Message from Parliament

We need more foreign talents. And we need more foreign talents. We have more than 5 million bodies in this piece of rock. And we need more foreign talents. When we are at 6 million, we still need foreign talents. When we are at 10 million, we still need foreign talents. When we are at 20 million, we will still need foreign talents. We need the bodies to ensure economic growth. Our economic growth is vital to our survival. Without economic growth, we will be history. And our economic growth depends on bodies. We need bodies to fill up our trains and buses. We need to fill them to the brim or else it is inefficiency and unprofitable. We need bodies to fill up our shopping centres and food courts. If not, business will be bad and rentals will fall. We need more bodies to fill up the factories and offices, or rentals will fall too. We need more foreign talents. We need more bodies to buy up all the properties, housing or commercial, or else prices will fall. And when all the properties are bought, we need to build more to generate more economic growth, and we need more bodies, and we need more foreign talents. And our roads must also be filled with cars or else it will be a waste of resources. A jammed pack road system is a sign of prosperity and high economic activity. Also good for COEs and ERPs. Our world class hospitals need to be filled. Can’t imagine if they are half empty or 70% filled. We need more bodies to fill them, from staffing to patients. Every head counts for economic growth. For the sake of economic growth and efficiency, we need to keep growing our population. And since the locals are not reproducing enough, we need to bring in more foreign talents. Don’t worry, economic growth is everything and it will not stop. We will keep growing, and keep needing foreign talents, and more bodies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean;

Good Morning, You have just written the facts and fate of Sin.

Indeed me fully agrees that if there are no new immigrants, there will be no consumption and when there is no consumption, Singapore will kaput in no time.

It is a reality we Sinners have to accept. Me don't want to die young with Sin which is ONLY five decades into independence.


Anonymous said...

With high inflation, the poor suffer less. HDB flats only go up by $100k or $200k. Still affordable.

Private properties go up by $1m or $2m. Jiat lat.

COE goes up by $50k, more jia lat.

How to find those kind of money to pay for private properties and high COEs?

Must help the rich or they will not be able to buy their private properties and big cars.

For the poor, throw them a few hundred bucks and problems will be solved, for another few months.

Wally Buffet said...

We need more grog.......and drink ourselves into a stupor falling down a sewer.

The feeling of economic euphoria with a 15 % GDP growth is intoxicating and hallucinating.

That is, before the night of revelry is over and you wake up next morning, sick and puking your guts out.

That, my brothers is how we "achieved" this outstanding economic growth.

No substance. Plenty of hot air and of course not forgetting the grog.

The late Mr.Goh, a titan who together with a Dutchman engineered the country's progress from economic gloom to boom would both be turning in their graves because lesser men are using "quick fixes" instead of permanent solutions for economic sustainability.

We aspired to have a Swiss standard of living. The Swiss did it by being a world renowned centre for watchmaking and wealth banking. We pumped up the economic figures with the steroid of casinos and mass importation of foreign bodies to generate demand and consumption.

The South Koreans can boost of their many chaebols like Samsung and Hyundai to power their economy forward. We can only boast of one international brand name, SIA. Oh yes, I forgot about MBS and RWS, "world class" casinos staffed mainly by imported "talents". And also not forgetting that we are touting a certain bread making chain as representative of the Sinkapoore entrepreneur spirit as well. WTF! My granddaughter bakes better cakes!

We are really screwed.

So the message of this comment is......we have to import more bodies because it's Hobson's choice we've got.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

"The Swiss did it by being a world renowned centre for watchmaking and wealth banking".

'wealth banking' is true, but Switzerland is a safe haven for a lot of Sinful money, especially those of dictators, despots and tyrants.

soojenn said...

hahahaa.. yes Sin City needs more bodies, more foreign talents... AND more fuck bodies from China, the pak koos.. so that Sin City can have more babies? the chinese ones? so that Sin City don't get overun by the you know whos

Matilah_Singapura said...

Relax, petulant children.

The Hotel benefits -- more productive people equals more vibrant and "happening" city.

As the numbers increase, over-time you will learn that the "target" of 9 million was deliberately stated to throw off the "actual target" of 15 million. If you are like myself and like real estate, that number should give you a 3-day boner...better than viagra can ever do.

When the USA opened up it's borders and allowed mass immigration - promising individual freedom, civil liberties protected under the rubric of The Rule Of Law, America prospered and grew. The great engine of free-wheeling capitalism ensured that it didn't matter where one came from -- everyone was given the opportunity to the the best they can be, and prosper, build lives, create meaning -- all on The Individual Level.

