Why the President’s salary is pegged higher

This is a reply from Chen Hwai Liang, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister in the ST forum page. I am wondering why is it a letter in the forum page and not an official statement, say in the front page of the ST. The kpkb in cyberspace about the more than 20% increase in the President’s salary must be making people uncomfortable. So here is the official explanation. The salary is pegged to the private sector benchmarks. ‘The principle and benchmarks have been extensively debated in Parliament, most recently in 2007.’ He forgot to add that this was also approved by Parliament. Who and how many MPs voted in favour of this formula? Let me guess, 82 for and 2 against? I am not sure, forgotten already. The vote in favour was almost unanimous. Do the citizens agree with it? Sorry the latter is a non issue since the people voted the MPs as their representatives in Parliament and are indirectly saying that the MPs represented them and voted on their behalf. The other reasons given by Chen Hwai Liang, ‘The President occupies the highest office in Singapore. He exercises custodial powers to protect our past reserves and over the appointment of key public officers to protect the integrity of the public service. As head of state, he represents the country and advances our interests internationally. This is why it is appropriate to peg the President’s salary higher than ministers’ and just above the Prime Minister’s.’ I think the first sentence should be sufficient. It is the highest office in Singapore. Period. But the explanation added that the President’s job carries a higher responsibility, though the ministers may be running their ministries and their thousands of staff. The people may agree or disagree, but this is the official position. Now that the people understand the rationale, let’s move on.


Anonymous said...

Should any Singaporeans and even foreigners think that the President Of Sin has any responsibility, these people maybe just wanting to be sarcastic.

Singaporeans and many others in the World know that the President Of Sin is just a decoration piece with little or no use, politically and administratively.

The President In Sin is just one piece of wood for his bosses to carve on to produce the patterns they want.


Anonymous said...

I believe the GST will be increased from 7% to 10% to help the "Poor" Ministers again after the GE.

Increasing the President's pay by SGD900K is just the tip of the iceberg.

Vote for Change if given the opportunity.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 855

Your 'vote for change' is interesting -- all that will happen is you get rid of one bunch of assholes and replace them with a fresh gang of cunts.

In case you forget: The people get the govt they deserve. If the people don't change at the individual level, and express that change collectively in their culture at the societal level, there CANNOT be any change.

You can't "vote for change" until you yourself and others have changed.

After reading articles like this -- i.e. a Con Man elaborately arguing an idea built on a false premise -- I once again feel so pleased with myself that I made the right decision to treat my once-upon-a-time cuntree as A Hotel.

The most obvious question: Why does the Prez salary need to be pegged to the private sector?!? What The Fuck?.

The best part: the PAP's balls are so big (tua lampar) that they actually have the temerity to announce this in the press?

Nabeh. Un-fucking-believable!

Here is my take:

The PAP-is-the-govt-is-the-PAP "bribes" the Prez with lots of unearned money so the motherfucker will shut the fuck up and not "interfere" with their nefarious plans.

The high presidential salary IS A BRIBE - it should be obvious, but it is not.

The PAP have continued to CORRUPT the office of The Head of State, which is supposed to be independent of politics, but now the president is roped into the politics.

So there is no separation of powers: judiciary - in the pocket, treasury -- in the pocket, police in the pocket, legislature - in the pocket -- and now the president.

Actually, this is a Machiavellian master stroke.

This is very bad, and has really fucked up consequences for the future of The People. (Centralising and concentrating power)

But like I said, as a Hotel Visitor I am immune form such bullshit. I changed long, long ago -- I wont't wait for the stupid people to change. Many of them walking around like headless chickens telling each other to "vote for change" wrongly believing that this idea represents "the ultimate solution".

So fuck them all! Hahaha!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Announcing the President's salary hike is like launching an attack to claim a beach head. The front soldiers will take all the hit and absorb the most casualties.

Once the beach head is secured, the main force can move in safely.

Anonymous said...

>>The front soldiers will take all the hit and absorb the most casualties.

And yet we ask why he "deserve" so much???

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1031

A better question to ask is why the prez should be paid anything more than a stipend -- say $3-4k a month to take care of dry-cleaning, and occasional nasi khandar with his kaki's.

Singapore is a motherfucking SMALL CITY... it only needs a mayor not a full-blown presidency.

But let's accept, for argument the existence of a presidential office:

The presidency should be an HONOURIFIC, and should change annually or bi-annually. i.e.

