Chen Show Mao

Did PAP goof on this one? PAP has cast its new wide and very wide, both in the country and outside the country, I believe. And now I am presented with this impressive CV of Chen Show Mao. 'Mr Chen graduated in 1986 from Harvard College and in 1988 from Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. In 1992 he received his J.D. from Stanford Law School and in 2005 received his M.A. from Corpus Christi College, Oxford University. Mr Chen has extensive experience in international securities offerings and M&A transactions. He advised the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) on its recent $21 billion initial public offering, which is the largest IPO ever, and the first global offering that involved a concurrent listing in China. He also advised ICBC on the $3.8 billion strategic investment in the bank by a consortium comprising Goldman Sachs, American Express and Allianz, which is the largest-ever investment in a Chinese financial institution. He advised China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) on its proposed $19 billion acquisition of Unocal, which is the largest-ever attempted takeover by a Chinese company. He completed the global initial public offerings of Air China, China Construction Bank, Sinopec, China Unicom, Chalco, Baidu.com and others, as well as offerings of sovereign debt by the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China. Mr Chen has worked on a broad range of securities offerings and M&A transactions by Taiwan companies, including Acer, ASE, ASUS, AU Optronics, China Steel, Chinatrust Bank, Far EasTone, HTC, Hon Hai Precision, Inotera, Nanya Technology, Quanta Computer, Taishin Bank, TSMC, UMC and others. He also advised the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the ROC, the Development Fund of the Executive Yuan of the ROC and the Taiwan Stock Exchange on securities law matters. Mr. Chen is a partner in Davis Polk’s Corporate Department and managing partner of the Beijing office. He has practiced in the New York office since 1992, the Hong Kong office since 1999 and the Beijing office since 2007. In capital markets, Mr Chen advised the Agricultural Bank of China on its recent $22 billion IPO, which is the largest by an Asian issuer, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) on its $21 billion IPO, which is the second-largest IPO ever, and the first global offering that involved a concurrent listing in China. He also advised Sinochem on the largest-ever international debt offering by a Chinese company and the underwriters for China Unicom in the largest-ever international convertible bond offering by a Chinese company. Mr Chen completed the global initial public offerings of Air China, China Construction Bank, MCC, Sinoma, Sinopec, Unicom and others. In M&A, Mr Chen advised ICBC on the largest-ever cross-border investment in a Chinese financial institution. He also advised China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) on the largest-ever attempted cross-border takeover by a Chinese company. In addition to Chinese state-owned enterprises, Mr Chen has worked with Acer, ASE, ASUS, AU Optronics, HTC, Foxconn, Nanya, Quanta, Taishin, TSMC, UMC and others. Mr Chen has worked on offerings of sovereign debt by the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, as well as privatizations by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the ROC. He advised sovereign wealth funds such as China Investment Corp. and the Development Fund of the Executive Yuan of the ROC. He also advised the People’s Bank of China, China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan Stock Exchanges on proposed regulations. ' The big question, did PAP miss this big fish? This is truly a prize catch for the Worker’s Party. No dirty linens please. We need all the good and talented Singaporeans to come forward to serve the country, in the ruling party and in the opposition as well. And this guy served his National Service.


Wally Buffet said...

Wow! with credentials like these, he definitely ain't any ordinary "worker".

He should be with the MIW and be our next finance minister.

This election is getting weirder by the day.

Outstanding candidate standing with a dark horse party knowing that the chance of being elected is about the same as the STI hitting 6000 by election day.

Wet between the ears, silly little giggling girl wanting to be an MP.

What a mess!

Anonymous said...

This is the year of "freak" candidates from pay & pay...sigh

Anonymous said...

PAP's best talent versus WP's best talent.

You want the hard truth? She will be in Parliament and Chen may not.

Anonymous said...

Hey! What the fish is all these?

Singaporeans are worried about a roof over their heads and one or two meals instead of three at the cheapest stalls and here You are talking about multi-billions which the man in the street don't even know how to count.

Get real men and girls! No, the Girl should not be included; she has assets of youth, cuteness and good look few are endowed with. If You do not appreciate her brain, at least You will appreciate her superficiality. And come on don't pretend to be a prude! Me wont be surprise that if she is at the polling station, many men may not mind missing the last bus service.


Anonymous said...

What is talent and what is beauty or attractiveness is all relative. You go ahead and enjoy your oggling.

Lost4ever said...

