‘Marriage is not all about money’

Sam Tan, the MP in Tanjong Pagar GRC said, and added that ‘You don’t need to wait for the Finance Minister to dish out incentives to get married.’ So is making babies, a natural process that one does not need a university degree to figure out what it is and how complicated is the process. The teens and pre teens are doing it happily and enjoying every bit of it. The moral of the story is, don’t think too much, ‘Just do it’. Why is getting married and making babies such an angst among the thinking Singaporeans? Yes, they think too much. They think from cradle to grave, and wanting their whole life to be lined with gold. If that was the thinking of their parents, many would not be here today. Many of their parents and grandparents were just too poor to think and worry about feeding them and bringing them up. They did not need Nike to tell them to just do it. They were well ahead of Nike’s philosophy. And many of the young are doing it even before they passed their teens. Some got married before they even started to earn a living, all with the blessings of their wise parents and elders. It may be a case of following the leader. They have done it and cannot be wrong. And they too did not need the advice of a MP to do what they wanted to do. Getting married is the simplest thing to do. Housing is never a problem. Some were given landed properties by their parents, who have planned well ahead for them, as marriage gifts. Those without such thinking parents can always live with their parents under one roof in their spacious HDB flats. Our 2 and 3 rm flats are a luxury compared to what the Hongkongers are having. And when the babies come in the following months, it will be complete, three generations under one roof. This is what living is all about. This is what a happy extended family is all about. No need to have maids when the grandparents are around to baby sit. Don’t worry, everything will take care of itself. The flats will come one day. The babies will grow up on their own and take care of themselves. If one thinks too much, there will be no marriages and no babies. And that is a serious problem for the country. The country really needs more unthinking people to just get married and make babies to drive economic growth. We need the super talents to think and the non talents to work. It is a perfect arrangement, both complimenting each other. Everyone is happy.


Wally Buffet said...

Someone was telling me the other day that if he is a coattail MP with a handsome monthly allowance as well as a well paid day job, he too will be doing his national service by producing half a dozen little Sinkapooreans to grow our dismal indigenous population.

Crappy talk is easy. Well paid too. When you really walk the talk, it ain't a walk in the park.

Hehe. :o)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow, what an irresponsible idiot. He is encouraging people in a sense to ignore the financial implications of getting married and having kids.

For many people a govt "handout" is the only way they can do it. No hand out, no marriage and family. Simple as that...and that is the responsible thing to do ... don't get married if you cannot afford it.

But this GRC moron: "Get married anyway". The better response would be "Go figure out a way to better your finances -- without waiting for the handout -- and then get married".

But of course the best way he could have handled it was to just shut the fuck up and mind his own damn business

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap. This retard of a PAP dog MP called Sam the dog should jolly well WALK THE TALK.

Animals don't reproduce or they eat their young when they feel an imminent threat to their survival, or they sense a long term or permanent food shortage. Likewise, humans don't make babies when they feel uncertain about the future. Many Singaporeans (esp the young) watch their parents kena retrenched or reduced to working menial jobs as they age... they don't see a future here as long as PAP remain in power.

Anonymous said...

This MP is among one of many paid handsomely to talk cock, after getting into Parliament via the backdoor by hanging on to coattails.

It is true. Those that have never gone through hardship never understand the meaning of hardship. Like him, everything is handed to him on a platter.

Singapore Parliament is full of deaf frogs that will not listen, brainless cockerels that crow at the wrong hour and arrogant assholes full of shit.