82 seats to be contested out of 87

LKY is making history again by walking into Parliament as the oldest MP and will serve till 92 years of age. Can you believe it? And his feat was made easy when his opponents led by Ng Teck Siong was late in submitting their nominations paper. Can you believe it? Chia Ti Lik did the right thing. And Sim Ann, President’s scholar and a potential ministerial material, could face disqualification as technically it was reported that she was serving notice and still a civil servant. Looks like another slip, and from the PAP! Can you believe it? Heard that one candidate did not file his papers fully and could have been disqualified. No details of who or which party he is from. Can you believe it? Luckily the main opposition teams are in the race. And hopefully no more disqualifications on some technical grounds. The four big battles to be fought with the two girls in Marine Parade, Tan Jee Say/Ang Yong Guan/Vincent versus Vivian at Bukit Timah, the battle between Goh Meng Seng and Mah Bow Tan in Tampines, and in Aljunid where people are asking if George Yeo will stand a chance against Low Thia Khiang/Sylvia and Chen Show Mao. And the ministers that could bade goodbye are Chok Tong, Hwee Hua, George Yeo, Vivian and Mah Bow Tan. Could there be any other mishaps? Oh, I nearly forgot, Chiam See Tong, the man who was expected to be only standing by, is taking on two ministers in Eng Hen and Kan Seng. And another kamikazi squad of brave young men/woman taking on Hsien Loong in Ang Mo Kio. There is a high possibility that LKY could be the PM once more if there is a freak result and both Chok Tong and Hsien Loong lost. Another wet dream scenario. Singaporeans would be shouting, 'Huat ah!'


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, LKY's uncontested 'win' in Tj Pagar was even reported here by the West Australian -- our daily tabloid:


The Holy Son losing in AMK? Wah lau, I dunno if my aging liver can tahan the amount of celebratory alcohol that event would trigger amongst the 'quitter community' here in Kampung Perth where several thousand S'pore expats live.

Matilah's prediction – using his sweaty balls instead of a real crystal ball:

Marine Parade: rock star Nicole Seah (the lesser of two idiots, still better than the incumbent fake-intellectual, fake gentleman idiot)

Holland- B, Timah: Vivian stays (yuk!) Hmm... Maybe I should come back and vote against him. Nah, fuck it – it won't matter anyway.

Tampines: Goh Meng Seng (Mabok – you're out!!). Great, because GMS has all these wonderful 'welfare' economic theories. Lucky Tampines, they'll be getting lots of 'free money'.

Bishan-Toa Payoh: Chiam See Tong – strongest runner IMO. Might be the first person to win a GRC and make history. This would be/ could be a 'tipping point', and more GRC's could fall in subsequent elections. Eng Hen needs to go. He's being groomed for PM – really bad news. Chiam See Tong 'smashes. 2 DPM's and breaks the PAP GRC stranglehold? Fucking priceless lah

Are the local bookies taking bets? I'm really tempted to start a pool...Hmm..just an idea.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Aljunied: Chen is another contender for a 'history making' smash of the GRC. George, consider a nice retirement in Australia -- you'll enjoy the vibrant arts scene.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If I read the old bugger correctly, and now that he has 'won', he will be free to go jalan-jalan to 'assist' the PAP's marginal/ hotly contested seats.

There isn't a candidate – incumbent nor opposition – who has Lee Kuan Yew's statesmanship and political savvy.

First in, best dressed. Plus the man even at his age cuts through everything as the iconic figure he is. This guy's 'win' 10 days before the polls, might just be a game changer. The PAP now have a significant 'psychological' advantage, which I'll bet they'll exploit to the fullest.

I wouldn't want to be any of the opposition candidates now – and I'll bet many of them are shitting.

Realpolitik in action, of which Lee Kuan Yew is a bad-ass legend. Machiavelli must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

They said the team that scored the first goal ended being thrashed. This could be the first and few goals won eventually. Winning a battle and losing the war.

This is the first time the PAP candidates will be sweating.

Anonymous said...

Redbean must be having wet dreams.

If LHL loses in the event of a freak election, the old man, who is looking so frail, will not be able to endure the shock. You still want him to be the PM again? It is cruel, 'chek ark' and 'boh lian sim'.

Please be merciful!

