Would Inderjit and Lily Neo still be around

I have heard rumours that these two MPs will make way for new blood. These are the two strongest voice in the PAP that spoke out for the underclass, the less privilege in our society. They are the conscience of the party as well as the conscience of the nation. It will be a sad day if they were replaced. Replacing these two MPs will speak loud and clear that their views are not welcomed in Parliament. What will Parliament become without them? Who would stand out for the under privilege without them? Maybe some from the new batch of MPs with humble backgrounds and who knew hardship will take their places. This reminds me of the exchange between Zhou En Lai and Khruschev, the former of gentry class and the latter from the working class. Kruschev was sneering at Zhou En Lai, hinting that he was unfit to be a communist because he came from a rich background. Zhou En Lai agreed and said they had both betrayed their own class.


Anonymous said...

What is the use of a conscience if it is never heeded?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Thanks be to Gee-sus!

Both these idiots have been the biggest supporters of a welfare state right from the beginning. Mind you, they received Big Bucks themselves whilst "serving" in parliament.

We should get a collection going and buy them their own personal copies -- as a gift -- on the collected works of Karl Marx and Mao Tze Tung!

Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Dont be surprised if they do so.

They replaced NMP Siew Kum Hong, with a national swimmer.

That goes to show what LHL really thinks the NMP scheme should be.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, does it really make any difference? No what!

Anonymous said...

It beats me why we continue to rationalise,
wring our hands and make excuses on behalf of
the govt?

It is as clear as daylight that the ruling party DON'T care for Singaporeans. The only dominant fixation in their minds is to stay in power AT ALL COST.

It is very clear that whatever LKY has achieved in the name of Singapore and Singaporeans is really all about his ego for that is the ONLY
plausible reason that explain his refusal/failure to groom a genuine bunch of
successors and lay out a system after 5 decades.

Don't agree with me? Well, consider this fact:

Up till today, the pap does not have in place
any known or obvious mechanism or process by
which its future leaders are identified and groomed. It is telling that without exception at evey GE the party would unfailingly send out signals/propaganda about that 'next' PM in its latest batch of newcomer candidates. This begs a couple of issues really.

How could such a forecast be made? And just who among the latest crop of unknowns, unskilled, inexpert,
unpractised, raw, green, untested, and uninitiated recruits has been identified as a
potential/purported future PM?

Surely, it stands to reason that there CANNOT
BE MORE THAN ONE in such a small group. Such talents do not come a dime a dozen! Especially, not in our context if you also believe what the pap says about there being a talent 'black hole'
among the native born!

IMO, sensible people should have STOPPED

Anonymous said...

Anyone willing to contribute to society CAN DO anything at anytime to help.

There is no need to be in the Government or part of the Government to help others. IN FACT, been in the Regime kind of hamper one's willingness to help others. There is simply too many protocols and lack of free play.


Anonymous said...

retiring old pros & new faces, why? regime change,no! possible fear of revolution? no! how daft can it be, new faces new regime with papa Ghadafi! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Dr Lily Neo happens to be a medical doctor and also a member of the Ruling Party, a good one me says.

Me knows of at least two doctors who are charging patients much lower fees than the average of about $60. They are very caring of their patients especially the elderly ones. They do not advertised about their services nor do they drive expensive cars to work. They do their duties professionally and quietly. These are the real caring people.

What's there in Inderjit Singh that deserves a mention by Mr Chua Chin Leng who me thinks is doing a much better job here dedicating himself to the goods of the society and the World if i may say.


OKL said...

imho, they're trying to groom people through the political channels instead of bringing them over from private sector; might have a better chance at getting feedback from the ground.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Paying someone $15k for training?