YES! Startups Scheme

I read about this scheme in the Sunday Times. YES stands for Youth Entrepreneurs Scheme. It is a scheme specially designed to help young people to start their own business, and many young entrepreneurs have done that. Started in 2008, the scheme has given grants to 72 applicants worth $3.5m. To be eligible for the scheme the applicants must qualify under the following criteria, • Singaporean/PR, below 26 years old. Parental consent must be sought for those applicants 18 years old and below on the date of application • 1st time entrepreneur • key driver in the company This is a good scheme as it opens up another avenue to the young people instead of applying to become employees. It encourages entrepreneurship, self employment and risk taking. In view of the healthy pool of retirees that are unwanted as employees, and with the understanding that they have another 15 or 20 more years of living to get by, it may be opportune for Spring Singapore to consider setting up a similar scheme for the oldies who still need to earn a living or who may want to try out something new in the new phase of their lives. Life does not end after 55 or after retirement. A new pool of manpower that is self employed and not dependent on applying for jobs and would not stress up the job market. The above criteria may have to be amended to suit the background and experience of the oldies. There are more and more of them coming into the workforce but only to hit the great wall of corporate Singapore that sees nothing good except youth. YES, youth is what living is all about. How about a little thought for the oldies, the yodas? Have another version of YES, Yoda Enterpreneurs Scheme, for the ‘has beens’ may be timely given the govt’s push for the oldies to be independent, resourceful and be useful to themselves and society. There are many campaigns to teach the oldies how to keep themselves alive and active, but unproductive. They are still dependent on their CPF and savings to carry on. Boon Heng may have slipped his mind on how to make the oldies young entrepreneurs again and live life to the fullest, and be useful and creative again. Just make sure they don’t indulge in it in the biological sense.


Wally Buffet said...

Under the Yoda Entrepreneur Scheme, I sure would like a grant to open a health SPA and a KTV nightclub.

Just wondering when this scheme will be implemented and I will be the first one to apply for a grant.

Impeccable credentials in these two areas but no capital.

Yes, our body may be weak but our spirit is still strong to succeed.

Yam Seng.


Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Lim Boon Heng is out to empower the oldies.

I am sure there will be a long queue to be in the scheme.

Anonymous said...

After empowering themselves to confiscate our CPF, what kind of new 'powderful' power are they trying to sell to the elderlies?

I smell a rat!

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is an insult to Singaporeans, yet again. And they get away with it because of the silent approval of the people.

Anyone who is in private enterprise should be ENRAGED by this. It is a fucked idea.

The Good Idea Fallacy in entrepreneurship

1. Tax is the confiscated private property of individuals and private enterprises.

2. If unconfiscated, that money is called capital or more correctly money/ financial capital

3. In a free, open modern society, financial capital is the basis for on-going wealth production, progress and SECURITY of each individual in the society.

4. CAPITAL ACCRUES TO THOSE WHO USE IT WELL AND ARE THE BEST STEWARDS. It is not "given" to any Tom, Dick or Harry no matter how "fantastic" their ideas are.

5. Like everything else, "fantastic ideas" are subject to market tests: are those ideas marketable? i.e. do they have value to a large customer base?

6. All entrepreneurship is speculative -- customers eventually decide which entrepreneur wins (or looses). It takes much more to run a business than a "good idea". That "good idea" has to have a market. To get that good idea to market requires good management. Good management is the intelligent use of resources.

Advice to Singaporeans:

Spread The Outrage

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Encourage risk taking" --- by using public money or money taken from people by force, then handed over to "entrepreneurs" in name only who obviously aren't good enough to attract private funding?

Hey man, give me some "public money" too and I'll show you how big my balls are by taking risks?

"Taking risks" under the idea of "nothing to lose" is a motherfucking contradiction lah!!

Spread The Outrage

Anonymous said...

Again me concurs with Matilah.

And like to say that they are making the youngs to feel good and get their votes in the upcoming election.

As for the hen-pecked oldies, no need to lure them, a high percentage of their votes will naturally be for their masters.


Matilah_Singapura said...

In his plays the incredibly trenchant German playwrite Bertolt Brecht satirized the East German communists is casting them as such:

"If the people let down the Communist Party, then it was up to the communist party to 'dissolve' the people and get themselves a new people".

This reversing of democracy is indeed a twisted idea of such a horrific and unimaginable magnitude -- which is one of the reasons Brecht is still considered a thinking-genius today.

You could look on the PAP doctrine through the lens of Bertolt Brecht: The people getting too disobedient and disrespectful of the 'wonders' of 'the world's best government'? simple: Get new people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think you are right. Someone must have read that book and applying what he read here.