A rousing reception for Janil Puthucheary

Cyberspace has a rousing welcome for Janil Puthucheary but not the kind that he would have liken. Crossing to the side of his father’s political enemies, breaking a promise to his wife, and quitting his country of birth were the reasons that did not go down well with bloggers. This may be a bit unfair to a talented man who has stepped out to be counted, to sacrifice and to serve the country, and the very people that are not happy with him. Quitting Malaysia could be easy as the opportunities here are much better for him to practise as a doctor. How he convinced his father to join the PAP must be tricky. How he convinced his wife to forgive him for breaking his promise to her could be even trickier. Look at it this way, the lure of politics must be a very strong calling for Janil to step into the ring. The temptation of chasing a good cause, a national calling to serve the people of his adopted country, must be so powerful for him to resist. Assuming he got elected, assuming he goes on to become the Prime Minister of Singapore, his will be the greatest story ever told of a foreign talent making it good in Singapore. He will become a national hero of sort, a role model for all foreign talents seeking their fortunes here. STB could use him as the poster boy to attract more foreign talents to this island, a place that truly appreciates foreign talents without any biases, but recognizing everyone according to his merits. And once a citizen he can pursue his dream to the highest office in the island. The task of attracting more talents here will become a piece of cake, with PM Janil Puthucheary. Just a good bedtime story.


Anonymous said...

theres is a good vibe about this person. he has all the good credenials, and above all he seems to be a sincere, caring person devoted to a cause ie to contribute to this country

Anonymous said...

Me says Janil Puthucheary is only being PRAGMATIC in coming to Sin to make his money and reputation; good or otherwise. Imagine a part time job that fetches over Sin$13,000 per month!

It is only the DAFT Singaporeans, both the Power that picks him to be a candidate for political leadership and the VOTERS that are going to choose him (Janil).

The many talented local born professionals are not stepping in to play their parts in the administration and governance of their state. Yet, many are are making much din and noise and blaming minted citizens from foreign lands for invading our space and running our live.

Think about it and one instantly sees the absurdity of the locals in their behaviours. Giving the cakes away and blaming others for eating them.

Lots of funny funs in Sin.


Anonymous said...

Playing local politics, join opposition is like playing with loaded dice. Very difficult to win.

Want to play must join winning side. But must be good enuf to be invited for tea. Not every Tom Dick and Harry can be invited. Not invited means out of the game.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The PAP is very meticulous in the way it searches for new candidates. No stone is left unturned. They are very good at it, to discover whatever talents there is available. All the supertalents are in the PAP.

The fact that it has to field new citizens simply says that no more worthy Singaporeans around to pick. That is the truth. There is a lack of talents in Singapore. Singaporeans are simply has beens, unworthy.

As for Janil, reading his answers to the questions posed to him, he is already in trouble. He claimed to be a stayer and a fighter but he did not stay in Malaysia to fight. Surely this would not look good on him. Then again Singapore could be worth something to fight for for new citizens like him. Old citizens may not think so and so not standing up to fight anymore.

Thank God we have so many new citizens to fight for us.

Anonymous said...

"Then again Singapore could be worth something to fight for for new citizens like him."
The only thing he is fighting for is more money. Just like the A*STAR research scientists, the moment the funds dry up, they'll up and go. He let his father down, he let his wife down, and he will let this country down. But first, he will be bleeding it dry.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has many fake patriots.

Anonymous said...

I am touched by the new citizens sacrificing themselves to help the old citizens, to protect them, to fight for them.

I hope they will also replace the true Singaporeans in doing NS.

Let's welcome more new citizens.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck all you xenophobic motherfuckers up your collective arseholes with a fistful of dirty chopsticks and your wild-guessing ring-leader rebean too.

Your cock-suckery this morning has really gone beyond the pale. It doesn't require one to be a literary genius to grasp the tenor of your sentiments -- that being of casting aspersions upon the man's character.

You seem to not be able to shake yourselves out of your conceptual boxes and are allowing your mistrust of the PAP (well founded, I'll agree) to affect your emotions leading you to judge this individual prematurely.

Give the fucker a break, shitheads. You're smashing his character AND judging his motivations -- as if you can "see" inside his mind -- before the guy has had a chance to do anything.

Once again you lot have succeeded in pissing me off (if that was your intention, well done -- but I don't think I'm that important) and making me thankful that I have the choice to live elsewhere so I can distance myself from your neuroses and deal with the myriad of Singapore's irrational zeitgeists on my terms -- as a quitter, Hotel Dweller, traitor, prick, cunt...call me what the fuck you like.

