Who pays GST?

I must repeat what I said about GST again. 1. Unborn babies pay GST. Mothers to be have to visit gynaecologists for consultancy. Pay GST. 2. Babies pay GST. All baby food, clothing and utensils, including pampers and pacificiers subject to GST. 3. Children pay GST. All their food and clothings and accessories include GST. 4. The jobless pay GST. They pay GST for food and clothing and whatever. 5. The retirees pay GST. They pay GST for food and clothing and medical bills. Since people like to use percentage as a measurement or for comparison, how many percent of the incomes of the above goes to GST?


Anonymous said...

You missed a lot more!

Just a funeral alone, Singaporeans will have to pay lots of GSTs whether stated in the bills or not.


Yang said...

Only place no need to pay GST is the brothel.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Only in Singapore with its tightly controlled media can consumption tax(GST) be termed as a "flat tax" or "not a regressive tax".

Tharman is smarter than the other PAP MP(can't remember his name probably because his words utterly disgusts me and makes me wonder what kind of MPs we have in our cabinet)and he coined the term "flat tax".<<first time I came across this term.

In any case, anybody who cares to put a little thought into it will know the poor suffers disproportionately. But why would they care? They live in their bungalows and may infact be amazed that anyone would bother complaining so much and wasting their time just for 7%. Ignorant Singaporeans they wonder.

Well pity the ignorant Singaporeans..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Yang, welcome to the blog.

In paradise, whatever god said is the ultimate truth. And god's solution is the ultimate solution.

Where god gst? pardon my punt.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No one minded when the GST was a "reasonable" 3%

At 7% the in increase in taxation is 133%! The math doesn't lie.

You have to salute the die-hard freewheeling capitalistic Hong Kongers -- time and again they've REJECTED the introduction of a 5% GST. The people threw it out -- "Fuck off! Don't tax us!!"

HK, still the most rocking capitalist place on earth. HK kicks S'pore ass...any day!

Anonymous said...

Every activity that we engage in, we pay GST. Even the long dead are not left alone. When families buy flowers or pray during anniversaries, they still pay GST.

And Anon 12.33 is correct. The poor suffers disproportionately more because of GST than the more well off, not the other way round as our forked-tongue talented MPs are trying to tell us.

There is going to be more outcry, whinning and debating as and when they raise the GST to 10% or even more. A few years of GST credit will solve the problem, as always. After that, it is all 'pao chiak' for the Government.

But that is irrelevant now, because the noose is already around our neck. It is a question of how much they want to tighten it.

Anonymous said...

patriot is right, the dead too have to pay gst.

goodness what a collection of payees - the unborn, babies, the jobless, the old and the dead.

me, i'm pushing Not for a Cut in gst on food basics, as Low TK asks, but a REMOVAL of GST on these, and medicines/medical treatment, where die die also you have to have these things. here, they literally have you by the balls, so to speak.

adding milk powder, children's clothes and kindie fees, as well as public transport and books would be great.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A very clever, ingenious taxation scheme. It taxes on those are have yet to come, those who are here and those who have gone.

A very inclusive scheme, semua masuk, semua tangkak.

Anonymous said...

Income tax target the rich and high income earners. GST target everyone, including the poor, who would otherwise pay little or no tax.

I agree they should at least remove GST on essentials and medication, which take up most of the spending, and are the basic needs of the poor.