Celebrating Singaporean - Tharman Shanmugaratnam

'WASHINGTON, March 22 (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday named Singapore's finance minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, to head its key policy-steering panel, the first Asian to head the advisory committee.' Though this is only an advisory committee, it is still a rare honour bestowed on a Singaporean. Next target, head of the IMF. That will be something, but unlikely as it is reserved for an American, I think.


Anonymous said...

Actually the IMF head has always been a European while the World Bank head has always been an American.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks for the correction. These are the real positions that they will not allow the rest to occupy.

Only the advisory or decorative roles can be shared.

Anonymous said...

No fish prawn also good.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, finally a chance to "rule the world".

At one time LKY nearly threw the fucker in jail for a long time.

Now, wah..choice position. consider this cock story:

A Patriotic Wet Dream

1. A the govt of a country, The Republic of Fuctupia has been profligate in its financial behaviour -- spending money as if tomorrow had been cancelled.

2. Fuctupia possess the world's largest reserves of Cuntranium -- a rare mineral used in the manufacture of computers, automobiles, cell phones and vibrators. The entire Cuntranium mining industry is NATIONALISED and the govt owns the entire operation.

3. When the tipping point arrives, the country of Fuctupia is broker than broke -- it owes so much money to its creditors -- it is completely out of options.

4. The Fuctupians have given their govt the short shrift, the top people have either been assassinated or absconded with whatever money is left, the place in in total chaos, there is looting and rampaging as the angry mobs explode all over the cuntree.

5. The UN quickly does a military clean-up to restore peace and civil unrest is quelled.

6. The close working partner of the UN -- the IMF steps in to "restructure" the economy and finances of a fucked Fuctupia.

7. The restructuring involves large amounts of financing and management "ex-spurt-ease" to get the nation back on track and the mining and export of Cuntranium back in business.

8. Temasek Pte Ltd has lots of money -- mostly from the govt's legalised Ponzi Scheme called "CPF". The management of Temasek, now well connected to the IMF with its "inside man" puts together "The Deal" which involves Temasek becoming the new majority shareholder/ equity owner in the now "privatised" entire Fuctupian Cuntranium industry.

9. Temasek essentially has a world monopoly, thanks to its "connection" within the IMF

10. The selfless Singaporeans are happy because they know that their CPF contribution has saved another cuntree and its peoples from certain extinction. With some of the profits, Temasek commisions a new 20 storey gold-plated Merlion right in the heart of Orchard Road as a "gift to the people", and tops up everyone's CPF with $100 each. The Singapore Tourist Promotion Board has a smaller Merlion installed in its Tanglin HQ, DBS introduces the Merlion Gold Card. SIA changes its logo. The Gold Merlion becomes a symbol of economic powress, and every Singaporean has a shrine at home where they worship the Gold Merlion.

11. Drunk with euphoria, Singaporeans in the blogosphere are all imagining ways of collapsing China, then India so that Teamsek, with their "inside guy" at the IMF can take over China and India, and then perhaps the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD, using their CPF as the war chest, and The Gold Merlion as their tool and symbol of conquest and global domination.

How patriotic am I?

Anonymous said...

You are suffering from a disease called megalomania. The good thing is that you now think very big. You want to own the whole world with other people's money and other people's talents.

Hope you will succeed and all of us will get $100 more in our Citizen Ponzi Fund.

Anonymous said...


me thought me am the most patriotic.

Now me am overshadowed by the greatest patriot of all time bearing allegiance to the Complete World.