Quotes from Japan after the tsunami

‘What the hell is going on?’ PM Naoto Kan ‘This govt is useless’ Masako Kitajima, Tokyo office worker. ‘I’m not sure if what they’re saying is true or not, and that makes me nervous. I want to know why they won’t provide answers. Tokyo resident Tetsu Ichiura.


agongkia said...

Sure or not?Thought someone said jipunkia dun kpkb over such incident compare to singaporean compaining over a 50 years one time flood?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The internet is filled with apologies from folks who have made tasteless jokes about the Jap earth rocker. What I don't understand is why say something funny than apologise? Makes no sense.

Thankfully because of the internet, these scintillatng points of view will be there for everyone to see forever.

The latest one is from Family Guy comedy writer Alec Sulkin, and he wrote:

"If you wanna feel better about this earthquake in Japan, google 'Pearl Harbor death toll'."


Anonymous said...

I think it is not that Japanese people don't complain, but being much more nationalistic than red dot citizens, they normally do not show displeasure with their Government outwardly. And if they do complain, note that they are mild and more like 'matter of course' grumbling.

As for that someone comparing Singaporeans with the Japs, what can you say about wooden cum senile ministers by the way? Much of what he espoused over the years cannot be taken at face value. Examples like 'swiss standard of living' and 'more good years' are just figments of his imagination.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 206

I think you are missing the point: the Japs culturally don't complain under 'normal' circumstances. However this situation is a serious 'black swan' -- extreme by any standards. Thus, you'd expect some noise from the people. If there wasn't any, that would be a matter for concern!

There's another point to observe: no matter how 'good' you think the govt is, they cannot protect anyone or the cuntry from EXTREME events. All anyone can do is do their best, and hope for the best!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just read a news report. A little town of Otsuchi, 1000+ survivors are facing shortage of food and water and no electricity till today. And a truck of water just reached them with a team of Red Cross helpers. And food is running out.

You never think that the Japs can be so inefficient. Not much difference from Acheh.

Anonymous said...

With all the advancements in earthquake prediction technology, how come the Japanese were caught without prior warning?

Earthquake prediction is no longer like the ancient method of taking a cue from animals behaving strangely. It is an advance science.

Of what use is earthquake prediction technology if they cannot give people advance warning?

The Tsunami that followed was probably too fast, due to the close proximity of the quake, that people had no time to leave for higher ground.

Matilah_Singapura said...

wah, you fuckers can tok stylo-milo some more as if you're disaster ex-spurts, and are quick to tekan people for not being prepared.

The govt cannot protect you in extreme cases -- regardless of any fore warning.

It is up to the individuals to do their best to plan for emergencies -- and even then, you can be caught out.

In Oz every family/ household is advised to have an emergency plan. Most people do -- spare food, batteries, first aid, walkie talkie, spare mobile phone -- as you would expect in a rich society. But still -- no matter how prepared you are nature can still kill you. Look at what happened in NZ and Queensland recently.

A little bit of understanding would go a long way -- not for the sake of the Japs -- but for your own sake so you don't look like a dumb motherfucking asshole.

Let's see how prepared you all are and how well you cope when a big quake or some other disaster takes out Singapore, Shear's Bridge collapses and Boat Key and Fullerton sink into the sea.

I'm not talking about Orchard Road flooding which sent everyone into a state of chaos -- all blaming the govt.

Sheesh! You guys are unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

It's an act of nature which was not preventable, measures and preparations can always be made in advance. But, it has to depend on the severity of the situation. I

It is early day yet and how the Japanese Government will be blamed and held accountable by the Japanese people we will see once the Japanese People settle their deads and livings. There is no way the Japanese Government will not be blamed. If such even happens anywhere, blames will be inevitable.

What is detestable are those that blame the governments, the people and nature without themselves being able to help or provide ideas to help.


Anonymous said...

Btw, the World will be blaming Japan for the radiation contamination that's like to intensify in magnitude and spread extensively.