Why no interest in Jasmine Revolution?

Peh Shing Huei, ST’s China Bureau Chief interviewed several Chinese and was disappointed that most were just not interested in the call for a Jasmine Revolution in China. In a way a revolution is fun, as long as it is happening in someone else country, and other people’s blood are flowing. Many anglophiles and western biased Chinese analysts would love to have a Jasmine Revolution in China. For the ethnic western journalists, no need to say, for a China in disarray is a good thing. Why would the Chinese want a revolution at this point in time when China is on a roll? China has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. Yes there are problems, but the problems are miniscule given the enormity of the problems when China was a poverty stricken state when being a Chinese was a shame. During those dark days, many Chinese probably wished they were not born and wanted to be Europeans. Some Chinese today still want to be Europeans. But the number is dwindling. There is great pride in China and in being Chinese. China and the Chinese are positioned to upstage the Americans in a matter of time. Why would the Chinese want to kill this golden opportunity, to turn their country upside down, and to be conquered and treated like pariahs by the westerners one more time? No doubt there are still some silly Chinese who had a few hamburgers too many and think that China should succumb to western pressure and be a failed state. They are praying everyday for it to happen. The Chinese in China must not make the same mistake and destroy what their govt has done over the last 40 years. They have done everything right with some exceptions which are more of failings of individuals rather than the govt. Would the Chinese be stupid enough to listen to silly overseas and local Chinese who advocate them to destroy what they have built today? If China would to be messed up today, it will never be able to stand up again for another century. And some of the western minded Chinese will be most happy. And they will call themselves John Smith wherever they go and proudly announce that they don’t understand a word of Chinese. And being Chinese would once again be a shame.


Anonymous said...

Doubtless the Chinese have learned some useful lessons during the era of Western attempt to colonise them and the treatment at the hands of the Japanese during the second world war. Those were horrid times.

A fragmented China, torn by revolution, will only invite an attempt again by the West to dishonour and enslave them. Not again!

By the way, I read of the West trying to create a 'no fly zone' over Libyan airspace. What is their real motive? Obviously when that happens, the US will be the one patrolling the skies above Libya, effectively and eventually controlling the country, and hence the oil.

Honestly, I think the US and the West are not, by any stroke of the imagination, interested in what happens to the Libyans. We saw that attitude in Iraq. They are more interested in the oil.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep, the West would want the whole world to be burning or in chaos except themselves so that they can exploit everyone, selling them arms to kill each other, while they got richer.

Look at what they are doing in Korea? Provoking the North Koreans and all they want is to sell arms and put their nuclear arms in South Korea and extend their control over this semi colony.

Anonymous said...

Anglophile Chinese, Westernized Chinese; haha.....this bunch of idiots are those likely to love a divine father more than their biological fathers. They should be kept at a distance, these are betrayors and can turn traitor anytime, anywhere.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah you fuckers are like sailors who've been at sea for months and now have a beautiful naked woman in front of them -- the sailors can't tahan, and begin cumming all over the place with more vigour than a Japanese bukkake movie.

It is too early to call. There could be, or could be not...however eventually there will be a political sea-change in china. will it be gradual or violent? No one can say.

Leave the so-called do-gooder westerner's out of the picture. Instead of looking like silly children, try to be adult about this:

Wishing, hoping and praying are simply bullshit: they have no bearing on objective reality.

The dog-fight is with the people of China: some want a political sea change, some don't. The govt wants to maintain 'control' and so it has clamped down on mass communications.

But that could backfire: by clamping down it could only embolden those who are fed up with all the control...now there is more control...fuck it, take to the streets.

Julian Assange started a revolution: he proved that lone individuals can use the networks to empower themselves and force govts to change.

The folks in the middle east, broke-assed EU cuntries picked up and ran with it -- protesting their govts and politics, and now the Chinese people are getting similar ideas.

The smart wealthy Chinese have already taken steps. China has thousands of unreported protests every year and the number's been increasing.

Notice the hight real estate prices in S'pore? See a lot of Chinese money buying property? Why not? s'pore is a great "safe haven" to park your cash if you suspect your cuntry is going to experience a revolution sometime soon.

