Can we survive without huge influx of FTs?

The FT is good mantra is being sung daily. FT good, FT is indispensable, FT is our saviour. If we keep on singing this mantra, soon we will have nightmares on FTs. We are not talking about the natural movement of people across borders to work and play. This trend has been going on for ages without much of a hiccup except in racist countries when some people of different colours are barred. Today we are faced with a different kind of problem, a conscious and meticulous design to flood the country with foreigners, claiming that without them the country will not be able to continue to grow at a rapid pace. This calling for more and more foreigners is getting to a point of madness. Of course the madmen would not admit that it is madness. With all due respect to all the super great FTs in our shores and those who were appointed to high offices due to their merits, I would like to ask a simple question, ‘Can an organisation be run just as efficiently with a Singaporean in charge instead of a FT?’ Take the case of the Health Ministry, would the health services collapse, or all systems failed to work if a Singaporean is made the Health Minister? Or would DBS do less well if it was not managed by FTs? Stretch this further, will those govt ministries or GLCs be worst than what they are today if Singaporeans were to be in charge instead of FTs? If the answer is yes, then we better bring in more foreigners quickly. If the answer is no, that these organisations will just run as before, could be better, then someone must be lying through the skin of his teeth. I bet there are many Singaporeans that are worthy to feel these positions. These are high value positions need not necessarily go to FTs if Singaporeans can do the job equally well. If Singaporeans cannot do them, we have a very serious problem in paying super salary to super local talents. They must be all overpaid, all rubbish, that they can’t do these jobs and only foreigners can. Am I talking rubbish or the people are being fed with rubbish? We have thousands of our best talents trained locally and in the best universities overseas, and all proven to be duds. Believe me, it is true. That is why the panic button is pressed for more FTs.


Anonymous said...

loads of them. rubbish

Matilah_Singapura said...

I seriously doubt the economy of Singapore can prevail and grow without immigration.

No one likes fierce competition for their job. But competition and free markets bring out the best consequences where everyone eventually benefits.

At the moment, S'pore is seen as a 'safe haven' for all types of people -- right across the socio-economic spectrum.

As one of the most entrepreneur-friendly places in the world, you have that socio-economic class...and they are coming.

Then you have skilled and management levels -- also very popular.

And the last socio-economic group are the ones who are able to work and learn beginning with lower-skill level and improving over time.

All the noise over FT immigration is based on emotion, not fact or reason, and there in no hard-case well reasoned economic or scientific argument to back up the idea that "immigration is bad".

Australia is facing many of the same issues. We are around 80,000-100,000 people short, and there is real danger to the economy. The ONLY driver of individual wealth is the private sector. When they are suffering because they cannot produce due to skills and labour shortages, something in the economic system will break sooner or later.

Sadly, Aust is managed by even a worse govt than S'pore -- probably the worst western govt in the world. The fact that Aust is a 'democracy' means that every ill-mannered racist and economic ignoramus gets to vote, and fuck it up, they will and they have.

The same old loud, nonsense arguments play out here too. Private enterprise is screaming for more skilled labour, but the people and unions are mostly against 'foreigners taking the jobs'.

To adds insult to the whole thing, the govt arrests and locks up refugees -- people who mostly come to Aust to work. By locking these -- many of them young and able -- people up, they blow billions of dollars on 'detention centers'. A new one is just about to be built in East Timor, thus directing Aust taxpayer money to some bullshit program for political points amongst a xenophobic collective of voting citizens.

All these people unconstitutionally detained could be in the communities working -- being part of the mechanism which creates wealth for all -- i.e. increasing the 'commonwealth'.

The govt will score too: an increase in their tax payer base.

But oh no. Negative emotions and xenophobic sentiments trumps all reason and rationale. Fear from 'open competition' for employment has turned usually peaceful people into MONSTERS.

People is large groups are essentially dog-balls stupid. The cuntry doesn't matter -- as long as decisions can be made en masse from opinions derived en mass...you are going to get dumb-assed results.

I don't praise govts often, but S'pore govt under the PAP, in this narrow economic sense deserves to be commended for willing to make unpopular policy which is based on economic and scientific FACT instead of the whinging emotional ugliness of the masses.

Here's the long term scientific argument: Mixing up the gene pool is HEALTHY. Over time -- maybe several generations, you will find the community becoming more resistant to disease and infection, and have longer life spans -- even after taking into account and correcting the statistics the advances in medical technology.

Over a few decades, 10-15 million population is very possible in Singapore. It will take some adjustment, and getting used to, but the benefits are huge -- the vibrancy of a great city with all the culture, activity and pumping economy.

