Are we ready to move from third world to first world?

No, I did not make a false statement. In politics we are still in the third world, with third word antics and third world mentality. A one party dominant political system cannot be first world. Ya? so what should a first world political system be, bi party or multi party? Believers of a one party dominant state will definitely disagree with my statement. The one party system, a dictatorship of a party, is good, effective and has served us well. No need to change when it is not broken, just carry on. What about the drawbacks and the danger when it turns bad? I say when and not if. It is the nature of things that all things will turn bad. Sometimes it could already be bad but because of incremental decay, it may not be apparent. A manufacturer of nuclear plants, or an advocate of nuclear plants, will swear that nuclear energy is safe and the way to go. They know the danger and what will be the consequence of a mishap. Their only solution is that they will do everything possible to prevent it but knowing deep down that a mishap can and will happen. This same argument is applicable to those who flaunt the virtues of a one party system and not telling how bad it could be when the time comes. And they will assure you that they will do all they can to prevent it from happening. Can the words of man be trusted? Just wait till their vital interests are at risk, and the bestest of man will turn to a mean beast. There is no need for a mature polity to be controlled by an absolute majority with few or no alternate voices. A 60% or 70% majority is more than sufficient for a ruling govt to run its agenda and policies smoothly. This is the same as a $1m or $2m salary is more than enough to live very comfortably. What is important, in the long run, is the nurturing of an alternative party to be there, speaking for the people and to moderate the extreme policies of the ruling party. Not everything the ruling party did is right or good for the people. It will be good at times and for some people at times. Some people will be adversely affected by any policy. In the absence of an alternative voice for the people, things can be slippery. NCMP, NMP or alternative voice in the ruling party? Stop dreaming.


Anonymous said...

It was only a dream! We all have a "dream" The process need maturity. The sooner PAP mature, we won't have a rude awakening like those of middle east.

Anonymous said...

Politicians say what they do not mean, and mean what they do not say.

Further, politicians never tell us the hard truths, despite what they will claim in their biographies. I understand that Mahathir has also just released his biography, claiming to tell his version of the hard truths.

With the two old foes grinding axes with one another, someone said that you just take the half truths released here and the half truths released up North, and you will get the complete truth. Nothing hard about that.

I wonder whether anyone else has more half truths to add?

Matilah_Singapura said...


Because you didn't define what Turd Whirled politics or politics mentality and antics means, I'll have to guess the meaning, and just go with The Feeling.

I recall many a conversation with 'western' intellectuals who admire Lee Kuan Yew and his style of governance – often describing Singapore in glowing terms – economic miracle, low crime rate blah blah blah. In fact, just the other day, a conservative English gentleman friend of mine was praising the use of the rotan and the death penalty and even suggested that “they should have it here to 'sort out' the criminals good and proper”.

In fact, if you consult the Western Australian (parliament's) Hansard, you will find that the current Police & Justice Minister Rob Johnson is a big, doe-eyed fan of Singapore's tough stance against crime and has more than once suggested that we, the laid-back folks of Perth, introduce CANING as a form of punishment. Over 50% of the Australian population supports capital punishment (state-legalised murder) for drug offenses.

“Turd Whirled” politics does have benefits which are attractive, because Turd Whirled states aren't as 'rich' as developed nation-states:

1.There is usually less taxation
2.There is less government regulation
3.If there is government regulation, there is usually a 'free market' for circumventing it – aka 'bribery'
4.Unregulated or loosely regulated labour market. Weak or non-existent unions
5.Self-reliant, enterprising individuals can do quite well in Turd Whirled environments because the govt doesn't have the funds to be the 'provider of everything'.
6.There are no costly state welfare systems like social security and socialised medicine (aka 'public healthcare)

...and so on.

Of course 'developed' nations are lauded for their 'respect for the individual' – which is more a myth than a reality. Also they are famous for 'publicly funded institutions' – like education, healthcare and social welfare 'entitlements' (WTF! Entitlements? Cheeky fuckers!!)

Matilah_Singapura said...


And the myth continues. It is widely believed that it is The Government which provides all these 'free goodies'. Hardly a though goes into the fact that the only creators of wealth is private, individual enterprise, and without the private sector producing ALL the wealth, there won't be wealth for the government to re-distribute into their 'programs' in the first place.

