Nuclear energy – expert opinion

If a govt is exploring plans to build a nuclear plant and engages nuclear experts to provide expertise advice, what would be the likely recommendations? If the experts say, no go. Finish, his job ends there. If the recommendation is that it is ok, nuclear energy is the way to go, all precautions can be taken to reduce risk to zero, ha, his expertise will be needed much longer, at least till the completion of the nuclear plant and possibly longer. Now, why would a nuclear expert tell a govt that nuclear energy is too dangerous and too high a risk to take and to risk his usefulness, and his paycheck? Many experts will say, don’t worry, there are risks, but manageable. We have the technology, the knowledge and the knowhow to make sure that it is safe. Go ahead and have your cake and eat it as well. And such soothing and confident words are what many govts would want to hear and will feel very assured. I read in the paper that some countries in Europe are putting on hold their nuclear ambition. I also read this comment from a third world leader, ‘Our reactors will be third generation and they will be able to withstand even the most powerful earthquake.,’ Bangladesh Atomic energy Commission chairman Farid Uddin Ahmed told AFP. He must be rightly advised by the experts and believed everything they said. I believe when the Japanese built their nuclear plants in Fukushima, they must also have been told that the biggest earthquake will not shake the nuclear plants. Absolutely safe! Fear not. Whatever sophisticated and bestest technology and equipment, there must be accompanied by the bestest talents and workforce to operate them. Third world mentality, third world attitude, third world ability, third grade work force, are themselves the greatest risk to a potential nuclear disaster. Just like buying sophisticated military aircraft, without the skill technicians to maintain them, without the skill pilots to fly them, they will all ended up grounded. In a nuclear plant, the ending is tragedy of mass termination.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

Redbean, if it is Singapore that you are talking about, forget about the experts. The only one that can make the final decision is our own 'God'.

If our 'God' says, go ahead, it means 'on lah'. If our 'God' says 'over my dead body' there is still a chance he may yet change his mind. That was what happened in the case of the casinos and F1.

Anonymous said...

God will not be around for much longer.

Anonymous said...

What say you, redbean, about the claims that new building technology can make sure that skyscrapers can withstand serious earthquakes and hurricane winds? The make models, shake and rattle them, and blew them using jet engines and then pronounce them safe and reliable. Theory and reality may not be the same.

If I am given a chance to stay in such buildings in an earthquake or hurricane zone, I will say 'thank you, but, no, thanks for the offer'

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The experts, engineers, scientists and the politicians will make sure that every stone will not be left unturn to make it safe, as humaly possible.

But Murphy said anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Remember how the twin towers went down?

Anonymous said...

If the gods created such a messy home for their believers.

How can we believe the words of the gods' creations.

No joke intended.