Anonymous said...

Well well, he said he is going to serve the people of Tg Pagar for another 5 yers. Me thinks the people in Tg Pagar would have to take care of him in the next 5 years.

Noble Challenger said...

Some opposition candidates have vouched to sacrifise twenty to seventy-five per cent of their monthly salaries for charities to help the poor and needy. It is very noble of them. Singaporeans will now challenge the rich and mighty multi-millionaire PAP ministers and MPs to do likewise to proof that they are just as noble and will work for the betterment of the city state and the people and not just to enrich themselves.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 943:

Please lah. That symbolic bullshit deosn't past muster with me. If they are such motherfucking charitable people, let's see them sacrifice their pay for the last x-number years, right up to the present.

Fucking hell, what is so hard making a pledge to 'sacrifice' when THE STATE is paying you squillions in tax-payer money? That is not noble. It is just a another 'vote buying' stunt aimed at playing on the emotions of people.

Singapore has many charities all willing to take your money anytime. generosity is HABIT -- not something you 'develop' just because you win an election.

I'm calling bullshit on those fuckers who dare to pull a con-job on the sheeple like that. DISGUSTING! Pui!!

Anonymous said...

"Me thinks the people in Tg Pagar will have to take care of him in the next 5 years"

Hahaha.... Tg Pagar voters are all very filial beans, who have taken care of this old man since 1965. What is another 5 years of filial piety?

Sending off Buddha, send until heaven lah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Reform Party = PAP plus the 'missing ingredients' minus the negative bullshit. The most centrist of all the parties, IMO.

If they get in S'pore will become more like Canada or Australia. Not so bad lah. I can live with that -- if I were to return that is.

Best of luck to Kenneth Jeyaretnam (he'll make an excellent PM BTW) and sweetie Nicole Seah (go girl, throw out that bum!). Ken, slam those other candidates in your 3-corner fight. Stand alone man!

There. As a non-voter, I have picked my 'favourites'.

southernglory1 said...

The following are some of the many reasons why PAP will be routed this coming election.

1. The PAP ministers and MPs have betrayed the people's trust.
2. They are very beguilling and insincere.
3. They are extremely arrogant and high handed.
4. They are elitists, rich and powerful and self aggrendising. They consider the citizens as lesser people and don't see them in their eyes except when election comes they suddenly consider themselves as servants of the people. Who are they kidding?
5. It is definitely ethically and morally wrong for them to pay themselves unconscionable insane high salaries at the expense of the tax payers who are forced to pay high taxes .
6. They have held the people's CPF to ransom so that workers may not see their money at all when they retire.
7. They erect ERPs at every nod and corner and collect tens of billions of dollars every year thus imposing a heavy burden on the people.
8. They imppose high COEs and Gst which add to the people's financial burden.
9. Their PUB electricity and water charges are unreasonably high.
10. They build cheap but sell high for HDB flats and make ridiculous insane profits of hundreds of billions of dollars.
11. They charge high rentals for government properties and high property tax island wide thus adding to the financial burden of the people.
12. They spare no mercy on workers and citizens with high MRT and high bus fares.
13. The tax on petrol is unreasonably high which adds to the high cost of living.
14. They impose high charges on education and medical care which cause the people to suffer. A lot of people who are sick now dare not see the doctor or go to hospital because of exhorbitant high charges which they cannot afford.

The above are reasons why it is no longer possible to vote for PAP which has become a very uncaring and aloof rich men's party. Voting for the opposition candidates has thus become essential,important and incumbent.

Anonymous said...

He crowned his career with a hollow victory.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Noble Challenger, welcome to the blog.

Vouching to share a percentage of their allowance is a good tactic, and I agree. They could raise the ante with all opposition candidates pledging 30% or 50% of their allowance to the people. That should put the other party on the defensive. And keep challenging them to do so.

Ha, 30% of $3/$4m is about $1m to cough out.

And no one can call this pork barrel politics, I suppose.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that watching Chiam and LKY campaigning in this election is like watching a tragi comedy. Luckily LKY is now spared from this agony.

Chiam is doing his final bit to help the opposition. Admirable.

Anonymous said...

Southernglory had succinctly provided much of the reason why the Incumbents must be voted out.
Yes, never believe in them again or else regret will follow.