I just give those chopsticks another few shoves, so that they pierce deeply into your bowels!

Later, bitches!

Anonymous said...

he can be the next prime minister? errr have u noticed the fellow is an indian? not tt i care, but quite a few others are said to do so and are apparently unprepared for such things, according to he who forecasts.

the candidate himself is a decent sort. but 3 strikes agst him - quitter, breaks promises, hunkering down with dad's old enemies - oh dearie me.

redbean re yours about "has beens". in your column, shldn't it be "has beAns"?

Anonymous said...

Stay clear, mad dog barking!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'your mistrust of the PAP (well founded, I'll agree)'

When one mistrusts an organization, will one not be cynical of it's members?

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This hotel concept has served us very well. Many of our top political leaders, civil servants and top biz people are quitters. Without their contributions Singapore will never be what it is today.

Our govt should openly declare that we are a hotel. No need to bother about craps like nation building. Make this the best hotel for the best people in the world. The better is the guest the better will be the reception. Make this an exceptional hotel where only the best deserving the best will come and reside.

The not so best can be parked in some cheaper places and tell them to shut up. Not happy, find a country that can give them better.

If we can have the best talents of the world in this piece of rock, it will fly to the moon. And no job is protected. Even useless politicians should be kicked out and be replaced by real talents, new or old doesn't matter.

That will be genuine meritocrazy.

Anonymous said...

"The not so best can be parked in some cheaper places....."

Alright, so let all the most talented come to one place. Now which of the talented will want to clear the rubbish, repair broken pipes, prune the trees, mow the grass, wash the toilets, clean the tables, drive buses, serve at tables? In time this hotel will become one big pig stile, overgrown trees, rubbish up to third storey etc etc, because the talented will not want such jobs. Right now, even true blue average Singaporeans shun such jobs.

Is this what we want?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh dear me. You have not heard of foreign workers? Cheap, cheap, cheaper than CBF: )

Anonymous said...


From what has been blogged and commented, he has left a lasting ya ya papaya negative impression on most who saw the clips!

In my opinion he is recruited into the pap rank for the pure propaganda value of being anti-pap by heritage. In other words, he would be closely watched by the party and exploited 100% which the Lees have honed to a fine art.

He has already broken so mant promises! Can you trust such an opportunistic easy with his words person.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think we should not wrong him. He is the ideal Singaporean, talented, very clear in what he wants, and very pragmatic. No mushy wishy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Left to be seen.

Anonymous said...

"very clear in what he wants"
Indeed! First he promises his wife that he won't go into politics, next he tells her times have changed!
This is exactly the kind of Indian that gives Singapore Indians a bad name!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Finally, a movie about meritocracy and how govt interference pisses off productive private individuals.

Ayn Rand's Classic:

Atlas Shrugged Part One (apparently they're doing it in 3 parts)

The movie is funded by the guy who started the company Cybex. Hollywood already hates the movie because it is a salute to private enterprise and laissez faire capitalism, wealth creation and meritocracy.

In private enterprise operating in a free and open economy, One Dollar is considered a "Certificate Of Merit". In order to own as many of those Dollars you have to "produce" -- i.e. create REAL value for others to satisfy and serve their needs, where they will pay you some value (to you) in a framework of FREE EXCHANGE.

People who have more dollars have objectively demonstrated that they've collected -- voluntarily -- many "Certificates Of Merit".

The root of money is production/ productivity

Socialism: "To each according to his need"

Meritocracy: "To each according to hi MERIT"

The PAP pays lip service to "meritocracy". actually they are motherfucking collectivists -- statists to be exact. To the "private enterprise" is a GLC or Temasek engaging in "privatising" whatever they can grab onto -- using CPF money mond you, which emplyers and employees are FORCED TO PAY.

The they run an economy based on consume, consume, consume. All the productivity gains Singapore has achieved in the past are fast being lost as more and more real capital and debt is being tied up in MORTGAGES (so called) to lease govt-controlled HDB.

Can you blame some Singaporeans from "quitting"? Maybe they are the one who have the BALLS to face up to reality.

Leaving your country and starting a life elsewhere is not a walk in the park...it is hard, stressful , expensive and HIGHLY RISKY.

Unless you've been thru it, you probably won't understand. And that "adventure" applies to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who had the BALLS to leave their cuntrees and start new lives in Singapore.

Remember you whining cocksuckers: The world is a meritocracy. Unless you live in N Korea, you are in a market economy -- like it or not. If you are too lazy, stupid or uncaring to serve your fellow man, you deserve to be fucked up!