Follow the money -- especially the big money. The Chinese towkays are great stewards of money.

When the revolution is over, guess what? Blood in the streets -- cheap Chinese real estate and stocks. Time to buy up China!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here in The People's Republic Of Australia, there are many pro-demo-Crzay Chinese supporters.

In 1989, just after Tienanmen Square mass murders by the Chinese State, cry-baby Aussie PM Bob Hawke granted PR to 42,000 Chinese students. Now over 20 years on they and their off-spring carry the idea of democracy in China.

To place the blame on "the western press" is ridiculous. Young, tech-savvy Chinese use FakeBook and Twister; blogs and forums to rally to the cause. But so far...not so much action.

Make no mistake: the Chinese authorities are concerned. Maybe no action yet, but once the tipping point arrives, you can rest assured that there will be spectacular entertainment -- maybe even more happening than Tienanmen Square.

Me? I'm looking forward to it. Aust will once again rally to the cause, and good old softie, compassionate, multi-cultural defender-champion PM Julia Gillard will no doubt welcome Chinese political asylum seekers with open arms when the Jasmine Revolution revs up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The social econ devt in China is changing. The people are not hungry anymore and for those who are hardworking an entrepreneurial, they could become millionaires overnight. Opportunities are aplenty.

With provocations, inciting and foreign intrigues, there will be demonstration. It is too big a country with plenty of diversities for trouble.

On one side you have a pretty efficient and effective govt. On the other you have people who are no longer hungry and could see that they could make a decent living, a good life if under the present system, why would they want to tear down the system?

There will be extremists too who will want to live on fresh air, freedom and human rights. Sure there will be trouble but not something the Chinese govt cannot handle.

There is freedom of movement and mobility. The Chinese can move in and out of the country like any free country. I hope they are sensible enough to want growth and development, freedom of expression etc in a more measured way, taking some time to achieve that peacefully.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Gimme a break lah. Call a spade a spade and damn the consequences.

China is lots of things, but certain realities are inescapable:

1. They are still at the core STATIST -- not necessarily communist or socialist in total anymore, but their version of "capitalism" while having attributes of "free market" is still controlled by the state.

However the Chinese govt is pro "making money" - so if you are a good entrepreneur, you win their good graces. At least they understand that the entrepreneur and private enterprise are the ONLY drivers of wealth creation and the way for the 1 billion or so who are still in poverty.

2. The Chinese govt cannot or will not relax their grip on controlling the freedom of communication. Will they change? That's an interesting question.

3. The Chinese govt continue to have an abysmal record on human rights and individual civil liberty. However they are quite ok -- better than most western nations on economic liberty.

Again the interesting question is will they change, or will the might of the people FORCE them to change? No one can say for sure.

What is known and can be observed from human history -- you cannot separate economic and civil/ political liberties forever. Singapore is finding that truth out now.

People in S'pore are many times wealthier and more educated than their forebears, and you will observe the 'nanny state' attitude of the PAP is being less respected now.

When people get wealthier and better educated, they naturally will demand more freedom and liberty. That is the internal political battle that is going to be fought in China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With this kind of thinking, every country is ripe for a revolution. Every country has a whole lot of problems waiting to explode. The last couple of decades have turned many countries into a time bomb, living on a short fuse.

China is no exception, with its own kind of problems. But it is in a much better position than many westerners think and want to believe.

Every country is a glass house.

Anonymous said...

Do correct me should anyone find the need.

Historically, China has been in a flux more than any other nation in the World. No country had its' Race and population cut down and reduced more than China. It was so for thousand years in its' past, it will be for a long time to come. Despite its' numerous demises, it got many rebirths, some more glorious and some calamitous but it survives and propers now.

China and Chinese as a nation and a Race will outlast any other countries. The Chinese Race is one of a kind, destined to survive in all adversities.

Don't take my words, see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

'No country had its' Race and population cut down and reduced more than China' IN CIVIL WARS AND INTERNAL STRIFES IN HISTORY.

My apology for the missing clause(in capital letters) in the Original Post.