Black Day for Netizens

Just when the internet news is getting more readership, and with George Yeo and a few ministers feeling more comfortable about communicating with netizens, today I heard that Temasek Review will be closing down in July. As of today, though TR is still young, so is cyberspace and internet news, TR is one of a few group based internet forums devoted to Singapore and Singaporeans. It is a waste to see it go. And with the GE around the corner, netizens will have on choice less to read on what is happening here. It is a sad thing to happen when alternative voices are now sought after by news hungry citizens who want to hear what others have to say other than the stereo typed main media version of news. One RIP memorial for internet news.


Wally Buffet said...

What a time to pick to RIP.

It doesn't smell right.

The news and write ups are interesting to read but the commentaries are not exactly what you would call cerebral.

Hope they sort out everything before July and have a change of heart.

Or maybe they're going for broke before the elections and then going off like a puff of illusionary smoke?


Anonymous said...

By then(July 2011)
the General Election
Result would have
shown that despite
all that TR had done,
nothing changes and
therefore there is no
more good reason for
TR to be around anymore.
Sensible Decision!

Matilah_Singapura said...

As I indicated in a previous post, whch apparently disappeared -- in The Water Margin thread, the TR is ruined by the conversations -- pure rubbish.

So you have a situation where stingy Singaporeans come go there, Cum all over the board, and for the most part don't donate one red cent to a site which clearly states it runs on donations.

All failure is enterprises is due to bad management -- usually that they failed to read their market properly.

If you are not clear about your revenue stream then eventually you'll run out of financial capital.

All enterprises require revenue to continue running. If not enough customers perceive 'value' and are willing to pay for that 'value', then management has made grave perceptual errors, and that's that -- end of story.

Sure, the folks behind the TR maybe well intended -- at least they can go away feeling satisfied that they tried, existed for awhile before petering out.

Who knows, there might be an 'angel investor' out there -- a patron who decides that its important for the morons to have a voice and continuing village-idiot 'conversation', as one would expect in a democracy.

So there is hope, yet. Thus, the chattering classes should relax and go back to watching TV for awhile, while cyberspace re-organises itself.

Anonymous said...

My speculation is that they are under some kind of pressure.

Like TOC, TR could not be allowed to operate, with that kind of hard hitting news and commentaries, without being forced to be registered as a political website.

When that happens, the lid will come down on donations and the people behind the scene, together with those supporting it financially, cannot continue to be based overseas and remain anonymous.

Whether TR will make a significant difference to the coming election is still left to be seen. If not, I think the other anti-PAP websites will follow eventually, just dying a natural death.

When that day comes, it will really be 'wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui' to the PAP forever and ever.

Sad day, sad news.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No matter what,the snail mail will have its place and purpose while the internet will keep running ahead. The interactive nature and speed and instant news characteristics of the new media cannot be replaced by stale news. Any news that is an hour old is old news.

Printed media will have a hard time trying to compete with the new media in this area.

It is a black day for a new media to call it a day when it has hardly started and when new media is going to be the media of today and tomorrow.

Spare us your definition of what is a black day or what is new media or old media or whatever.

Anonymous said...

The internet will keep running ahead, but do the people running the blogs have the stamina to last?

As it is, Talkingcock.com is now history to be followed by TR, two sites with big followings. Lucky Tan, Alex Au, Mr Brown and Mr Wang are still active, and I hope will continue for a long time to come.

But, worse come to the worse, redbean's optimism should carry the flag and keep it flying.


Wally Buffet said...


I am out of here when Mr. Bean attracts the same kind of juvenile commentaries as is carried by the Temasek Review.

Here, it's mostly the oldies with too much time on their hands.

Talkiing cock before the happy hours which by the way today is TGIF!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We need some kopitiams for everyone to talk male chicken lah. If I close shop, someone else will open a few more. Good thing is that no rentals to pay. If not close long time liao.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a cheatocracy under a dictatocracy. More honest Singaporeans of the high calibre type should step in to save our belove island state.

Hey, buddy!
Let me tell you truly
I realized lately
That I also dislike PAP
It is really a Perfectly Arrogant Party

They have turned our country
Into their company
Everything is about money
Extraordinary charges aplenty

A tiny dot with 30 ministers drawing the world's highest political salary
Paid millions of dollars annually
Yet they are still greedy
Always chasing after GDP
Making S’poreans live miserably

People say, S’poreans are lucky
For our country is corruption free
But when it is ruled by only one party
Can we really trust there is total honesty?
Remember, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Kiasu and kiasi, PAP came up with the GRC
So that more MIW can enter by the back door to become MP.
Mistakes after mistakes due to incompetency and complacency
Yet there is no accountability
All because they need not answer to anybody

Only a small country but foreigners there are so many
Government welcomes any Tom, Dick or Harry
And proudly call all of them FT
Giving away PR papers so freely
Hoping they will become citizens and vote for the PAP

Companies happily tell S’poreans to accept low salary
For they have cheap foreigners available readily
FT also took away S’poreans places in the universities
Even in sports we are represented by FT
To win glory for our country shamelessly

Exploiting the government stupidity
Many foreigners become PR just to buy flats by HDB
Resale flats have sky-rocketed due to pro-foreigners policy
So high is the value of COV
That young ordinary S’poreans have delayed starting up a family

S’pore uniquely
A paradise it will be
If you have ‘guan xi’ with the PAP
Never mind you and me or how many are unhappy
Someone already told us we can always go and die in JB.

Very sadly, this is no longer my once beloved country
It is now no more than just a money making company

Anonymous said...

If I am reading correctly what TR is trying to say about closing down, it must be an invisible dark side forcing the issue.

That hint, which I quote - 'if the enemy comes knocking on TR's door' is as good as telling us what the real reason for the closure is.