So once again fuck all of you socialist xenophobes and your blood-lust to use the government as an iron fist to SMASH the dreams of others and prevent them from bettering their lives by simply proving they can do a better job than you are willing to do! Fuck you, and your welfare "entitlement" mentality!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

This post disappeared, so here it is again

--posted -original time 2:58:---

anon 234

I think you mean 'skeptical' instead of 'cynical'.

Being a 'cynic' means you already made up your mind, being a 'skeptic' means you reserve judgement for later -- after the individual under scrutiny has made his move.

Everyone is an individual with their own conscience. Being a part of an organisation can, but not necessarily 100% of the time influence that person's actions.

Judging the person's character simply from his association will be like saying "All people who are members of the Christian church are never to be trusted because they....(fill in your reasons)"

Many of us know religion is very bad and the all religious institutions are mental prisons founded on brutal and "anti-human" Bronze Age political dogma -- but that doesn't necessarily mean every member of those institutions are "evil".

Amongst people who identify with a religion/ spiritual philosophy there are good ones and bad ones. We all know people who claim to be Buddhists to be absolute pricks. We all know someone who is an arsehole but claims to be a devout Christian or Muslim. We also know people who are "good" come from both religious and non-religious backgrounds.

At the end of the day, these voluntary associations with seemingly "evil" organisations forms only part of the person's identity -- not necessarily the whole of their identity.

So IMO, give the person the benefit of the doubt and allow him to prove himself -- regardless of his creed or associations -- and then judge his actions (more than his speech -- talk is cheap), which will then give you insight to the person's character.

Anonymous said...

You bloody joker. Breaking his promise with his wifey is not words but an act. Joining his papa's jailor is not words but also an act. Quitting his home country is words, I think.@##!$ Silly you.

Anonymous said...

Mati sekali tapi akan reincarnate dan balek tiang you lagi.
Tak percaya?

Kip reading, it is getting very fascinating.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 657

Bila 'tu orang sial mati dan 'reincarnate' macam pontinak, saya akan mengalahkan tanpa ampun muka puki-nya sampai dia mati sekali lagi!

Sodokan Merlion 'tu dalam pantat nya! Cepat mati lah kontol tua!

say what?!?

Knife said...

Dear all,
I am medical student. I have met him and experienced him first hand in KKH as my tutor. He took my group for 2 tutorials. All I can say is, in my short time with him, he has left me an impression, an impression that is not impressive to say the least. The vibe I get from him is that he is very impatient and very eager to criticise, lack empathy and understanding. You may wonder, how can a consultant in paediatrics lack empathy? You will be surprised how far you can go in medicine without certain qualities everyone deem a “must-have”. I have met a number of such people. Anyway, just to give an account of how the tutorials went, we were all year 3 medical students in our 1st paediatrics posting. Year 3 is the the 1st year we get to go into the hospitals. And during our 1st tutorial with him, he had this arrogant air about him, telling us that he will ask us questions about each patient, and we are supposed to know each patient at our fingertips. A daunting task for a year 3 medical student, especially he looked like the kind who would kill you for being unable to meet his expectations. True enough, when he started asking questions, some of us took some time to remember details of each patient, and his reaction was, “No no no, fail. You need to answer me within 1 second.” *snaps his thumb and index finger* “This shows that you do not know your patient well enough. This I consider fail, not acceptable.”
Dear all, as you can see, for him to have such expectations of students in their 1st paediatrics posting, in the 1st year of clinicals, borders on absolute ridiculousness. Due to his reaction, we spent the rest of the tutorial living in fear, not daring to ask questions or speak up. We felt intimidated, and some started wondering if we were indeed that “fail” as he made us out to be. I use this incident, because I felt that it portrayed how he is usually, to his juniors, to his students, to people under his care. If he gets voted in, I believe he would treat his “citizens” as people under his care, and one shudders at how much he can understand and empathise with the people on the ground.
I henceforth leave you to make your own decision on voting the PAP team in should he appear in the team contesting in your constituency.

Anonymous said...

Me thought what You(medical student/intern) have described was all written on his face when he appeared in Channel News Asia.


Anonymous said...

Oh, me forgot to add that i believe your first hand encounter and experience with the Minted Citizen and now election candidate.


Anonymous said...

Matilah @ March 23, 2011 5:10 PM

You forgot to add "From each according to his ability" to your quote on socialism. PAP does pay lip service to meritocracy. Not because they are statists or collectivists, but because they define merit as the ability/tendency to perpetuate status quo, or in your language probably, cocksucking.

You can't blame Singaporeans from judging Janil's character or speculating on his motivations. If I have to decide on voting for this guy, I gotta have an opinion on him - your well intended advice on "allowing him to prove himself" is not useful for a voter's decision.