1. Parliament "invites" notable citizen-achievers from the community to function as president.

2. The achievers are privately wealthy or have means so they don't require a state funded (tax payers) "salary", and thus sustain themselves in the 1 or 2 year appointed office.

3. Thus the president remains a private citizen and is free to criticise the govt when necessary.

4. The president has no political power and is not "in the govt's pocket". The govt's power is granted by parliament alone, which is run by members ELECTED by their constituents. Presidential power is non existent as he remains a citizen and can only vote in his constituency for parliamentary representation (one vote -- that's it, just like everyone else)

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. The way they have is set up now will slowly but surely lead the office of the president to morph into a Marcos-Saddam-Suharto-Gaddafi style presidency.

It is only a matter of time.


Mark my words, because in the future I will be saying: "I told you so"

Anonymous said...


What is all these talks about bribery? In my country, there is no bribery or corruption.

Please don't raise these two words again.

Matilah_Singapura said...


If you want a current example of how absolute concentrated and centralised power inevitably screws the people just when the people need their natural rights the most, have a look at what is going on in Bahrain.

1. The Bahrainis are pissed with the govt/ royal family. So they protest.

2. The govt FUNDAMENTAL job is to protect the people from foreign invaders.

3. The govt "invites" Saudi military in to quell the peoples' protest -- i.e. the govt openly brings in armed foreigners to ensure that the people have no rights so that the power-elite can remain the absolute authority.

How will this end? I would say in a spectacular entertainment extravaganza.

Add to the mix -- just for some "extra oomph" -- the 1500 year old Ali vs Abu Bakar schism in Islam -- the violent divide between Shi'ite and Sunni.

Wow! I want a front row seat to watch this!

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1122 (aka redbean in "disguise")

> In my country, there is no bribery or corruption.

Yeah, sure. And Charlie Sheen is a shy, soft-spoken virgin.

Anonymous said...

What responsibility ? Team of highly paid Advisors helping him to make decision. HIs job is to shake hands,attend charity show and going holidays few times a year.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Exactly. That's his function -- a figurehead.

Now that the govt has the presidency "in their pocket" he will have no choice but to "do their bidding" (counselled by similarly bribed...I mean highly paid advisors) when the time comes -- when they need The Signature to make something (you can be it will be "evil") "official.

Some scenarios:

1. Govt wants to suspend the constitution

2. Govt wants to declare a state of emergency

3. Govt wants to bullshit accounting figures

With a presidential "pakat" these scenarios and more are readily available at any time, all times.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Why are you kpkb about the President? He is a man of high integrity and fully qualified in all counts to be our elected President. He cannot be bribed so easily.

Also, our govt is also made up of individuals of high morals and integrity. They would not do such a thing.

You are barking up the wrong tree.

Anonymous said...

The president occupies the highest office in Singapore, but his job is basically waving hands on specific occasions, and that is about all.

I do not believe the part about protecting our reserves and advancing our interest internationally. I am sure, looking at the man, many will agree with me. Does he really have a say in the appointment of key public officers? Or just rubber stamping those appointments, which the deceased Ah Meng can do better, cheaper and faster.

Taking all this into consideration he is really one unproductive fat cat? His salary should have been reduced instead of being increased substantially.

Anonymous said...

Be thankful..as least he only got 1 photo 24/7 365 days...unlike some papaya - new banner every festive holidays etc...waste of $$$

Anonymous said...

Like the saying, 'It takes a talent to spot a talent.'

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, If yo haven't already noticed, the whole system of governance in your lost cuntree -- Singapore -- has steadily, over time, been based on LEGALISED BRIBERY. Everything from govt salaries, to directorships in GLCs, to elections based on HDB/ CPF/ Govt economic "ang pow"...the range of legalised bribery is vast and touches many facets and institutions of your lost cuntree -- Singapore.

Thankfully for me, you lost cuntree is my "gain" as a wonderful, fully-appointed Hotel, where like the PAP-cadre and the Brits before them, I too can revel in the luxury of an exotic Far East junket.

Imagine, me in my "topi" at sundown @SCC over-looking the Padang:
"Boy! Gin tonic satu, Tiger dua...chepat yah? Terima kasih!"

Encyclopedia Dramatica's entry on "Singapore" (not work-safe; view in private)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You have been out of the hotel for too long. I mean out of the country. We have a new set of vocabulary, from upturn the downturn, betterer and betterest, and benchmarking and entrepreneurship.