Add to the myth – no cuntry can be “ready” for political change. Political climate is a spontaneous order and cannot be 'controlled'. As soon as people get better educated and wealthier, there is a good chance their collective political expression will change. Over time, it doesn't matter what political system or ideology you start with – the political landscape and culture changes – certain things are added or enhanced, others discarded.

Politics is a culture, and all cultures are spontaneous orders with no single person 'in-charge' – be that person a authoritarian leader or a single one-vote voter. Politics is the aggregated expression of individuals This is why the people ALWAYS get the government they deserve.

I left S'pore at the tender age of 22 and have spent the rest of my adult life in western democracies – from earth's northern hemisphere to now the antipodes – my favourite spot in our blue planet.

The principles of western politics are probably the best compromise: you have democracies, constitutional government, so-called respect for the individual, social institutions, so-called private property rights, civil liberties (like 'free speech' and 'freedom of religion') and so-called blind justice where everyone and every thing including the government is under a so-called Rule Of Law.

Overtime all this 'freedom' has morphed into more and more central control, such that now your typical 'western democracy' or 'western-styled democracy' is nothing but a cluster-fuck of Big Government, Big Business and Big Labour operating in stifling regulated and hostile taxed environments. Most of the citizens have to get govt approval or govt assistance for a large range of their 'needs'. Everytime there is a 'problem', people rush to their government for 'help'.

E.g.: No job? Govt help. Sick? Govt help. Need to travel? Govt help. Need utilities? Govt help. Business being 'unfair'? Govt help. Discrimination? Govt help. Depressed and suicidal? Govt help. Retired? Govt help. Too much foreign competition? Govt help. Want to do science or art? Govt help.

So I remain grateful for the aforementioned “Turd Whirled Political Mentality” as identified by redbean and others.

When S'pore's political landscape does one day morph into a First world liberal/ social democracy – and it is moving that way, albeit slowly – you will find 2 emergent properties as a result:

1 A Welfare State
2 Government regulation/ taxation on just about everything under the sun.

Enjoy your remaining 'freedom'!

Wally Buffet said...

Every Australian state should have a Rob Johnson.

There again, if Australia had a LKY, it will displace the US as a Superpower of the next century after China.

The one thing everyone has to learn is that there are no free lunches on this Earth. You want a welfare state and free medical care, be prepared to pay a tax rate so heavy that all incentives to excel is drained out of you. Better to lie in the sun at some outback boondocks and watch the dingoes play around with each other while sipping a six pack.........and collect your welfare cheque.

Matilah, Australian taxation is on global income.

Please submit your tax returns early and happy paying your dues.


Matilah_Singapura said...


> Matilah, Australian taxation is on global income.

Go ahead, rub it in ;-)

Anyway, we are not alone. Canada and the US also tax extra-territorial income.

Anyway back to some S'porean's "the grass is greener" political mentality:

As the society becomes wealthier, the tax take increases and the govt grows larger.

Very soon the people start demanding more from their inflated government, which then proceeds to tax them higher.

Singapore will change, and there will be a welfare state and an over-taxed and over-regulated environment.

No one can predict the future, but I'll give my hopefully "lucky" guess:

It will start with property taxes

In fact, it already has -- with the introduction of 'anti-speculation' policies and taxes.

After property taxes, the range will be extended to a broader realm of capital gains.

Just wait, and see what this "wish" for 1st world Politics is going to bring: you are going to wish it never happened.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. As a strict 'isolationist' I hope Aust never ever even dreams of becoming a 'power' let alone a 'super power'.

The last thing Aust should seek is a 'voice' or a 'place' in geo-politics. Sadly, that hasn't been the case.

We are our own CONTINENT for fuck's sake. If done correctly -- i.e. private enterprise -- we won't "need" any other cuntry. In fact, they'll need us more than we do them.

Unfortunately, because of generation of "tax and spend" we depend on other cuntries for MONEY -- either direct foreign investment or by borrowing.

Aust is a NETT IMPORTER of capital, thanks to the over-regulated and over-taxed private sector.

Anonymous said...

Me believes Redbean has faulted the wrong party.
Never in my six decades of existence here had i ever come across any regime that disallow Alternative Political Parties nor did It bars any citizen from voting the Alternatives Parties.

It is just that most Singaporeans just prefer one party rule.