War Games in Libya

The Americans and its European allies are conducting war games in Libya. In this case it is live firing with real ammunitions. The gamers are firing their cruise missiles, known as Tomahawks into Libya to test the weapon’s accuracy and effectiveness. It is also a cheap way to use up old and expired items and to replace them with new inventory. The American weapons industry is yet again given another new lease of life with more orders for new weapons and ammunitions. This is much more lucrative than the war games at the Korean peninsula where limited live ammunitions were fired. Of course things will be rosier if the Korean peninsula could turn into another big live firing exercise area. Who is fighting who? It is the Europeans and the Americans attacking an Arab country. The US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Norway and the UAE are in. Where are Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt? Without the participation of the major Arab countries other than UAE, the West is going to look very bad. This is going to be ammunition for the Arabs to be more anti West and anti American/British in particular.


Anonymous said...

In Iraq and Afghanistan the USA is winding down operations, so what to do with all the excess and obsolete weapons? The weapons industry of the USA needs a war to carry on production to survive. The second reason is they are eying Libyan oil.

Those tomahawks and ammunitions were probably supposed to be used on North Korea, but as it was a no go situation, despite repeated provocation, they have to unload on Libya and more Middle East countries in time to come. Gadaffi's action against the rebels comes at the wrong time, but that was probably a set up instigated by the West.

Folks, this is probably the start of another long war for the USA and its allies. They can take out Gadaffi, but I am sure that like the situation in Iraq, where they said taking out Saddam Hussein will solve the problem, the war in Libya will rage on for years.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Art of War, American style. They don't seek to win overnight. They love wars, start wars, and to fight wars for as long as they can. Just keep it going.

The gist of it, make money, sell weapons. The war industry loves it. And in Libya, there is the added bonus of oil.

The American war industry will go bankrupt without wars and many people will go out of job. It is a very very big industry and employing many talents, and paying very very well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh yes, Mike Mullen was in Korea conducting the war games to provoke the North Koreans. The Chinese did not like it and told him to get lost. No wars in their front yard.

So now he is in the Mediterranean with all his Tomahawks to spend. 110 in one night. Don't know how many he has. Assuming US$3 m each, that was a cool US$330m dumped in Libya and more to come.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Saudis are too busy attacking Bahrain civilians -- at the request of Bahrain's royal family. The rest of the Arab world have problems of their own or reluctant to attack a fellow Arab.

No problem about the idea of killing Gaddafi. He is disliked by other Arabs and most of the Imams hate him -- they want him dead.

As brutal and crazy as he is, I have a soft spot for him. He has style. Amongst the last of the 3 Old School Dick-Taters -- the other two being Kim Jong Il and Fidel Castro (reportedly still alive), Gadaffi is still the most "garang".

His presidential guard are made up of women -- who also "service" the old colonel with their womanly charms. His wardrobe is to die for: no doubt Michael Jackson and Elton John got ideas for their stage costume from Gadaffi -- fashion trend-setter.

Gadaffi himself seized power by coup based on the idea that "the people" were being shafted by their ruler (Monarch) and did not "benefit" from all that oil which was being sold. As a leader, Gadaffi has essentially kept out of Arab politics, and given Libya's vast oil wealth has managed to not only survive but prevail as a "loner" for over 40 years.

Old Colonial masters have no problem hammering their former client states/ sovereign territory. Libya was once part of the Roman empire and Italian colonists. During WW2 the allies occupied it -- when North Africa was a theater to some of the famous tank battles in history.

In WW2 both the allies and the Axis powers were "testing their weapons" in North Africa. So what is happening today is not anything new -- except that today the weapons are more spectacular, and therefore the "entertainment value" has increased several fold...although even by today's standards, the fighting between the tank divisions of Rommel and Montgomery was pretty damn awesome too.

It is nice to see that Obama has really earned his Nobel Peace Prize. America is now battling In 3 sovereign cuntrees. Well done, son! To be a bigger war monger than Bush was, AND win a Nobel Peace Prize....that's priceless.

Unfortunately the people get the govt they deserve. The people sanctioned Gadaffi's brutal rule for 42 years. When they finally had enough, the world discovered that Gadaffi has NO PROBLEM killing his own people who want him out of office. It was the rebels themselves who "appealed" for outside intervention.

The Americans I feel are very unfairly treated in the media -- being labelled as "evil". They are however newcomers to the Middle East. The rest of European culture has been fucking with the people of Africa and the Middle East FOR CENTURIES. And let's not forget the Ottoman Turks and Spaniards who held on for over 300 years.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I say:

Let the war games continue. Nice to see some Proud Gaulish action from those French fighter pilots.

Viva la France! En Cule!

Also nice to see the Italians in action too. At last count, they were kicked out of Libya. Now they are kicking in the door...and giving their former colony a nice Va funculo!

The best part of this: Gadaffi is not going to go quietly. If he did, all this spectacular entertainment would just end. But he won't. He is a military man, a soldier and therefore will fight to the bitter end --- use human shields? No problem.

