A vote for Greed

Greed is good. And that is coming out quite freely from all the successful people. There is no denying the fact that our prosperity has been driven by the power of Greed. Greed is the greatest motivating force that transformed what we were to what we are today. Greed is now the prevailing culture in this great and affluent city. Anyone who does not subscribe to the goodness of Greed or condemns Greed is condemning themselves to mediocrity. Greed has brought the best out of our super talents in all fields. Through Greed, they have reached the peak of their fields of expertise and are among the best in the world, with many excelling and becoming the bestest of the best, or at least in the income that they can command. The highest paid professionals in several fields are Singaporeans. We can boast of the highest paid President, PM, ministers etc etc and surgeons and lawyers. In other words, Greed has propelled our citizens to the top of their profession. The belief that goodness, ethics, morality, sacrifices, selflessness, are virtues is only meant for the losers or the idealists. The pragmatic and talented know that these are useless values only to be taught to children. They have no time for such idealism. They are busy making themselves worthy and reaping the reward of Greed. Because they are so good, they can demand any price they wanted. A dying man needing some expert to save his life will have to take the price. And asking a million a day is reasonable in a life and death situation. The more professional one may go one step further and ask the victim if he has the money to pay before proceeding to save him. Check the affordability of the victim first. In a highly competitive world, Greed is nothing to be ashamed of, and is doing us well, to compete and be the best in our pursuit for excellence. The culture of Greed pervades every level of our society and is being practised zealously to a fine art. And the epitome of Greed is not the contribution but how much one is able to ask to be paid. Some may do very little and being paid a ransom. That is the ultimate art of Greed at the highest level. It is time to vote for Greed. Give a resounding vote of confidence that Greed is Good. No kidding.


Anonymous said...

Haha....Sir Chua Chin Leng;

this is the BEST ARTICLE as far as descriptions of Sin Talents is concerned. BUT, to say that they're the best in the field of their expertise, me begs to disagree, non are internationally renowned for anything. The only area where foreigners envy has to be the remunerations of our parliamentarians.

There are areas where our leaders are truly World Class, their abilities to manipulate and exploit their citizens, their abilities to put up a straight face while saying sweet nothing. And their abilities to feed their consciences to the dog and sleep well.

Our Ruling Talents are indeed in a class of their own, way way above the 'bestest' anywhere else.

Me suggest that we gather again to give them a toast to their integrities, they do deserve the respects of the voters to vote for them again to lead Sin.



Anonymous said...

Greedy people will say greed is good, they will defend their greediness, impose their believe in greed on us and deride us for not supporting their greedy stance.

To them, without greed there can be no opportunities for them to make money, no progress for the country, blah blah blah.

We now have greedy rulers, greedy lawyers, greedy bankers, greedy landowners, greedy doctors even greedy religious leaders.

Is this the sign of the end?

Anonymous said...

"Some may do very little and being paid a ransom"

This is an example of being daft and lazy, but if you are born a 'ti kong kia', it does not matter one bit.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah, human emotions -- they see to perplex the observer more than they do afflict the person actually having the emotion.

There is nothing wrong or right with greed and selfishness. I would sooner listen to someone who acknowledges their emotions like greed, selfishness and probably the desire to kill certain other people, than listen to a self-righteous motherfucking arsehole cocksucker who'll try to argue that being "compassionate", "kind", "sacrificial" and "selfless" (whatever that means) makes a person somehow morally superior to everyone else.

It is also interesting to observe than when someone authors a piece on "morality" and emotions, it is always The Others who have this "evil".

"Oh, no not me: I am neither greedy nor selfish, I am as pure as the driven snow.

We are essentially "monkeys" with (comparatively) large brains containing structures and functions not observed in other species. Human consciousness is a result of this Big Brain.

This large amount of neuro "processing" has enabled humans to develop as they have. We act in the present to achieve some "objective" in the future. -- all species do. However emotions -- which are "feedback" signals are also subject to this vast amount of processing -- which is why we can feel on one hand deep love for someone and on the other hand intense hatred -- murderous rage -- for someone or something else.

Large-processing also enables human's to form "abstracts" and conduct "thought experiments" using those abstracts -- all done by one organ: our brains. This processing is also subject to and causes emotions which eventually guide our actions (achieving means through application of ends).

Emotions are powerful. Others who observe our actions IMMEDIATELY assign a LABEL to our motives for taking that action or achieving an end. And that LABEL is almost always emotional.

"He was angry".
"He's greedy".
"He's a fine example of compassion"
"What a selfless act"
"He's stingy"

Our large monkey-brain super-duper processing also makes us JUDGMENTAL: Our actions and objectives: good. Other people's actions and objectives: subject to scrutiny and skepticism. We are not rational -- our emotions make us instead rationalising.

When you look at it scientifically -- no species needs enormous "brain power" to survive. An ant has a brain of only a few thousand cells, and is able to find food, be mobile, build colonies, defend itself, hunt and "communicate". We have ~ 100 bill neurons and ~ 1 mill gial cells, plus billions more in our spinal column and nerve network.

Some don't have brains at all: e.g. plants - and they have been around longer than us.

So it doesn't take big brain power to survive. "staying alive" means simply to "avoid entropy" - the degeneration of any system into chaos and disorder. To live, all the systems which enable "life" need to stay working and living organisms do this by using and converting ENERGY. As long as an organism is able to perform forms of ENERGY CONVERSION, it will stay alive.

So what do we need Big Brains for?

My opinion: to entertain ourselves and others with the "consciousness" that arises from this awesome processing power.

We are our brains There is no escape.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Greed is corruption of the highest order, it is also the sign of the end in humanity.

Those greedy bastards are heartless, ruftless, more like animals without the human heart in them.

This system of greed has to be changed soonest possible.

Anonymous said...

In the land of Greed, there is no corruption. Very amazing.

Anonymous said...

To put it another way, corruption is already factored into the concept of greed.

Taking more and more is greed. Just making the greed legal when it is morally wrong is corruption put into another perspective and given a moral definiion.

soojenn said...

Matilah.. cannot be more accurate... there are may who profess to be moraly upright, selfless, and god know what..