Just for those who were not in Singapore by the late 1970s.

Mr Chen was the top 'A' level students, and Student Council Chairman of NJC.

However he was rejected by NUS Medical Faculty.

Perhaps we must thank the government for all these happenings of 30+ years ago, for such a talent to stand for the opposition.

Wally Buffet said...

You guys call that beauty?

It shows that you fellas have not seen real beauty.

She is so ordinary that if I pass her by in Orchard Road, I would mind expanding the extra energy to turn my head to glance let alone ogle.

Cute? My granddaughter is also very cute.

Missing the last bus service?

Tolong lah.

Fielding this quality of candidate is the biggest mistake the ruling party has made since we became independent in 1965.

I expected the opposition to have a monopoly on people like Harbans Singh and the "Slipper Man". Seems that free trade and a global economy even extends to politics.

Truly scrapping the bottom of the barrel this time.

Anonymous said...


me did not include those who drive Mercs, BMW, Lexus and Volvos etc and had been tended to and spoilt by all the young sweet things in foreign lands.

Sorry that i was not specific, me meant all those lao uncles who have nothing better to do and really doing nothing except chatting away in coffee shops or reading the afternoon Chinese Language Newspapers that dish out all the flowery, superstitious and fishy write-ups.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is the first candidate that I will say 'a big loss' to Singapore if he is not elected. He is the type of guy that Singaporeans are waiting for. And he is here.

Oh, Patriot forgot to put on his glasses I guess.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, you are really behind time.

Anonymous said...

When principled men refuse one's company, despite one's best effort to tempt them with endless material wealth, one is in dire need to reflect on the company he currently keeps. - JH

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi JH, welcome to the blog.

For a while I thought this GE is gonna go the same way. Now the picture is brightening up. And it is looking to be a watershed GE if the oppositions are able to throw up a few more exceptional candidates.

You can see the tide is changing when good men are crossing over and standing up in the opposition camp. On the other side, they may think that they are putting up their best men, some are, but some are so doubtful that the people are annoyed.

This is not going to be funny anymore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Gimme a free-wheeling capitalist from HK anyday.

I consider every dollar honestly earned as a "Certificate of Achievement". Those who "collect" lots of these -- as long as it is honestly and legally -- are societies "natural elites".

In a TRUE meritocracy, that is the gold-standard of achievement.

Anonymous said...

Inception, Growth, Climax, Decline - these are the four stages of any entity on earth.

The more one struggles against accepting their reality, the more suffering they create for themselves and those around them.

catherine's blog said...

ha ha, don't be too excited yet, LKY is in Taiwan, next to Hong Kong - probably checking out on this Chen guy????

Ah Seng said...

The only people who consider Tin Pei Ling to be a "beauty" are those who are so unattractive themselves that over time, they have been forced to lower their standards drastically so that any young girl with her features in the proper places would be deemed pretty.

Wally Buffet said...

Ah Seng, my brother.

You said what I had no balls to say!

Anonymous said...

The PAP did not miss the big catch, That Chen Show Mao did not have strings to pull or pulled the wrong string is more likely. But, wait. The PAP is now probably furiously digging in the garden for buried bones when it gets closer to the election date. I hope Mr Chen is white and clean.

As for Patriot, let him enjoy his fantasy. In any case, I think Patriot has his standard, and is not as low as some made it out to be.

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah Seng @1pm

So what is wrong with "low standards"?

Not all of us are qualify as "worthy" to cum all over Angelina Jolie's face and hair.

Many a frisky rooster has to contend with whatever chicken he can get: a pussy is better than having no pussy.

So don't be so elitist lah! God invented alcohol and drugs so that ugly people can get laid!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Catherine and Ah Seng,
Welcome to the blog.

With the precedent of what happened to Tin Pei Ling, and if any joker is going to stoop so low to dig personal and private matters of Chen to throw at him, this joker is going to be attacked by the netizens real hard till he got no where to hide.

Several top men in the PAP have also said that this is a wrong and a disgraceful thing to do. Let's hope there is a new standard of goodness coming out of this episode and no jokers will stand out for stones to be thrown at them.

And Catherine, you are pretty farsighted.

Anonymous said...

"Several top men in the PAP have also said that this is a wrong and a disrespectful thing to do"

Hey, where were those men when LKY was dishing out his version of venom and spite?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Dementia is a common disease in Sin. And some were not born yet.

Anonymous said...

