The first crack appearing

I am seeing the first sign of a crack in the great wall. Could it develop further and cause a breakthrough in the form of a new Barisan Socialist breakaway? One side believes staunchly that the great wall is solid and homogenous, will never break, no breaks will be allowed. Could that be the truth, or furthest from the truth? If there is an open break, would the memories of Cold Storage be relived? Can our system or the people live with another mass cold storage exercise? And what could be the reason for the people to accept without any question? There is no demon today to hang, nor would the people believe in demons. It will be interesting to see who will defect and join a new barisan and who is the new leader. Can't call them communist, racist, religious fanatics nor terrorists. Everyone is a respectable and honourable man/woman who have served the country well. I am putting the stethoscope on the ground to feel the tremor. It is grumbling and growing in strength. My God, an earthquake in Sin!


Wally Buffet said...

What earthquake are you mumbling about brother.

It's just a little unhappiness within the family.

You never had a tiff with your wife meh?

But having said that, if one side remains stubbornly unrepentant, a divorce or in the best case scenario, living in separate bedrooms may be expected.

Hope I can see them heading for the divorce courts instead of kissing and making up before I kick the bucket.


Anonymous said...

Pride precedes a disaster, and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.

Perfectly Arrogant Party will fail perfectly.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me put it this way. All of them are politicians, have their pride and egos. All have their own followers and supporters. And all believes that they are great leaders.

And they are not dumb. You shoot me I shoot you.

Anonymous said...

Pride is essentially a negative emotion in the Biblical sense.
Pride is closely related to vanity, and can lead to pretentious behaviors. Feelings of over confidence and conceit can occur when people are prideful.

Arrogance is the opposite of humility. When someone has an overinflated opinion of SELF, they often behave in an overbearing way that is called arrogance.

Matilah_Singapura said...

People in large groups behave like silly arseholes – especially when emotions run high over disagreements in ideology. Very soon, a schism or 'split' occurs in the large group.

This occurs regularly throughout human history and is especially noticeable in religion and politics.

Several hundred thousand years ago when homo sapiens (thinking ape-man) appeared through a messy process of evolution by natural selection, humans formed themselves into groups because that enabled them to survive. Over time, those who genes 'motivated' more social behaviour survived and the more 'individualist' phenotypes died out because in pre-historic times it was virtually impossible to survive, let alone reproduce without a tribe or some sort of group.

Thus the fact that humans are social animals is an evolved trait. We are naturally pre-disposed to form groups because our survival mechanism is 'wired' that way. And for the most part, that works fine – we have social groups, families, social interactions with co-workers, we join clubs, we live in towns and cities.

The problems start when this 'grouping' mechanism is used to impose power – i.e. more powerful group forces itself on a less powerful group. Or one group decides that it is 'The Shit' and can do anything it fucking well likes – including 'punishing' anyone who gets in their way.

Then in time, there is friction within the group, and some members break away to form other opposing groups. Again the key here is POWER. Groups of friends and families are not power-based...occasionally there is some power-play but it doesn't last because that 'power' comes from basic human emotion not IDEOLOGY.

One power is based in ideology, you get problems – massive ones. Look at the Shia-Sunni schism in the Middle East – the whole area is on the brink of civil war. The Christians too have fought amongst themselves: Catholic vs Protestant, Baptists vs everyone else. And many examples appear in politics too.

So it comes s no surprise if there are 'earthquakes' in any of the political parties. It is simply the expression of aggregated human stupidity – one brand of stupidity cannot agree with the other brands of stupidity.

IMO if one votes, one is part of this nutty mechanism. And as a result, one deserves the outcome. Me OTOH doesn't have to worry about 'voting'. All I have to concentrate on is to keep myself safe and warm from the POISON of political group-think, so I can concentrate on my own voluntary associations and social interactions.

In these groups we can behave like silly clowns, but the beauty is: no one else is affected.

Anonymous said...

I just want to see what happens when the old man goes up the gun carriage.

The cracks are obvious long ago, so the pro-leegime people have been busy inducting more pro-leegime MPs to consolidate their position.

Most of the older MPs still left are basically in the Char Tau camp, but will be retired. I think Char Tau can feel it in his bones that his days are numbered, being snubbed by WKS and LHL over the suggestion of imposing two terms tenure for ministers.

Anonymous said...

May they play the game 'Survival of the Fittest' with full gusto.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I get a huge cock-stand when noticing a schism in a large group people wedded to ideology, behaving irrationally. You know that this is a precursor to 'entertainment'.

In public life, image and presentation is everything. You maintain self-control when you angrily disagree with a peer. The public mustn't know what is in your heart even though you are thinking ”Nabeh chee bai, kwa simi lan chiau...” and so desperately want to smack the fucker.

No, no. Cannot do that.

However, emotions – especially negative emotions – can be exploited. The principle is to 'raise the temperature' of the disagreement until one or both parties buay tahan any more.

Every seasoned entertainer know that it is the level of emotional experience that determines success or failure of any entertainment venture – and content creators need to 'exploit' this wonderful fact of human neurology and physiology.

Therefore, if you are into 'entertainment', you should proceed to take sides and raise the temperature of the difference of opinion to reach a 'tipping point'. The Holy Grail of such political-schisms is when armed troops are on the streets and one political faction is battling another – one to remain in power, the other to seize power. Refer to the 'entertainment' in the Middle East for recent examples.

IMO I think the time is right for S'pore to have a coup and a complete breakdown of law and order in order to sort the nation out, and rebuild the political economy from scratch. The entire political dialogue is bereft of 'new ideas' – what better then to exploit the split in the Ruling Party and have blood flowing freely on the streets? Of course, I'm not advocating such an outcome, but I wouldn't be 'unhappy' if such events did occur.

This is not impossible. In their history, Singaporeans have proven themselves to be 'skilled rioters' and homicidal maniacs. It just needs a bit of 'critical mass' and 'temperature raising'.

One benefit of such an 'entertaining outcome' is that the property prices will fall to unheard of levels, thus enabling greedy opportunists and profiteers to go 'bargain shopping' for lots of hitherto over-priced 'assets'.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fat hope lah. Since the breakaway of the Barisan Socialis, no one has come to that kind of guts to stage a breakaway. Of course, for political observers, it will be an event of great interest and anticipation.

I will get my cameras ready.

Anonymous said...

After what WKS and LHL had said, the ball is now in SM's court. What is he thinking now, and what is his next move?

Anonymous said...

"Fat hope lah. Since the breakaway of the Barisan Socialis, no one has come to that kind of guts to stage a breakaway"

Agree that that has not happened again. But, lets see how it plays out, when the old man goes up the lorry.

He was the one ruling with an iron fist, but I do not see anyone else among the younger leaders having that kind of tenacity and respect inside the party to be able to command that kind of obedience.

But they are smart, having created the pension scheme to prevent this from happening. If anyone leaves the party, he probably also looses his pension. Money is the key to buying loyalty, and keeping mouths shut after Ministers and MPs step down.

Anonymous said...

Ningnabeh! one hope for killer disease, another wishing and waiting for civil unrest and others think you die your business. This little rock is populated with all the cocks hoping for it to crack and rot.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Spread the love, baby! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why is it that this little rock is populated with all the cocks hoping for it to crack and rot?

This is a hotel man. People who live in hotels care less about the hotel cracking and rotting. Just look for another hotel somewhere else! It's a whole new ball game.