A bad feeling

Chen Show Mao spent 40 of his 50 years out of Singapore. There is this rumour that he may be disqualified to stand for election under the 10 year residency condition. The public data that I have gathered is that he came to Singapore in 1972, completed his primary, secondary and A level in 1979. This is followed by 2 ½ years of NS. He graduated from Harvard in 1986. From these data, the number is scary. Assuming that he continued to work outside of Singapore after graduation, and he started in Harvard in 1983, probably he will be safe. But if one is to take a fine comb and go through the days he was out of Singapore on holidays etc, it can be very dicey. This case his passport will be a key document, to count the number of days he spent in Singapore to make up for the 10 years requirement. And the number of days he returned to see his parents will be very crucial. Who will be tasked to do the checking? The WP better starts the checking to provide all supporting documents for this case. Will he be disqualified? Let’s hope that this is a false alarm.


Anonymous said...

gotta be kidding?! if this a new condition that no one knows of prior? if they want to see CSM,lets see FMH & Janil too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is not a new ruling.

For a candidate of his stature, talent and experience, he is an asset to Singapore. Whichever party he serves, he will be serving the country and Singaporeans.

The govt should bend backwards to see that all obstacles and technicalities be removed to faciliate his entry into national politics. The people will look highly to a govt that is magnanimous to embrace such a talent even if he is in the opposition camp.

Show Mao is one new candidate that has stood out among all the candidates put up by all parties. It will be a very sad day for Singapore if he loses by a technicality.

Let's see if the ruling party is generous and really lives up to its call for talent and inclusiveness in this political game. It is the bigger good of the country that is at stake. And Show Mao is good for the PAP too, in the opposition camp. They can never find a better and more worthy opponent in Parliament than Show Mao.

Anonymous said...

If Chen was disqualified, than the two new citizens put up by PAP should be disqualified on the same ground.

Anonymous said...

If they disqualify Chen, it becomes obvious that they are putting PAP as more important than the country.

Anonymous said...

"If Chen was disqualified, then the two new citizens put up by PAP should be disqualified on the same ground"

Not to worry. They know how to speak Hindi. This is the same as the Workers Party organising a cycling gathering being disallowed, and the PAP controlled PA organising one that was allowed. The PA is not a politically connected entity, so they tell us. Trying to kid my little grandson.

Right here in Hougang CC, which is under the PA, the one sitting on top is a PAP man, and not the elected MP for Hougang constituency, Low Thia Khiang. Not politically connected? The rules are theirs to interpret.

You want fairness, you must do something about it at the polls for a start. You want to vote for more of the same, you deserve to be treated unfairly.

Well Said said...

"is resident in Singapore on Nomination Day and has been so for a total period not less than 10 years;"

According to Elections.gov website it is total 10 years, not consecutive or immediately recent 10 years.

So not to worry, barring any missteps, Chen Show Mao is on for the show.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Well Said, welcome to the blog.

The people must be the master and not the servant. The servant must not be allowed to usurp power to demolish the masters.

Netizens can watch the politicians like a hawk and call a pig a pig. Anyone who stoops down to behave like a pig, make sure that he is embarrassed in cyberspace.

This is the least that netizens can do.

Anonymous said...

Chen Show Mao has the full support of every Singaporean rich or poor, high or low. To disqualify him with no valid reason or with a trump up flimsiest reason is to incur the people's wrath upon the PAP and that will surely show the beginning of the end for PAP. If the PAP keeps on being unreasonable and high handed it will usher in Arab Spring or people's revolution sooner than you think . Viva CHEN SHOW MAO. Viva Workers Party.

Anonymous said...

If CSM is disqualified then this country may go the way of Egypt and Libya. Hope the PAP still have brains in their heads.

Anonymous said...

"Let's see if the ruling party is generous...."

Am I reading correctly? After all these years would you expect to see them change? Power hungry and vindictive people will never give way. Not when the old man is still around. He still believes in destroying the opposition politically and financially so that they cannot come back.

Besides the old man, people like Mah Bow Tan are just as ungenerous. Some people call him wicked.

Anonymous said...

Time ripe for a "orchid" revolution here?

Anonymous said...

Nah! They make sure Singaporeans aren't hungry enough to go the way of Egypt or Libya. Just being given pre-election goodies from May 1st already neutralised the thought in many people's mind. That is why they need to hold election one week after that. Perfect timing.

But, as usual, that has nothing to do with the election. It is just a coincidence. A coincidence that happens every 5 years. I love elections.

Anonymous said...

then those men who did not serve NS should also be disqualified to run in the election too.

Anonymous said...


So, no females?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This 10 year residency requirement is still a little hazy. What is the definition of 10 year residency? I believe someone who goes in and out of the country and thus did not stay here the full year will not be considered as staying here on that year.

As an example, If one went for a short course for 3 or 4 months, I am sure he would still be considered to have stayed in the country for that year. Don't tell me that one has to be in the country for 365 days to be qualified to have stayed for one full year.

Another example, if someone comes home frequently during a year, could he be considered to have stay in the country for that year?

What is the definition? Who is to define this, the master or the servant?

I Stand Corrected said...

Don't be easily alarmed. The 10-year residency rule, as I understand it, is this:

If you are away from Singapore for a continuous period of 10 years, without going to the nearest Singapore Embassy in whichever country you are staying/working to get your passport stamped/renewed, then you are disqualified as a Singapore Citizen. Full stop.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi I stand corrected, welcome to the blog.

I hope you are right on this. The article as usual is a bit vague on this and stated a minimum of 10 years residency.

Let's hope nothing untowards happen on this.


Anonymous said...

'Orchid' revolution sounds so copycat.
'Flame of the concrete forest' would be beautiful. However, no revolution or uprising is needed in Singapore lah.

Just pack and leave, 'zi chu bu liu ren, zi you liu ren chu-'there is always a better place to go.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is the first GE that winning by the PAP is not a given. Many of the candidates and ministers will be packing up after the results.

Have not seen their faces in defeat for a long time, only chest thumping.

Anonymous said...

People who did not serve NS but serve the Jap during WW2 can become PM, SM, MM. Why not CSM?