What legalised bribery are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Right Redbean. Everything is referred to in the 'super' superlatives, nothing less.

I think I have to throw away my old dictionaries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I didn't want to push my luck too far to say that $4m or even $3m is digusting as salary for the President. Nothing personal.

The govt should also not push its luck too far by thinking that $3/4m for the President is not disgusting in the eyes of the people.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ahh... you all are lukewarm, craven douche bags. Pick a corner in a fight lah, stop sitting on the fence.

If you are going to "push it", take it to the max.

The govt should pay the president what it plans to and then increase his pay at least 50% per year. The bigger the bribe, the more they can get away with. Make sense?

I therefore support MORE corruption of the presidency.

Then the fun will begin sooner.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, me has never agrees so much with Matilah, however, here me am totally in agreement with him regarding BRIBERY and how it is to be defined in local context.

"Your 'vote for change' is interesting -- all that will happen is you get rid of one bunch of assholes and replace them with a fresh gang of cunts", unquote. Me likes to have a different opinion. True, it will not change the situation totally, but if Singaporeans are able to slow down the processes of abuses and damages, that should be a consolation though nothing to be happy about.

Another point which me likes to say regards the assertion that the President has only been part of the Government recently. Matilah seemed to assert that He(President) was 'neutral' as civil servants are 'supposed' to be. All the Presidents of Sin have never been neutral politically, not even Ong Teng Cheong, Devan Nair or any others. They are all members of the Establishment though Ong T C did want to be a more responsible president.

The President's remuneration is totally not justifiable since we had the First One. They were and are decoration pieces and at best figure heads and all Singaporeans and even foreigners are aware of it. They were and is overpaid out of proportions by ridiculous amounts. This is NOT A RECENT DEVELOPMENT.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Are there any MPs who feel that this is wrong and would stand up to fight against it? By not saying anything, they are saying that it is right and supported it.

It was reported in another forum that when the pay rise was announced, no question was asked. Silent is consent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

As the author of most of the words in this comment section - I am certainly not silent, and my non-consent is loud and belligerent.

Best part: I don't even live permanently in Hotel Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Will the Ministers and Members Of Parliament say anything negative about the Presidents' Remuneration?

Will they not be slapping someone else and pain themselves?


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much taxpayer money are spent each time he goes overseas with all the bodyguards,advisors etc.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Exactly. That proves my consistent, annoying, often-repeated point: LEGAL BRIBERY.

All those MP's have been bought ad paid for by high pay and directorships/ senior posts past or present in the govt's "private" (hahahahahooohohohheehehe) corporations. They are all part of the Big Organised Crime Conspiracy.

WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THEY SAY ANYTHING?!? Are you nuts?!? Saying something will:

1. Jepordise their own financial position

2. Make enemies with their fellow MP's / govt thugs who are similarly highly paid, "groomed" and looked after

3. Sabotage the whole system of plutocracy -- the "status quo" that the PAP-is-the govt-is-the PAP spent the last nearly 50 years building up.

Now with the new supe-dupe high pay scale, El Presidante is part of the whole, stinky, dirty system.

Next time the govt does something to screw the people once-more-time, El Presidante will be steadfastly on the govt's side -- complicit, supportive and right up there with the rest of the GANGSTERS.

In time, S'pore will get a president who will seieze this centralised power mechanism for himslef and become Supreme Leader and Unopposed Tyrant. Just you wait.

"Republicanism" is a political system where unless EVERY CITIZEN plays an ACTIVE PART in regulating the govt, the govt will eventually steal the rights, property --- and eventually the entire cuntree and lives of the citizens, and the whole system degenerates into The rulers and the ruled, instead of being a system of transparent SELF governance.

"The people get the government they deserve".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep, this is an issue that Matilah is most against. But why? With a population of more than 5 million, it costs less than $1 per resident. Not even half a plate of char kway teow.

Using the char kway teow logic, this is awfully cheap to have a fine president to guard our reserves and carrying all the heavy responsibilities. I hope his health can take it and don't over work just because the appointment is so demanding.

Matilah_Singapura said...

ah, the old Goh chok Tomg 'kway teow' logic used to "justify" the high pay of super-duper scale govt officials. Wah, fantastic argument! So fantastic most people cannot even argue against it.

