A new national problem

Worrying about the jobless yodas. Our oldies are going jobless, unemployed, unemployable. Serious problem! We need to find jobs for them. We need to restructure jobs, amend legislations, to let all the old fools to continue working, till they drop dead on their jobs. What is happening? What have happened to the happily retired and living on a nest of life long savings? We are and were a nation of big savers. We save more than anyone else. What have happened to our savings? Why must oldies keep on working to earn some money to live on? Crazy thought. What have gone wrong to our great retirement schemes and plans? What happens to the golden years, to see the world, to enjoy the grandchildren, to be happily retired, lying on a rocking chair and reading a book or watching the sunset? Now it is like a big crisis to have all the oldies hanging around, jobless! They must have jobs, they must be working, so say all of us. No more golden years? Soon golden age will also be passé.


Anonymous said...

"What have gone wrong to our great retirement schemes and plans?"

Basically, the CPF scheme has been largely hijacked to feed the housing frenzy, which I think is part of the grand plan to promote 100% home ownership, rather than retirement needs. Somehow, one ideal has to give way to another. It depends on which is more lucrative and makes better economic sense to the leaders.

Good or bad, I cannot say. It depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on. But this is the price Singaporeans have to pay, and they are paying already by being forced to work till they drop.

Lost4ever said...

So it has been a con job for as long as the cpf, which is supposed to be for retirement.

Now only for us to find out that it has became banana$$$ through inflation.

On top of that, the extended family structures no longer exist, through hdb flats and resettlement, thus we are collectively looking at a problem of our own doing in the name of progress.

Well, leave this problem to our super talents, they will find a solution in no time.

If we do not have "A new national problem", they will create one, with one already in the making... target 6.5 million.

Anonymous said...

The FUCKING NUTS are telling everybody to upgrade, improve skill by spending time and money(transport fares, time+energy), course fee and depriving ones' time with family and leisure to find no job after doing what the FUCKING MUCKERS have been advocating.

Singaporeans should not let the FUCKING NUTS manipulate them around to waste ones' life and let the many so-called private education institutions, insurance and financial business houses exploit us.

Time to tell these exploiters and those political muckers that allow them to exploit the people to fuck off!


Wally Buffet said...

Sell the fucking HDB pigeon hole.

Go and find a tiny uninhabited island somewhere. Start a family with a native woman. Get elected village chief and then become the president of your little cuntry.

Then, you'll be employed for life.

Where is the problem?

Anonymous said...

Find an uninhabited island?

Good advice but bad timing. Few centuries too late!

Anonymous said...

We are going into twilight zone and will soon be in darkness!



Matilah_Singapura said...

The oldies were sold a bill of goods long time ago. They were told "Thank you for helping build this cuntry. We had intended to help you, but we can't now...sorry, you are on your own".

Tragic? Perhaps. However I take a different view: believing that "the govt's job is to help me" is like believing that there is a powerful old man who lives in the sky, who will forgive you and grant you a fantastic life after death -- if you become his unwavering slave.

Sorry suckers: believing in something just because it brings you feelings of comfort and security is stupid and so you deserve your lot.

Fsncy believing that "the govt is here to help" and expecting a good result.

Fucking dumb assholes -- it is your own fault. But life is hard and we all make mistakes -- errors of judgement. Sometimes it does suck :-)