For the latter, nothing can be done as their masters will write the paychecks for them to do what the paymasters want. For the supporters, it would be good if they did not go overboard and tarnish the reputation of their parties and candidates. I happened to see a photo of a gangster like woman staring fiercely at Sebastian Teo during his walkabout at a kopitiam. To me, the look of that woman reminds me of the Animal Farm, thinking that she could bit off anyone. And it reflected very badly on her master. To all supporters, do support your respective parties and candidates, but do have a little self respect for the candidates and their supporters too. They are all fellow citizens, not your enemies. This is a general election where all Singaporeans elect their representatives to Parliament, not a gang fight, not a war. And don’t forget to show a little self respect to yourself as well. Misbehaving is bad for whatever cause. So does sneaking around to do harm to others.


Anonymous said...

I think Chok Tong's call for a clean and gentlemanly contest is indeed a wet dream, that only he believes in. He has already been contradicted and his calling undermined, as always.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Relac lah redbean.

Emotions amongst the sheeple are running high. The usual 'spies' are embedded in the crowds clicking away with their cellphones and recorders, sending back to HQ intel on the reactions of the sheeple.

Some of the sheeple are begining to lose their usual S'porean reserve and allowing thier passions to get the better of them -- doing silly things like threatening to burn their ballot slips on Polling Day.

Ah...democracy in action. Gang warfare's temperature is rising. You have to allow for the mass passion-fueled stupidity of the sheeple -- elections are times they have the one chance to truly express themselves, so I wouldn't worry about it. So far, no one has been physically assaulted, although no one can ever discount the possibility of such altercations breaking out.

And why not? In S Korea and Taiwan physical fights have broken out in parliament itself. Memebers walloping each other with their wing chun and tae kwon do -- I must admit, damn shiok to watch. I personally don't think it is that serious -- just people blowing off steam.

Goh Chok Tong is an idiot -- so don't even bother with his unrealistic suggestion of 'being gentlemenly'. Not everyone is the fake intellectual like the man.

Many S'poreans are fun-loving buggers who like to drink, fuck, gamble and watch football. They lke to talk-cock with their mates, work hard swear in Hokkein...what we call in Aust 'good regular blokes'. They behave like gentlemen in their jobs, but don't expect that behaviour to extend to a soccer match. When they takes sides and bet money, you can expect some passion to be expressed.

Don't worry lah.

Anonymous said...

So far everyone is calling for a fair fight. And the few jokers that attempted to hit below the belt already came under the spotlight, with eggs on their faces.

They better know that the game is no longer one sided. You can hit them they can hit back.

Anonymous said...

Too bad, it just a habit acquired after so many years of living in the gutter. Hard to break lah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

You know, I'm actually quite pleased to see that the large majority of people are self-policing and ostracising those who play dirty.

This is what I like to see -- self-governance with no police involved.

Today I've received around 10 calls from my 'kakis' to come back next week and cast a vote. of course my response is the standard: I don't vote anymore.

I have refrained from commenting, but cannot tahan anymore -- that shit stunt which Vivian pulled on Vincent over the youtube video crossed every line even the most despicable human would not cross.

I was going to enter into a heated debate on facebook, and argue in Vivian's defense citing free speech and 'parliamentary privilege' -- although I don't like the guy -- that the core of the problem is Article 337a of the Penal Code, which in my mind is not only a stupid law, but an UNSCIENTIFIC one – thereby siding with neither with either the Vivian or Vincent supporters. Let's face it, politics does get low down and dirty, and without 337a Vivian wouldn't have an issue in the first place.

No. Even if 337a didn't exist, there is no guarantee that Vivian wouldn't have pulled the low homophobic stunt he did. And although most sheeple tend to be 'live and let live' there are a significant number of fucking assholes who can't 'mind their own business' and allow people of different sexual orientation to also live in peace.

Therefore I have since changed my mind to focus on the question of personal character, and Vivian, I have concluded, in this instance is a low down bum. I was going to use profanity here, but I'm at a loss for words.

I'm not quick to anger, but I nearly threw my chair at the screen after watching his 'challenge' to Vincent on youtube. I had half the mind to log into the Tiger air website and buy a return ticket for next week not only to vote but to wait for the fucker at Holland V and verbally castigate (legally, not libel or defame him) him during his walk-about.

I don't care whether Wijeysingha...or anyone else for that matter is gay, bi, lesbian or transgendered. Just like their race, skin colour and whether they worship an invisible magician is not something which concerns me, until they shove it in my face. Frankly I think Wijeysingha's politics are way too social democrat, and his economic policies are guaranteed to bring a slew of unintended consequences. Nonetheless, he comes across as a very decent human being, even though I might think – my personal opinion, not truth – his ideas are misguided.

Vivian's riposte to another very decent human being Dr Lily Neo in parliament also went beyond the pale. I do not support a welfare state – I think all welfare should be private charity...that's it. But Vivian's sarcastic response to Lily Neo was not only insensitive, but downright STUPID. He was, quite obviously, directly attacking her.

I'm not even going to suggest to Vincent that he should pull his head in and 'engage brain before launching mouth'. Fuck him, nasty, nasty prick. I hope he loses votes, and if the SDP win my kampung – Holland – so be it.