"And some were not born yet"

We must be having MPs under 10 years old since LKY was still dishing out his stuff on Dr. Chee not too long ago.

Gosh, maybe dementia is getting to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh sori Folks;

'....is to have more smarter capitalists....' should read as:-
'.....is NOT to have more smarter capitalists...'
And me likes to add that i don't want heartless capitalists and imperialists to run my life.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry Patriot. You are a lucky fellow. Tin Pei Ling is the best MP to meet your expectation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

Or...he may be there for other reasons.

If I were him, I would go to TW to:

- get more sources of vitality for his sings his swansong. Sources include taking lamb placenta injections, laying virile virgins to improve my 'yang' energy, etc.

- sign papers to open new offshore bank accounts and transfer some of my funds to my daughter.

- prepare an outlet in TW as base to safely call in my troops in the event of a freak election result.

Aren't I a nasty piece of work?

Anonymous said...

It's entirely possible to be successful as Chen is, and hold a completely different set of political philosophies.

Why are people so surprised, I do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the fever must be playing trick on me; before my 3:26 pm Comment, me made a slightly lengthy post and checked that it was here. Now, it seems that it had disappeared making the 3:26 Comment looks like an intrusion from nowhere.

Allow to summarize the Missing Post.
Me am of the opinion that we have enough of bullying, manipulation and exploitation from the so-called
economic/financial experts in the Cabinet for the past near 5 decades. There is no need for more smarter and even scheming experts to rule us anymore.

All we need are some benign, fair and efficient administrators to provide us a peaceful and happy society. Singaporeans are hardworking by nature, a trait that their forefathers had nurtured. Most of the earlier migrants came here TO WORK and work hard they did to give us the Singapore today.

BUT, the Elites, the Schemers and the Talented have been making use of the People to work harder for them. And who are these them? They are the Make Money Experts that are making use of the People as their MONEY MAKING MACHINES. You want more of them?

If money is the only criteria to make one feels happy, this moron is going to tell You, You are destined to be unhappy.


Anonymous said...

LKY & LHL getting a run for their money..
It's a rare catch in fact. Good job WP. Singapore got hope. Even if it failed to beat our "Nobody Nobody Girl" I is really going to make a fool of Singaporean whom don't know how to appreciate talent and putting PAP under pressure for their Highly acclaimed "GRC" umbrella.

looking forward to see this fight..

Anonymous said...

Have we been brainwashed by the PAP to believe that the only people worth electing are the ones with "brains". Has this candidate demonstrated any "heart" in any of his achievements? Do we not want to know what he thinks about things like the widening income gap, rising public housing prices, etc?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I use to think that some ministers will be a liability and will drag down a GRC. Now I am seeing some new candidates that will do this job as well.

If the animosity towards a candidate is bad enough, fear not that the GRC will go as well.

Anonymous said...

LKY went to Taiwan and Hong Kong to dig story of Chen Show Mao? No wonder he went there for "Holiday" when Election is just around the corner. Really despicable...Hope Chen Show Mao is clean. He is our hope...

Anonymous said...

Holy Goh said in future no ministers may stay in his position for more than two terms. Wan Can't Sing said that is only Holy Goh's personal opinion. PM Lee shuts Holy Goh's mouth and said no such thing for Singapore does not have enough talents to fill the ministers' posts and so ministers will continue to stay in their posts until they decease. What a joke? What is the implication? Does it mean that Singapore with world renown education from primary school to university education has not been able to produce enough local talents. Singapore's few universities are of first world standard. Yet if these universities can't produce the talents required by Singapore, they have to be closed down. Tax payers'money should not be wasted on them. But the fact is that it is not true. Singapore universities have produced an abundance of great talents in many fields. Many of these great talents have prefered either to work in the private sectors or work overseas rather than face the constrains of the unseen hands of negative bureaucratic power. If as the PM said Singapore does not produce the talents it required, then education in Singapore has failed. Who should shoulder the blame of this failure,if not the government?

YaleLSE said...

Rejected by National University of Chinapore, ranked 135th in the world academic ranking, and accepted by Harvard College? There must be something seriously wrong with the selection process at National University of Chinapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi YaleLSE, welcome to the blog.

It could be a policy to reject all the good students so that they can study in better universities overseas.

Or maybe our standard is higher than Harvard. Only problem is that our local students are never sought after by the employers.

Agree, something crazy is happening.

Anonymous said...

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