Need for a major restructuring of the workforce

Singaporeans should be grateful that 106,600 PMET jobs are being taken up by the Filipinos. This is the same as the thousands of construction workers and maids doing jobs that Singaporeans did not want to do. What Singaporeans should do is to retrain themselves for higher paying jobs. Not retraining PMETs to do lower level jobs. If this is the case, then someone’s ass need to be kicked. There are plenty of high paying jobs in Singapore that Singaporeans should aspire to do. Those jobs that Singaporeans are no longer competitive, should go to foreign talents. We should welcome the Filipinos and the rest to be our PMETs. Singaporeans can then seek jobs that these foreign talents cannot do and pay better. I am looking at Members of Parliaments, mayors, town council chiefs, President, or other political jobs. These are high paying jobs that Singaporeans should aspire to do. There may not be that many now but more can be created. We can have more MPs, more mayors, vice mayors, PMs, dep PMs, asst dep PMs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and even Senior Presidents, or executive Presidents etc etc. And of course there are plenty of directors to be appointed in public and private companies. Singaporeans are barking at the wrong tree to fight with cheaper foreign talents to be PMETs. There are better and higher paying jobs waiting for Singaporeans in govt and in politics.


Anonymous said...

Can retrain to qualify for President's job or not?

Someone commented that waving hands must be a very difficult job to warrant a pay increase of almost $900K.

Matilah_Singapura said...

WTF? In Singapore you are in a much better position to get training and opportunity.

No one has "job for life" any more lah.

Get fucking real!

Anonymous said...

No need to be president and minister.
Just pay resident committee members and volunteer vigilante personnel ONE(01)% percent of the President Of Sin's pay and many will be gainfully employed lah. They too are doing political and social works, maybe more diligently than the Sin President who is but just a decoration piece.


Anonymous said...

Everyone should go read the article now on channelnewsasia on foreigners fleeing Tokyo.

Just a reminder to the government that in times of crisis, the foreigners are not going to stay around for you. It is the native Singaporeans that will fight and rebuild the country for you.

Do you imagine your new citizens who can flee to their relatives in China or the Philippines will stay and fight for you when we are arti-bombed?

They will rather give up their HDB flats than their lives. Unlike us, who have to give up our lives to protect our families living in the HDBs.

Unfortunately the irony remains that the foreigners are getting a better life than the locals. And local boys who have served NS, the joke is on you (and me) because your service is only worth max 3000 in TAXABLE INCOME DEDUCTIONS (not tax credits)a year.

Pity the ignorant Singaporeans. (but then what is there to pity when you voted the government in)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fleeing in a time of natural disaster?

Seems like the intelligent, most obvious thing to do. (duh!)

I tell you what, when god shits on Singapore and the whole place is going to hell, you can stay...and feel damn proud of yourself, as a "patriot". :-)

I can bet you most locals will be getting the fuck out..if they are still able to.

Anonymous said...

You are right, I would laugh at any patriots around. Can't imagine there would be any with the current social fabric the government is weaving.

What the locals would do is defend their families. And since most locals are kept poor without the ability to flee, thus they have to fight.

Smart government come to think of it. Ignorant Singaporeans of cause. Pity.

Anonymous said...

There's one here for years.
Patriots in Sin are blind and silly.

Anonymous said...

Very foolish and stupid me must say.


Anonymous said...

Criteria needed to stand as candidate for Presidency in Singapore


The criteria is so strict, it's been estimated that no more than 100 people in Singapore would qualify.

He must have for a period of not less than three years held office —

* as Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker, Attorney-General, Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Auditor-General, Accountant-General or Permanent Secretary;[29]

* as chairman or chief executive officer (CEO) of the Central Provident Fund Board, the Housing and Development Board, the Jurong Town Corporation or the Monetary Authority of Singapore;[30]

* as chairman of the board of directors or CEO of a company incorporated or registered under the Companies Act[31] with a paid-up capital of at least $100 million or its equivalent in foreign currency;[32] or

* in any other similar or comparable position of seniority and responsibility in any other organization or department of equivalent size or complexity in the public or private sector which has given him such experience and ability in administering and managing financial affairs as to enable him to carry out effectively the functions and duties of the office of President.[33]

Anonymous said...

So what! If the candidate selected to be the President has no executive power and take and obey order from the Cabinet like an obedient dog.


Matilah_Singapura said...

President does not take instructions from cabinet. The power is always with the people exercised thru PARLIAMENT by the elected representatives.

And if you don't pay him/ her Big Bucks there is no incentive to "obey" -- if he/ she doesn't agree they can simply resign and tell the govt to FUCK OFF, and join the peoples' voices instead.

In fact, they are likely to win more respect from the people if the president is allowed to exercise his own judgement and conscience just like an ordinary citizen.

Cabinet members are APPOINTED (usually by the PM) -- some of the members of cabinet may be elected by the people - representing various constituencies, but that is not always the case.

To keep the idea of SELF GOVERNANCE the people, along with ELECTED MP's are the fundamental "mechanism" in Republicanism -- that is to say to prevent the republic from degenerating into a plutocracy, which is what Singapore essentially is now.

THE PRESIDENT SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN EXECUTIVE POWERS unless the country is at war or emergency. This temporary executive power is not "automatic" either --parliament has to approve it, then grant it with strict limitations and conditions. i,e, when the crisis is over, the executive power of the president is removed.

The example of the USA: In the beginning the US presidency had no peacetime executive power. All the power was with Congress and the Senate. The senate is always like "the policeman" weeding out the shit and dog-fighting, thrashing out the details - making sure that everyone has a chance to speak their mind.

Over time and especially during the Lincoln presidency, the US was at civil war and they needed a "strong" presidency to keep the country together. Since then, executive power in the US presidency has grown to the point where Clinton could bomb Kosovo and George W Bush could declare war without Congress approval after 911.

Representational, republican self-governance in the US? Gone by the wayside, relegated to history. The US president now can essentially do as he pleases -- i.e. all the executive power is concentrated on ONE INDIVIDUAL.

Very bad scene.

2 keys to individual freedom and civil liberty:

1. Do not give the presidency automatic executive power

2. Do not pay the president Big Bucks

Matilah_Singapura said...


Real historical case:

President Ong TC challenged the govt over the matter of the national reserves. He won the hearts of the people because he basically lent his voice to an important question in their minds: "WTF is the govt doing with our money?"

He acted in not only his capacity as head of state, but as a concerned citizen. At the time, his state pay wasn't that high and he was already independently well-off as a successful architect. He essentially put himself on the line -- a very brave act -- and pissed off the govt.

Had he been paid millions of dollars, it could be argued that it is doubtful he would have acted in the manner he did at the time.