The fact that he said he's "prepared to stay and fight ..." and yet he has left his country of birth for Singapore, is enough to make any reasonable person doubt his intentions.

And the world ain't a meritocracy - try explaining George Bush Jnr as the US president.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Knife, welcome to the blog.

Quite a first hand experience. Was he putting on an act, like the real master, acting tough on the students but actually very kind? Some masters are tough on their charge only to push them to excellence.

People who knows him better will be able to give a more complete picture with closer observation, and time will tell. He is a conultant in the hospital and many people must have met him and will know him.

The tea party committee must have done their homework well to pass him.

Wang said...


As you are aware, you are a student who is being taught, to me, the empathy should come in only when you bring up issues to a taskmaster who is trying to save lives.

Further, he is trying to instil excellence, yet you deem otherwise and your ego needs to be stroked.

If his criticism is work related, I am happier to hear that rather than have a patient die.

The most empathy which i hear is that he is empathetic to patients and families.


John said...

"he is trying to instil excellence"
Hah! That was what Adolf Hitler was trying to do along!

Anonymous said...

he apparently paid for his own medical studies and brought his medical specialisation to serve in public hospitals in Spore. he is likely to be a committed chap. cannot say same for those spore born medical specialists who emigrated to foreign lands after receiving their education, training and experience here

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore are blessed by the second coming of foreign talents. Instant tree talents, without paying any cost for their upbring and training.

Anonymous said...

See also
Not Another New Citizen Please!!!

Anonymous said...

"those spore born medical specialists who emigrated to foreign lands after receiving their education, training and experience here" AND COMPLETING NATIONAL SERVICE, were pissed off by the dictatorship and were able to find a better life overseas. This "likely to be a committed chap" took advantage of the flawed foreign talent policy for instant citizenship to escape his worse off lot overseas. Just as he betrayed his father's sacrifices and cheated his wife of his promise, he is now embarking on lying to our nation. Mark my words.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He said he is fully invested here. This is a bad choice of words. Investing today is like gambling and waiting to reap a good profit like investing in properties and stocks.

Better to say he is fully committed to stay and sink his roots here. Better still, just say, I am coming home, to stay.

Anonymous said...

Bad choice of words?

The man is telling us he is fully invested here, meaning that he is here because he can make a lot of money here right now, right here. When he has reaped the rewards, he can and will pull up tent and go elsewhere, anytime.

Sinking roots is for good and, as you said, committed to stay. He will never say that. He is after all now a politician, and what can you expect coming out of the mouth of a politician?

389779mad said...

I wouldn't trust this Janil Puthucheary even if my life depended on him. Everything that is revealed about this man isn't what I would call a man of integrity. Breaking promises, not serving our national service and turning his back on his home country. And the wife thing? Puh-lease! His $15,000.00 a month salary, from our coffers, will be enough to convince her to shut up. Highest paid Ministers in the world and what sacrifices are we talking about. None! It's the Opposition candidates that have my full attention and admiration. I certainly wouldn't dare do what they do, going out on a limb against the Ruling Party. No, this Janil Puthucheary is an imposter. If what happened in Japan occurs in Singapore, I tell you, Janil Puthucheary will be the first to run back towards Malaysia. He has the words "traitor" written all across his face.

389779mad said...

Oh shut that "Matilah_Singapura" up!
What a crazed lunatic!
He either has missed a few doses of his medication or overdosed on his meds. What a jokester!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi 389779mad,

Matilah Singapura is like that, sometimes sane sometimes insane. He likes people to hantam him, always taunting for a fight.

As for Janil, he is good enough to convince the council of wise men that he is good and deserving. That itself is quite a feat and credit must go to him.

If he turns out otherwise, there will be red faces for sure. But trust the good system. Well tested and well proven to be working well. He could be another Khaw Boon Wan, another minister for MOH.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Oh yay. There are people who support free speech. But once ever so often they encounter speech which makes their arseholes squirm and their balls sweat.

...and so these people -- lofty in ideals and ideas (not!) -- "solve the problem" by asking the offensive noisemaker to "shut up".

Listen 389779mad, you cocksucking fashionista, I invite you to try and silence me. Use your voodoo, your marginally fuctional intellect or call your gang or cry for your mother -- you what the fuck you can to "shut me up".

Go ahead, motherfucker...I'm inviting you to try. Draw my blood or go the fuck home and suck your momma tetek!

Love and kisses

The Anti-Christ

Anonymous said...

Matilah without Singapura
makes no sense.
Matilah and Singapura joined
together is wholesomely
Sensible and prescient.