The most lucrative part time job

Anyone looking for a part time job will be resigned to the fact that it comes with no job security and a paltry allowance. But this is not true in the uniquely Singapore context. The part time job of a Member of Parliament comes not only with job security for 4 years, could be a life time, and with a handsome allowance which many CEOs may not even smell. This part time job offers an allowance of more than S$13k per month, with a 13th month bonus, with a productivity bonus or maybe 3 to 4 mths and with a GDP bonus that is 8 months for this year. All in all the total bonus could be something like 12 to 15 mths. Not bad really, for a part time job. And the perks of being appointed as directors or chairman of public listed companies and public companies….Really bee tang. The next best job is a full time job that some may reckon as a vacation in a palace. But this is not true as it comes with really heavy responsibilities. Anyway, it pays S$4m a year plus all the perks of a presidency and, yes, the same number of months of bonuses as an MP. The total payout for year 2011 could be more than S$8m! Where on earth can one find such lucrative part time and full time jobs?


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that if an "elected" MP steps down after 2 terms, he/she will still be entitled to pension of about $7k per month. Not bad for wayang show of about 8 years. The pension scheme should be taken away to prevent these part timers from jumping on this gravy train..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right, the pension is for life. It is something like 1/3 or 2/3 of the allowance.

Better still, those above the retirement age, I think 55 if they have not raised it, will get the pension plus allowance as MP/Minister while still in office. This means almost two pay packets.

Anonymous said...

The Alternative Parties should rally for the removal of the Pension Scheme. It benefits only a pocket of people who by virtue of their remunerations whilst in offices were/are oredi in the millions, could be even hundreds of millions.
No reason for such a scheme to exist.

Anonymous said...

"Where on earth can one find such lucrative part time and full time jobs?".

In Sin but just for a select few.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Depends on your definition of "job".

In a real job, the basis lies in eventually serving a (voluntary) customer by creating VALUE.

In govt value is not created -- it is TRANSFERRED from one group of robbed individuals to another group who receives the "goodies" simply because the have a special interest.

No government, in the history of the species has ever 'created value',

So to me, this is not a "job" in the moral sense of the word: it is a legalised criminal activity.

However it is quite cool to realise that hardened criminals and normal peaceful people can co-exist.

Another reason why global citizens should make s'pore hotel-status and not have anything to do with the government.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No government, in the history of the species has ever 'created value' - Matilah

Not true. The serial on Admiral Cheng Ho's naval expedition is proof that Emperor Yung Le did created a lot of value. The building of the fleet was paid by the state to the craftsmen and shipbuilders. The goods for trade were bought from the people from state treasury. The whole expedition provided a lot of jobs for the people and increased trade between China and SE Asia Africa.

It was a mission of peace, goodwill and trade. It is currently being shown on Ch 8.

Anonymous said...


The pension scheme of Ministers and MPs serves to keep their mouths shut after leaving office. Notice how quiet those ex-ministers are eg Dr Toh, Augustine Tan, etc.

As for asking the Alternative Parties to rally for removal of the Pension Scheme, has anyone heard any opposition candidate indicating so? The reality is that such a scheme is probably the reason why some are trying their luck.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean's example of Cheng Ho is a typical proof of government redirecting and redistributing private resources.

The idea of "creating value" is an illusion of the mind. By the same reasoning you can say the US govt creates "value" by going to war and thus creates profits and jobs for the defense industries.

Re-directing private resources does not "create value" because if those private resources were left alone for individuals to decide what to do -- FREELY -- they would create "real value" in accordance with individual intentions.

To argue that the govt has the "right" to confiscate property for whatever use it decides to use it on is to admit that THEFT is moral, if done by a big group of "authoritarian" figures.

I reject that completely.

I'll up the stakes: someone prove to me that a government creates REAL value and I will give you a case of beer.

Anonymous said...

Any government can creates value by removing the profiteers in the market, rid the society of robbers and keep the weak safe from bully.

However, most governments are the bully, robber and profiteers themselves.

But, they can also be authorities of propriety.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, your thoughts are depressing.

Anonymous said...

Not to frighten You further,
nevertheless got to be frank,candid and honest.
Staying Sin is depressing enough to cause many inhabitants to suffer
great mental tortures.
Read mypaper today and You know
we are in perilous zone.
So, do not think too much of your torturers, otherwise one will sink
deeper into a more vicious cycle.

Take care brothers and sisters.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry lah. Those with mental problems are mostly the losers lah. The successful are living like no tomorrow and buy a million dollar erotic car is no problem to them.

News reporting often is just news reporting. Yesterday it was reported that housing is no longer a problem and the people also don't mind having more foreigners in the country. That you got to believe.

Anonymous said...

If You are talking about newspapers and broadcast/telecast, they are giving then free nowadays right to your doorsteps. Even then many use them for the poos of their doggies and others donate to the recyclers.

Too much news is too much bad as it is just a simple logical deduction from 'No news is good news'. And the propagandists are fighting a losing battle because the Citizens Of Sin are no more 'One People One Nation'. It is 'each man an isle to him/herself' in Sin.


Anonymous said...

No news is good news to me.

I guess all the news from the Shitty Times, at this time, must be about the PAP and it's new candidates. Nothing else matters. The news is skewed, from print to screen. It makes one sick.

And so, I avoid the news.

Anonymous said...

There are basic flaws in both the governance and the political system of Singapore. They need to be addressed and corrected if Singapore is to survive as a national independent entity. The fate of Singapore should never be dictated by just one man as the case has been for the last many decades.Important decisions must be approved by the people through a referendum. Take for example the presidency. If he is only a titular head then he should assume the presidency without incurring financial burden to the state. A titular president can be represented by any respectable prominent citizen who is financially independent and be paid only an honourarium for the honourable position. However if the presidency has executive power and is paid a handsome renumeration then no qualifying limits should be set on any person worth his salt who thinks fit of standing for the elected post. Let the electorate decide on the candidate. An elected president should not be a puppet pulled by the strings of a puppeteer.

All ministers including the prime minister and members of parliament should not hold office for more than two five year terms. Renumerations drawn by the ministers should be comparable to that of other countries in Asia or granted to Europe and America and not to that of prominent and successful businessmen or CEOs of banks or lawyers, doctors or accountants.

Important decisions affecting the state should be approved by the people through a referendum. No minister should be allowed to have the audacity to invite a foreign super power to interfere in political issues or disputes among other Asian countries.