Chen Show Mao, is one of us

He was born in Taiwan but came here when he was a kid. He went through our local schools like any Singaporean kid, not in one of those international schools. He served his National Service and did not twang. He served diligently to become an officer. Chen Show Mao is truly one of us. And he was a foreign talent of sort but chose to be a Singaporean and did what every male Singaporean will do, to serve the country in uniform. At a young age, before aspiring to be a politician, he has already made his choice. This is the biggest test of his commitment to this country. He has done everything that is expected of him as a Singaporean. I had a glimpse of him and I am impressed. He is sincere and nothing pretentious. He has proven that he can achieve and do well professionally, on his very own in an MNC. And he has a presence. I wish him and WP well. I pray that no injustice will before him. Singapore can be better with more talents like him standing up to serve. He has a presence. Show Mao, Vincent and Benjamin should be given a fair chance to be in Parliament. The electorate owes a duty to send them to Parliament. Failing to do so will be doing an injustice to themselves(the people) and the country. This is not only a good choice from the opposition camp. They are excellent choices for the future and the well being of the country.


Anonymous said...

Unlike other FTs, he did not come here bcoz he can't make a living elsewhere. He made his money as FT in other countries but coming home to roost, and to serve the people.

Many FTs will not come here if they can't make a living here, they will go somewhere where the grass is greener.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't know who this 'us' is, but I'm certainly not included.

Sad to say that this fine individual has been 'corrupted' by his ambitions to try politics.

Article and mp3: Public Service Is an Ignoble Calling

anon 348:

Since when do politicians and/or public servants "serve the people"?

Get fucking real man!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The new generation of Singaporeans beleive that everyone is corruptible and will not serve the country for less. The first and second generations 'in those days' did believe in serving the country for less. Some fell along the way. Normal and expected.

You are just one of the new generation who don't believe that there are some goodness in human beans. No you are wrong. There are people even today that are incorruptible. Just because you live in the company of the greedies does not mean that everyone is greedy. If you are right, there is no hope for goodness and for the human race.

Close down the schools and the holy houses.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr Redbean.

Just because some good people have turned greedy does not mean that all people are greedy.

Just because some greedy people said greed is good and cannot see anything wrong with their own greed, does not mean that all men are greedy.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. I agree with anon 4.11 who agreed with Redbean.

The PAP tried to corrupt the people of Hougang and Potong Pasir with money for upgrading, but found them mostly incorruptible.

Just because some people are greedy, does not mean that everyone is greedy like them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Why should someone who has ambition to be in politics be labelled, 'corrupted'?

It is terribly unfair to those who are truly virtuous. Until they prove themselves to be greedy, let's give everyone the benefit of doubt.

Go, scold the greedies when have proven themselves. Leave those that are still clean alone till they become greedy. A child may turn out to be an evil man. But a child can be innocent and an angel for a big part of his life, and sometimes much longer.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I see that you folks are still dumber than a sack of rusty hammers.

Ok, it is not 'certain' that public servants and govt politicians are either immoral to begin with or end up immoral.

The point is that positions of absolute power and borderline accountability, plus the fact that it is easy to use bullshit rhetoric and shift the blame, and on top of that influence the media...shit, it is very easy to be 'bad'.

If any of us tried to be 'bad', we will swiftly see justice either by social punishment or legal punishment.


Becasue we don't have "power".

Once you have "power", then there is a tempatation to use that power corruptly.

But let's take it back: the desire to enact change by "politics" can only be the the doamain of a soul who is already showing signs of corruption.

Moral and un-corrupt people deal by voluntary exchange and association: not by the use of political power and government force.

So fuck this guy, whoever he is. In my opinion HIS THINKING IS CORRUPT. (even though he might still not be himself)

Anonymous said...

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They have turned our country
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A tiny dot with 30 ministers drawing the world's highest salary
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People say, Singaporeans are lucky
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Kiasu and kiasi, PAP came up with the GRC
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Only a small country but foreigners there are so many
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Companies happily tell Singaporeans to accept low salary
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Very sadly, this is no longer my once beloved country
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow so complicated.

I just don't like them because they are a bunch of arrogant cunts :)

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, someone speculated that MM went to Taiwan and Hong Kong recently to dig up some dirt on Chen. Probably insufficient.

Now, SM is in Hong Kong too. Can it be because of Chen?

Hehe. The plot is thickening.

Anonymous said...

For someone of his stature, he won't be caught doing such things lah. Only low down buggers will end up doing it.

He is now on a farewell tour, saying goodbyes to all this friends.

Anonymous said...

Low down buggers will not do that. Why? Because the information they dug up is useless. Cannot be used.

Try exposing dirts during election and you end up like Francis Seow and Tang Liang Hong. Or bankrupted like JBJ or Dr Chee. Or worse still, end up like Lim Chin Siong or Chia Thye Poh.

Unless, you are talking about the really 'low down' low downs that cannot be named.

Anonymous said...

I take my hat off to this guy CSM!

With his impeccable credentials, the world world is literally his oyster. Yet, he chose to come back to this little Red Dot and try to make a difference to our Third-World political situation.

I salute you, gladiator!
Fight the good fight, shield well from the Lightning, and Hammer all the way to Parliament!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My advice to him is to tap gently and not anyhow hammer. One step at a time and tap when there is a need to and hit the nail. No wild gestures with the hammer please.

The time is ripe to make a difference. I can sense this even a few GEs ago. This time the tremor is much stronger. And with the calibre of candidates standing up for the opposition, many much better than the best that the ruling party is putting up, the people will have a choice.

In the past they want to vote opposition but could not do so because the quality of opposition candidates were not there. Put up the best and don't take the people for granted that they will vote any idiot into parliament.

Give the people a good choice and they will be there.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My apologies for not mentioning the likes of Tony Tan and Hazel Poa, all newbies in the political stage. And don't forget Sylvia Lim and Gerald Giam and many other notables. I hope more will step forward to strenghten the opposition camp.

Anonymous said...

The opposition parties owe these good candidates a moral responsibility to field a good team if they stand in a GRC. They must not compromise their chances by sneaking in a weakling.

One or two strong candidates in a GRC team are not enough. They need a team of strong candidates as the weakest member will be the weakest link.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean's wishful thinking, again:

> Give the people a good choice and they will be there. <

Yeah of course -- in their big stupid multitudes, getting the government they deserve :-)

Anonymous said...

> My advice to him is to tap gently and not anyhow hammer. One step at a time and tap when there is a need to and hit the nail. No wild gestures with the hammer please.<

Hammer in hand - steady hands, deft fingers and masterful strokes - chisel away at the old white sculpture and surprise us with a new "David"!

Anonymous said...

chen show mao can be supported to be the workers party chairman or general secretary, that is for sure, just look at his cv and experiences, nothing compare to anyone in the workers party currently, he should be the one to lead the workers party to a better future with his management plans, and outlooks. more new professionals with his type of caliber will then follow to join the WP