Are words an indication of what could come next?

The first strong word used is ‘irresponsible’. How can we have irresponsible people running the country. Agree. Next, ‘strange bedfellows’. What does this word mean or imply? There is a bed and a fellow. Can be pretty sexy. Would it lead to pornography? Now a more powerful and serious word just came out, ‘mischievous’. This word alone can get people into deep trouble, even be sued in the court of law. Wait, there are other words that may be equally frightening. One is insanity. This word is closely associated with IMH. But a more scary word is ‘dangerous’. If anyone is being tagged as insane or dangerous, the person better be very, very frighten. Run road is an option to consider. Pray these words would not be heard or used. Oh, another word, ‘fundamentalist’. Depending on what context it is being applied to, it can be very dangerous as well.


notanotherspinstory said...

Strange bedfellows is quite a disgusting derogatory term.

It's insinuating that SDP is an orgy party of homos.

Nothing beyond a disgusting man like Vivian Balakrishnan.

Anonymous said...

Nice choice of words.

Anonymous said...

Come on Brother Chua;
those words You have quoted sounds much more pleasant than 'liars' and 'cheaters' many times.

In olden day China, officials set fires to anything and the peasants were disallowed any light source(Lantern/lamp) giving rise to the Saying 'kuan ke fan huo, ming bu ke tian deng'.

One who is in power can bark loud and offensive, but the peasants better be careful with words. It can be dangerous liked You said.


YaleLSE said...

You forgot another ominous phrase "freak election. Meaning tanks and amoured vehicles rolling down Orchard road?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe the tanks and soldiers will join hands with the people and celebrate? Then that will be a real freak. Don't forget, ours is a NS army and everyone is one of us.

Anonymous said...

Now it appears that a certain candidate's sexual orientation is now in play.

What's next?

A leaked sex video....???!!!


Matilah_Singapura said...

The most dangerous word in the political lexicon is 'rights'. Everyone has some idea of their 'rights' -- mostly based on their 'right' to get on the cheap or for free some 'benefit' provided to them by the government.

In a conversation of the greedy 'rights' hounds is the word 'obligation' rarely occurs. No one is prepared to cop to the fact that a 'right' claimed by one party puts an 'obligation' on other parties to provide that 'right'.

After awhile, certain 'rights' become automatic. As soon as the spoilt children of the stupid voting masses don't or can't get their way -- people start screaming about their 'rights' to certain entitlements.

This conflation of individual 'needs' into 'universal rights' is the key to political manipulation. The knavish politician never allows an opportunity like this to go unattended – he seizes it, and plays it like a rock star pumping up the audience.

So if we are talking about words in the public political discourse, look out for the most powerful one: rights.