Thankfully, there are many of us who can see it -- I know many Singaporeans who are looking forward to it. Unfortunately these people are drowned-out by the loud, complaining masses who are scared of a little bit of 'open market competition'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilah Sg;
Perhaps you can focus on the actual question posed by Redbean so that discussion will be relevant to the topic. But following your Australian example, should sg now advertise for refugees from N. Korea, Africa and maybe even from the Middle East to come here quickly so that we can a bigger tax base?


Anonymous said...


I don't usually write comment because i am incoherent when i write.

To both questions:

We can survive without huge influx of FTs.. But whether to prosper is another question.

‘Can an organisation be run just as efficiently with a Singaporean in charge instead of a FT?’

Yes we could. Probably even better depending on the time horizon we are talking about.. at this point of time, a singaporean will run it more efficiently based on past wkg experience in the public and pte sector.

These questions are open to wide interpretation depending on how we define FTs. IT is pointless to argue unless we agreed on a common definition.

I believe the anguish is coming from the fact that immigrants filling up positions of PMETs that could be performed by a sgpn albeit a higher cost and among other things e.g. NS leave, paid maternity leave etc.

They are also filling up positions that could be performed by the older demographic as well. And i don't consider them as 'FT' in my definition. It is however in my opinion an admin and financial incentive to corporations and businesses to defray costs and risks.

i have believed we are and have been accepting FTs into our tiny red dot community since sg independence.

It is however becoming so prominent
now at the liberal delivery of the policy thst is drawing irks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How to become a "talent-elite" in Singapore.

1)First volunteer to work in an "approved and recognized" grassroots organization

b)Wait to be "spotted" as a talent by secretly planted quality inspectors.

c)Be invited to a tea party. An invitation you cannot refuse if you know what's good for you and your career.

d)During tea party, must pass inspection by more senior Quality Control inspectors.

e)Next, undergo a "nurturing, grooming and mentoring" process.

f)Upon passing step (e), you are now a "recognized & approved" Singapore talent. A file will be kept on you.

g)Patiently wait for the other talent-elite aunties & uncles who are in front of you to "step down".

h)Finally, the public unveiling of you as the next Generation of Singapore Leaders.

If you are a scholar, you are automatically "volunteered" for grassroots work. No need to voluntarily volunteer.

Anonymous said...

If our local universities are really world class then why are all our government scholars given scholarships to attend overseas universities such as USA and England? They should all be given scholarships to attend the 2 local universities right? Food for thought...hmm..seems like someone slapping their own faces yet again, thinking we are all daft.

Anonymous said...

Prestigous scholarships such the President's. the SAF's, the SPF's, shld be awarded for study in our local universities. Scholars committed to Spore's future and wellbeing would not have desire not wantinng to have their education on our shores. By having at least their initial tertiary education in Spore, they will be imbued with values specific and special to Spore.

Anonymous said...

If you have difficulty viewing


you can still view TemasekReview through these 2 websites:



Anonymous said...

Let's forget about comparing Sin to Oz and vice-versa as Matilah Sngapura did.
The smart ass forgot or is not aware of the size of Oz.

Anonymous said...

Let's forget about comparing Sin to Oz and vice-versa as Matilah Sngapura did.
The smart ass forgot or is not aware of the size of Oz.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey thomas

Australia doesn't 'advertise' for refugees.

My stance is that if you can make it on leaky boats to get here, and if there is good work availble (someone has to do the work or we all die), sure let these people do the job.

Perhaps I'm being pverly sensitive -- you will tell me if I am -- but do I detect a sense of 'cultural elitism' in your mention of refugess from N. Korea, Africa and the Middle East?

I live in an area where the local population of Nigerians, Somalians, Kenyans, Iranians, Lebanese and all the other shades of Semetic culture etc has been steadily growing over the years. Funny thing -- I just look on them as human beings -- I don't really give a shit where they come from, as long as they are decent folk, which they are.

Singapore doesn't have a refugee intake program. If they did, they could grow their population in a more controlled manner -- and 'more control in Singapore' is a good thing -- if you read the real politik correctly.

All you do is you cap the number of refugees you allow every year. That's it. Controlled growth. and also, doing your fellow man a kindness, just when he needs it the most.

..but it is not 'charity'. something in return is expected: go out and fucking work, and pay tax -- as a free man, in a modern society -- new home, new life, some of the natives not too friendly, politically..still stifled but eh...still not so bad. At least you eat, and it's peaceful. I'd call that a 'good deal'.

So refugess from N Korea, Africa, Middle East etc...why the hell not?