As good as god speaks

‘As Finance Minister, I have made that very clear in Parliament that at least for the next five years …. there is absolutely no reason to raise the GST….’ Tharman Shanmugaratnam The citizens can now rest assured that in the next 5 years the GST will not be raised. Tharman has said that ‘there is absolutely no reason to raise the GST.’ He must know what he is talking about to be so confident about no reason to raise GST. Some sceptics are suggesting that if GST is not increased, then he can raise other taxes. Some were reminded of Boon Wan saying that mean testing would not be introduced but was introduced. What I am glad is that we have a minister that has that kind of confidence to commit himself for 5 years that nothing will happen. He must be super brilliant or is probably omniprescient. Whichever, it is good for the people and country for such ability. Our future is in good hands.


Anonymous said...

Well, absolutely no reason to raise the GST, but they definitely will think of a reason when the time comes.

Remember the argument about restoring CPF? They tell workers that if the economy improves CPF will be restored (it was a total of 50% at that time) when they made the cut.

Then by some twist and turns with some Hindu union chiefs speaking Tamil, the rate after being fiddled with is now only 35.5%. This is despite the atrocious prices of HDB flats, high minimum sums and medisave money kept in cold storage.

Workers had this saying at that time: Never Trust Union Chiefs (NTUC).

Can we take the Finance Minister at his words, especially days away from an election?

Anonymous said...

mama 又再讲兰鸟话。 He thinks he is Lord Krishna he can speak into the future, wait till he meet the God of No Mercy Kuan Yew then he will lan lan have to raise whatever tax God of No Mercy want him to raise.

Anyway I fucking look down on these spineless good for nothing papees, come election anything also can promise, see how desperate they are. Even have the cheek to say they are servants. Oh please give me a break. While workers still do not have minimum income but ministers do have please don't even open your CB mouths.

Anonymous said...

I still remember the song "Count on me Singapore" back in 1987.
I can't remember all the lyrics.

We have a vision for tomorrow,
Just released, just released.
We have a poorer Singapore,
We won't receive
We've been deceived.

You and me,
we'll do our part.
Give our kidneys
and our hearts,

Count money Singapore.
Count money Singapore.
Count on me to give my arse and more.
Count money Singapore.

slippery-snake said...

No GST increase but


Akan datang.


: PM Lee said it is not enough to just push for efficiency gains because of the rebound effect.

Consumers would just use more efficient appliances more often, thereby increasing overall consumption.

So, there's a need to impose a charge to induce consumers to change their behaviour.

"You dont ask, I dont tell."

slippery-snake said...

Sorry, the 2 quote markers didnt come out well in the display post above.

The last line of "You dont ask, I dont tell" is NOT by PM Lee.

It's my tagline.

Anonymous said...

Every time this guy speaks in parliament, I only notice the prominent shining bald head that I could not concentrate on what he's saying.

Anyway, I'm sure after the election there'll be sharp increase in GST. He'll just come out to clarify that "Let me STAND CORRECTED when I say there'll be no increase in GST for the next 5yrs"!

With the current regime's track records, you'll be sure what they promised during GE will be "I stand corrected" after the GE. Otherwise where would they get the money to put back into the reserves which GIC lost (couple of billion dollars) as well as CPF from our reserves which were withdrawn by the PRs who already left and those who are leaving?

Anonymous said...


hard to believe what me am reading here.
But, it is even harder to believe in some higher mortals who can lord over us ANYTIME just because they are given the mandate.


Anonymous said...

Well, as an oldie, I can remember that in the past the rulers behave and acted more like servants than masters. They do not have to act being humble and tell us so. It was obvious from their behavior.

Now, not only are they the masters, they are acting like the Gods. When the Gods say this is the way, no answers need to be given for questions asked and no quarters given. When the Gods say your CPF money is my money, your HDB is still my HDB after 99 years, we all owe our jobs to foreigners, and get out of my elite face if I don't like what you say, well, you know what the future holds for us.

Anonymous said...

government clown:

"oh we are not raising GST, but we will be introducing another new way to tax you. After all, money not enough government as we need to pay high salary to ourselves and recoup loss in investment ! By not increasing GST, at least I fulfil my promise. Please vote for PAP for more good years ahead !"

Anonymous said...

When Pinocchio lies, his nose get longer. When Tharman lies, his bald head get shinier ! Did anyone notice that ?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes their arguments gets fuzzy and they shoot themselves in the foot.

An example, which I read somewhere, mentioned that when they sold the idea of increasing GST, the tagline was 'GST is to help the poor'. They argued about it, but I think they failed to sell the idea.

Now, if Tharman said that there will not be any GST increases for the next 5 years, what does that mean? It means they are not doing more to help the poor over the next 5 years! I wonder how is he going to argue about this one.

Trust Tharman to do it, with Zorro's help.

notanotherspinstory said...

Tharman is very smart he did not promise wholesale. He did give himself a way out.

"as Singapore's budget is in a healthy state"

Does it mean after the next economic crisis we need to raise GST after that to cover investment losses?


notanotherspinstory said...

"Singapore's GST was introduced on April 1, 1994, at 3%. It was increased to 4% on 1 January 2003, to 5% on 1 January 2004. It was increased to its current rate of 7% on 1 July 2007" Wikipedia

Ok so I have very short memory like some of us here.

From 3% to 4% it took 9 years (0.11% per year
From 4% to 5% it took 1 year (1% per year)
From 5% to 7% it took 3 years (0.67% per year)

Let me see...in 2016 it will be 10% to 12%!!!! OMG!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Look at the track records my fren. History always repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

One thing we have to be careful about. When the PAP says they will not not increase charges or salaries for some years, expect a larger than normal increase to make up for it when the time comes.

Then they will tell you that the large increase was because they did not increase them for a long time. This is a dirty trick they have used before.

Anonymous said...


why are Singaporeans so cynical of their leaders???

Have they not been trusted for decades???

Why and how did Singaporeans believe in their(leaders) integrities for so long???

So, whose fault???
The Ones who promised or the Ones who believed???