I like tho see the kids working for charity on Saturday's -- flag days. They are out there in the public space, and folks give small change -- $1/2/5 (Wally will probably give $50) etc, and go about their day. It costs them nothing, the kids get to do public/charity service and the charity benefits.

The point here is no matter ho kachang puteh the money is on a per-person basis, the money is given willingly.

A president with no executive power will be doing much less than a kid who is volunteering for charity on Saturdays. The poor little fuckers have to walk around -- usually in the blazing hot sun and ask strangers for donations.

Some strangers are nice, others are motherfucking rude cunts. Stingy too.

The presidential day to day activities is cutting the odd ribbon -- but most of the time it is shake legs, or if he/ she is like Devan Nair, togolling and talking cock with staff. The people the president deals with mostly try to kiss his ass.

You tell me this job is worth the millions of dollars the govt says it is "worth"?

C'mon lah. Get real.

Anonymous said...

President's pay is benchmarked against the market. It then becomes the benchmark for minister's pay.

Anonymous said...

Even as a showpiece, the current president lacks the aesthetics.
He is just one overfed old hag who walks like duck. And a sulky face when not smiling for the lenses.
As he figure head, he lacks the stature.
Most will liken such a old hag to cho bo lan(incapable of performing) and efficiency.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Exactly. He looks terrible.

For that kind of money the govt could get Jet Li to be president. This could have several added benefits:

1. It'll show the world that S'pore welcomes foreigners who are good enough to do a job -- even if it means displacing a haggard, rotund scowling local.

2. He could inspire many more young S'poreans to get fit, lose weight and exercise -- to many young fat fucks around jamming too many cheese burgers into their pie-holes

3. The state could save money on body guards.

4. Ties with asian neighbours could improve as Jet is immensely popular thru his acting career. China, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be very jealous, secretly proud, but still jealous.

5. Singapore's "hippness factor" will sky rocket by several orders of magnitude, so much so that the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board can be disbanded, everyone fired, and their building in Tanglin be turned into another hip F & B outlet in my favourite area: Tanglin.

6. Anyone caught for violent crime need not be caned anymore -- just ask Jet to hantam the bugger terok terbokok. You could film it and release it on DVD which means revenue for the state, which will then be used to off-set his astronomical salary

4. Any diplomatic rift with Malaysia can be solved by a presidential visit up north whereby Jet would then proceed to wallop the stupid mat who tries to kwai aln with Singapore.

5.His ability to move with such grace and speed could be a new metaphor for Singapore.

6. He could foment a renaissance in Singapore film and media production -- maybe persuade people like Jackie Chan and John Woo to emigrate to Singapore too.

7. He can tell the PRC's to behave themselves, and they will listen to him.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My favourite is Gong Li.

To be realistic, I think Sim Wong Hoo will be a better choice. I think he qualifies. The bad part is that he might want to donate his Presidential salary to charity. He does not need the money.

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

Agree, Sim is an excellent choice.

Gong Li... now there's a name from my past. She once borrowed some stuff from me, and when I met her I was in short running shorts (can see my balls), dirty T shirt and slippers :-)

I wanted to invit her out for a drink, but the hubby/ boyfreind was with her... so I thought...better don't be a chee ko pek... ask her out with my balls showing in front of her guy... a bit too much (even for me) lah.

Actually without the hair, clothes and make up she's not that stunning. Pretty, yes -- like many of S'pore's sua-ku Ah Lians -- but not like you see her on screen where she's absolutely gorgeous.

She's not a good choice, although I understand why she'd be your favourite. On the world political statge, dirty bastards like that Italian PM will want to kongkek her. The pervert Kim Jong-Il would definitely be masturbating to her.

Not good for Gong Li, very bad for Sinagpore!

Anonymous said...

Anyone more presentable will do lah.

After all he or she will just be a show piece doing simple public(diplomatic) relation duty only mah.

Big deal meh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thieves,thieves,thieves, empowered thieves.
Rob, rob, rob, legalise robbery
What is fair? What is foul?
Only the empowered greedy and rapacious hungry ghosts can interprete.
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair.
Hover through the filthy air." ( Macbeth)
Dare you clean the filthy air
On E-Day and say, I dare , I dare.
Only then can we say
All is well , all is fair
A responsibility all must bear.

March 23, 2011 2:03 AM

Anonymous said...

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NDP , I think
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