WE, the People of Singapore….

The PAP’s election campaign is on. And it is there to tell the people how good the party is, how well and how much they have done for Singapore, and how good is the caliber of their candidates. This must be expected as all political parties will want to blow their own trumpets. And, if the PAP has its way, it will want the people to vote all 87 PAP candidates to Parliament. They are saying it all for their own good. The opposition will also sing their own songs, on how they could contribute to the country when elected. They will tell the electorate how important it is for the opposition to be represented in Parliament to speak for the people, to speak and to offer an alternative voice. All the reasoning has been rehashed over the years, over every election. What else is new? What is new or can be new is ‘We, the Citizens of Singapore…’ Yes, we, the people of this country must know what is good for us. Every political party will be thinking of what is good for themselves first and then the people. We, the people of Singapore, must think for our own interest first and foremost. Only WE, the people of Singapore…. will know what is good for us, not someone says so. All the political parties have their own agendas and think of themselves as first. We, the people of Singapore… better do some thinking now, and do what is right and good for us. Yes, US, and not other people or political parties, US, and vote wisely, for our own good. Don’t believe anyone telling you that they are doing it for your own good. We know, and have bad experiences, many bad experiences, when people tell US that they are doing it for our own good. We are the people of this country and must decide what is good for this country and for US and our children. The election is for the people to elect who the people think can serve them better. Let’s make it happen.


Anonymous said...

Us, the people have only one last chance, it's now or never, to give all OUR VOTES to the Oppositions. The ONLY chance to test if the PAP Politicians are the best in the land is to pit the Opposition Politicians against them(PAP) for a comparison. The Latter had never been tested.

Me sees that there is nothing to lose, but a win win situation for the people to work with the Oppositions to balance and curb the power and authority of our rulers before they run away believing that they are invincible.

I say, give a real test to our bragging leaders, vote for Oppositions.


Kaffein said...

I used to dislike the SDP. I thought they were self-serving and shallow and aggressive.

Now I think most of them are more people-focused and public-serving oppositions compared to the majority on parliament. Many of theSDP could have had an easy life and ignore the plight of Singaporeans. Just look at CSJ credentials. He could have migrated or take the 'both eyes closed' lifestyle.

But then the truth is no one can be completely self-sacrificing.


Anonymous said...

After decades of being treated like morons and if they still do not wake up, they only have themselves to blame.

Not only are the rulers dictatorial in attitude, they are sickeningly arrogant. One of them even said that he will be disappointed should his constituency not be contested.

Well, with more and more constituencies being added, and since it will take enormous resources to contest all the seats, they sure can talk big. I am hoping against hope that he loses.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Let's see what good old republican self-governance brings about this time.

My bet: very little change.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance and conceit of our dear leaders are due to the faults of the people. Adulating the leaders and singing them praises are quite common with many a Singaporean.
When the people pamper and spoil them for decades, it's only natural that their heads get bigger.

BUT, are we to let them lord and bully as and when they like? The Chinese say even Buddha had limit to his tolerance. Indeed, much growing scorn instead of respect are shown to them 24/7. It's now a question of can they choose to remain insensitive to the sentiments of the people.


Anonymous said...


Patriot must be referring to the apple-polishers and bootlickers drooling on TV in praise of the almighty rulers.

Truth be told, if you were to say something less flattering of our leaders, do you think they will broadcast or print it? I guess not. So, would those out to say their piece get heard? Obviously not! So, the presumption on the surface, in our rulers' mind, is that everything is rosy and well.

Take what you see and read on the MSM with plenty of salt. Or just don't watch or read them. You won't miss much!

Anonymous said...

When their heads get bigger than their blains they become more conceited and vicious.
Wow, real big vicious cycle man.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thieves,thieves,thieves, empowered thieves.
Rob, rob, rob, legalise robbery
What is fair? What is foul?
Only the empowered greedy and rapacious hungry ghosts can interprete.
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair.
Hover through the filthy air." ( Macbeth)
Dare you clean the filthy air
On E-Day and say, I dare , I dare.
Only then can we say
All is well , all is fair
A responsibility all must bear.

March 23, 2011 2:03 AM