"You want some? Bring it on bitches"

It doesn;t occur very often, but in the last few months we have had spectacular new entertainment: Julian Assange and wikileaks, the military antics of Kim Jong Il and his son, The Jasmine Revolution starting in Tunisia, Yemen and then Egypt, floods in Queesland, earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan, a tsunami following as an encore in Japan, the threat of mass radiation poisoning from a nuclear catastrophe,

...WOW.. we are being spoilt with so much choice.

...oh and let's not forget the comic relief provided by Charlie Sheen.

Mankind, is truly an amazing species. Can you imagine the aliens looking at as remarking:

"Those fuckers on that blue planet are bat-shit crazy. How come their species survived so long?!? It does not seem logical! Let's stay away from that planet!!

solo bear said...

Libya updates
Scroll all the way down to the last link of the page in the hyperlink above -

War Games in Libya
This sick retard thinks war is like a game where you dispense and use up your old toys, so that you can purchase new ones for your inventory. He doesn't see the human suffering of civilian casualties. But then again, all pro war people are anti-humanists, no?

Anonymous said...

You sick jihadist so obsessed with your hatred that you failed to read what redbean is writing about. Go and pray for enlightenment.

solo bear said...

Doc, you shouldn't spam bean's site.

Come back to my site if you wanna continue your pain.

Anonymous said...

Another Islamic scholar from U of Egypt or Teheran.

Anonymous said...

Another pedo from down under.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't argue with insanity in whatever guises.

The Americans claimed that they have the support of the Arab Leaque. Why are the Arab League countries not sending in their soldiers and hardwares? Now the League is criticising the bombing of Libya by the Americans and the West.

What kind of support are the Americans claiming from the Arab League? I think they may be against Gaddafi but they will not join the West to kill Arabs.

The Arab world is already in a big mess with the Americans fighting one after another, a kind of divide and rule. And the victims are all Arabs. Pityful really. And the West think that the Arabs are stupid. Some are, but not all.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, hard to definitively analyse this lah.

Alliances will change rapidly. People will make claims but do completely opposite behind the many smoke screens and mirrors.

What we can have a great laugh at -- because of the irony which is now permanently fixed in human history: Obama, Nobel Peace Laureate is turning out to be quite the war monger.

Now that's funny.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

President Hussein, the Nobelaurette, launching an attack against President Gaddafi. Hey this is Afro vs Afro man.

And the silly committee thought that giving him a peace prize in advance will encourage him to go peace.

Anonymous said...

Who are Doc and Pedo, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Yongwah Goh

solo bear said...

>>The Americans claimed that they have the support of the Arab Leaque. Why are the Arab League countries not sending in their soldiers and hardwares? Now the League is criticising the bombing of Libya by the Americans and the West.

You still don't get it, do you? I am not interested who started the war, who backed up the war or what not.

I am talking about the COST of war in terms of life and humanity.

You don't bomb for peace.



Before Obama got elected, the Americans thought he would end the wars. I was skeptical.

Today, we see Obama does one better over Bush. Bush fought two wars during his term. Obama has three to his credit.

Anonymous said...

What we can have a great laugh at -- because of the irony which is now permanently fixed in human history: Obama, Nobel Peace Laureate is turning out to be quite the war monger.

Now that's funny.

Obama dumped his spiritual leader for being anti-war. Why are you guys even surprised?

Gadaffi's rant about Christian states attacking arab ... now thats funny. Today's UK(Dawkins!) and France are as anti-Christian as they come.

PS: Mr SoloBear ... redbean is obviously using irony and is against the war against Libya. You are usually quite sharp. What happened?

Anonymous said...

This bear is a muslim fundamentalist. He will attack anyone that says anything against his religion. He almost for certain will turn amok instantly.

Anonymous said...

Yongwah baby, why are you here?


Anonymous said...

Some fundamentalist cannot tolerate alternative views and resort to vulgarities. Best to ignore them, as if they do not exist.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Rachel, welcome to the blog.

Who is who now?

Anonymous said...

Lost in translation?

Anonymous said...

Rachel = solobear = jihadist

solo bear said...

Doc, you have been impersonating people and you blame others for spamming and impersonation.

You are the Rachel at my site. For all you know, the Rachel here is your flamer at my site. too.

Stop your troll and spams.

Anonymous said...

Are we having a war game here too?

Matilah_Singapura said...

War without real blood is boring.

Words are a poor substitute for real weaponry. The pen might be mightier than the sword, but the sword has significantly more entertainment value.

i.e. Talk is cheap.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Time to give Obama the real Nobel Peace Prize. The first one he received was just provisional. Now that he has proven to be a genuinely for peace President, it it time the Nobel Committee reconvene the award presentation one more time in Obama's honour.

This time he will received it in all honesty, as a worthy recipient for peace.

xogetill said...

great post as usual!