In the waters of New York harbour, on Liberty Island stands a statue that has become a symbol of individual freedom which leads to a society of free individuals, i.e. a free society. That statue is The Statue of Liberty. Within the French sculpture is a bronze plaque with a poem, with the words:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Freedom, prosperity, meritocracy, wealth and the perpetual pursuit of one's individual "happiness".

Is Singapore the New America?

I hope so.

Keep those fucking borders OPEN!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anything that is carried to the extreme will self destruct. Capitalism will self destruct. Communism will self destruct. Greed will self destruct.

An open door immigration policy will self destruct. Europe is on the verge of self destruction. America too will self destruct. It is only a matter of time. But because of its size and depth, it will be more resilient and last a ittle longer.

This little rock will break up much faster than you think with a liberal open door policy. It is still continues blindly with its open door policy, I don't think it needs 30 years to turn itself into a mess.

A little bit of foreign talents will be good, just like a little bit of morphine. Key pumping morphine, it will need more and more and more for the same effect.

Wally Buffet said...

I will be relaxing if this friggin' piece of rock is one thousandth the size of the US. At the moment, it's not even one ten thousandth.

A city the size of Shanghai at a little over 6000 km2 supports a population nearing 20 million and take it from me, it's really congested. And it's property prices are the the most expensive in China.

We are targeting a population of 6.5 million on about 700 km2 of land. This works out to a higher population density than Shanghai. No wonder the smart money is on properties.

Are we planning the population growth with our arses instead of our brains?

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

who you think oredy bought up all the good properties and waiting to sell?

who you think would not want property price to fall?

Matilah_Singapura said...

On the contrary redbean, "extreme capitalism" will ensure that human life does not only "survive" but prevail.

Before you refute me, you'd better have your facts to back up your arguments, instead of your "general opinion" -- which at the least is a weak argument and at worst completely wrong.

Saying something like "anything taken to extreme will fail" is not an argument -- you are not specific, failed to define the context and is just a emotional outburst on your part -- sorry bro', you make a lousy case.

Wally you are quite right: the smart money is on property. Even if there is inflation -- as long as you keep your debt low -- i.e. near zero as possible -- you will come out ok. Singapore property is excellent -- why? Political stability and prosperity, that's why.

How do you get "prosperity and political stability"? Simple answer: CAPITALISM. The rising tide floats all boats: if your society is RICH chances are they will be politically stable. If they are politically stable, chances are they will be rich.

I am waiting for the China bubble to pop, because that would cause the Aussie bubble to pop too. The greedy capitalist pig in me is (I've blogged about this) waiting to pick up all big cheap Aussies houses -- at present arguably the most over-priced market (Perth is about the worst -- most expensive city in Oz now -- unbelievable) on our fragile wonderful planet.

What a terrific hotel, wonderful Singapore is!

Matilah_Singapura said...

The short story:

1. Oz economy booming because of massive exports to China

2. Foreign trade revenue boosts value of AUD, recycled into property market (people love houses)

3. China's economy is contracting

4. Australia is over-borrowing $800 mil of bonds per week, every Wed & Fri. Sovereign debt increasing, mostly owned by foreigner and private corporations.

5. Aust debt -- record high: 1 trillion

6. At some point (the tipping point) the combination of high debt (personal and sovereign) combined with the fall off in export revenue to China (economy contracting) will come into play and people will start deleveraging their massive debt or defaulting.

7. China's contraction will mean job losses in Aust, so people will be struggling to pay off hi-debt with no job. This is when the fun begins...for me (and you can bet -- for any other savvy Singaporeans who like Aussie assets -- including GIC and Temasek)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nah, extreme capitalism will lead to the amassing of wealth in the hands of a very few and widespread poverty. That is when the proletariat will rise in a revolution to level the playing field.

We are seeing such extremes in wealth accumulation in the west, in China, India and Singapore.

You don't believe me, ask my old friend Karl Marx.

Anonymous said...

Care for Sinners and forget about the Aussies; they have plenty of land and cave to live, they can learn from their Original people how to survive on the land and vast coastline.

Singaporeans will be fine sleeping at void decks, under mrt tracks and parks. Do not pay the fines and one would probably get a chance to have a roof over his/her head at Changi and Queenstown, but You will be made to work hard for the food fit for dog.

Everywhere there will be the smart alecks who will prey on their fellow beans to enrich themselves. It is not a crime though and conscience is worth nothing.

You die your bizness because You're lousy, that's about it. Do away with conscience and one will not get hurt.