Deaf frogs demanding Chen Show Mao to tell them his motives

After being interviewed by the media and all the reasons for running for election, for returning home, for joining the WP, some deaf frogs are asking for him to tell them why? I will tell Chen Show Mao not to bother. Deaf frogs will always be deaf and will not listen nor bother to listen. Why don’t deaf frogs ask all the candidates from all the parties, especially new citizens and children, for their motives in standing for election? Everyone has a motive and for some it is all about ‘Shen Guan Fa Cai’. Let’s be honest lah, don’t pretend pretend that there are more noble motives like sacrificing for the country and losing out in paychecks. But of course there will be genuine honourable people who will serve for peanuts, or at least will want to serve the country and people for their idealistic beliefs in goodness. To some, these are idealistic fools. Fortunately the world is a better place with such fools. For the masses, one should dig deeper and ask who is running for what, and don’t pretend to be like deaf frogs, never hear anything and keep demanding people to repeat and repeat. There are those that have eyes but not see, and those have ears but not hear, and they can have paradise on earth all for themselves.


Anonymous said...

The guy who wrote to the Forum questioning Chen's motives for joining the opposition is not only deaf - but DUMB!

He claimed he is half-a-century old, but he thinks like someone who have lived less than a decade.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is a chow chee bai side to human nature -- we tend to be skeptical about people and their motives -- especially when they come from 'outside' our in-group or 'tribe'.

However, no one is 'obliged' to respond or tolerate to smart-arses who actually are only interested in 'trapping' you and making you look like a piece of shit in the eyes of the public.

A smart arse question deserves a smart arse answer. In this case, use the 'Miss Universe' answer.

What are your motives?

Answer: "World peace".

The turn around and walk away, flipping the globally universal two-finger salute -- optional.

Roger said...

In Hong Kong, public office posts are hotly contested even though the remuneration is peanuts compared to what our politicians are paying themselves. It appears their sky-high pay has now come back to haunt them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Roger, welcome to the blog.

When they claimed to be the best and asking to be the best, the people accept it grudgingly. Now that the best are mere mortals with all the shortcomings, and often proven to be unworthy of mediocrity, yes, this high pay is coming back at them.

With the kind of pay, the people are less forgiving. It is only right to demand for the best when paying the best.

Anonymous said...

"...don’t pretend pretend that there are more noble motives like sacrificing for the country and losing out in paychecks", unquote.

Since when do our members of parliament lose out in paychecks? Over SIN$10,000 a month for doing part-time jobs with many kind volunteers assisting and adulating them. More than SIN$13,000 extra every month not including any other rewards hor.

Let's put it this way, Singaporeans are 'kiasu', 'kiasi' and 'kaypoh'.


Anonymous said...

Why should Chen tell them his motives. Act deaf like them. Let them worry unnecessarily and have more white hairs.

As the saying goes, politicians should play their cards close to their chest.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The choice of the word motive is already saying that the person has ill intention. Why don't the same person ask the PAP candidates about their motives?

The more decent word to choose to reflect a more neutral position will be motivation.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Good luck trying to figure out people's 'real motivations'.

Good luck trying to see into their hearts and read their minds -- with degrees of precision that will actually make a difference.