A little bit of frightening news

Many must have missed this piece of frightening news today. It was hidden somewhere in the article by Salma Khalik. Her article in ST talks about the challenges Singapore is facing to be among the best in health care. Then inside she quoted Boon Wan saying that he wanted to transform health care here ‘to be among the best in the world.’ Frightening isn’t it? Still don’t get the idea? You want the best, it means the best medical professionals, the best equipment, hospital facilities and supporting staff. Can you afford it? Are you willing to pay for it? Please, please Boon Wan, leave the best only to the private hospitals and A and B+ wards in govt privatized hospitals. The rest, please keep it good more than enough. The patients can only afford that level of medical services. But if it is free, by all means. And please don’t force them or mean test them to go for the best. Let them have a choice on how much money they can afford to part, not you decide how much they should part. The same goes to the best public transport system in the world. You want good, comfort, the best, you must pay for it. You want world class transport, make sure you got world class wallet. And world class people would not want to sit in the train with not world class commuters. I read somewhere this morning that one sikit atas aka high class woman called a radio station to complain that the low class HDB dwellers are spoiling the atmosphere of Holland Village. Only high class people with high class taste, mannerism and not complaining like low class HDB dwellers are allowed in Holland Village. This is the perfect complain awaiting the perfect answer and perfect solution. Gantry points will be up around Holland Village and patrons must pay $20 for entry to the Village. This shall ensure the cheapskate and bad manner Ah Sohs and Uncles from going there. Hit their pocket hard and they will stay away. World class, high class, there is a BIG price to pay for.


Anonymous said...

Holy Khaw, is that the way to go!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many people who have reached the Swiss standard of living here. There are many who have exceeded the Swiss level of living. There are also people having to decide very hard whether to eat in hawker stall or food court.

The quality of public services must be tailored, targetted, to the different needs of the people. It will be good if the services are world class if priced according to the people's pocket.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Those same hawker centre uncles and aunties are the same people who vote the pap in because they felt happier with the S$800 in their pockets. (Btw thats S$800 present value with a 5 year future value of over 1000 at a 5% discount/inflation rate).

And because of these votes PAP can go around telling people they have obtained the people's mandate. And when PAP says the people wants world class hawker centres, they are speaking for the people mind you! No tailoring needed. If you are not with us, you are against the people!

So pity the daft Singaporeans, when LKY said Singaporeans are daft, he was not referring to us being inferior to the foreigners he is welcoming with open arms. He is referring to the foolish people who vote for them every 5 years when they clearly know they will lose out for the rest of the 4 years. Daft and deaf indeed. Pity.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Interesting comment. Will the Singaporeans vote for foreign talents that are new citizens in this election?

If they do, then the PAP has succeeded in convincing the people that the foreign talents are good for Singaporeans and Singaporeans agree with that.

Anonymous said...

I guess the only way to gauge that is it the PAP creates a team to compete who is solely NC. But remember it is the poor Singaporeans who are daft, not the elite PAP. So I doubt that will happen.

Meanwhile I don't know about you, but I have little doubt that PAP will maintain its majority. (not considering the electoral commission actual independence).

So yes, PAP has succeeded in conning (not convincing) Singaporeans that FTs are the cure-all.

Pity the daft Singaporeans

Anonymous said...


You people need not be so cynical of the pursuit for excellences in everything our leaders plan for us leh.

Imagine that one day there is a widespread outbreak of fatal disease here and all of us will be attended to by the best doctors in the best equipped hospitals. Oh, maybe with no money, we will be lined outside the hospitals instead of in the wards, but still we have the top doctors to attend to us mah. Will they leave us to die and let the disease spread? Me do not think so.

Anyway take good care of oneself, no matter how good a doctor, he/she will never be better than your own good health.


Matilah_Singapura said...

All taxes should be raised to 100% of income.

In that way everyone who produces -- individuals and enterprises -- hand all their earnings to the govt. Essentially they work for free -- I.E. NATIONWIDE SLAVERY.

There is an upside to slavery - as it removes the necessity for "responsibility" from the individual -- totally. No need not ever agin think or act for yourselves.

Phew!! What a relief…all that pressure taken off your hands. All you have to do as a slave is to obey your master. That's all -- as simple as that! Finally, absolute liberation from the necessity of "looking after oneself".

In exchange, the benefits slaves get are:

1. Free food
2. Free place to live and sleep
3. Free health care
4. Free funeral services
5. Free transport from home to work
6. Free leisure and entertainment activities
7. Free training and education )so they can serve the masters
8. Free pairing up with a mate for life (eugenics -- to breed better slaves)
9. Free childcare for young slaves
10. Free wardrobe

.. in fact, everything, every need for the slave is taken provided for by his masters for the totality of the slaves (productive) life.

If Singaporeans and all private enterprise in Singapore was turned over TOTALLY to PAP-is-the-govt-is-the-PAP control and OWNERSHIP, Singapore will beat every other nation in the world -- including America -- as YHE Utopia to strive to.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Silly me. I left out the most important thing:

Free job for life. 100%, full employment! No more "insecurity" of being replaced by cheaper labour!100% fully employed, Singaporean workforce!

Top that Mr Bernanke!

Anonymous said...

has Holland Village become a gantrified place where only the pseudos can go? i last visited the makan shops and hawker centre many many years ago for the then famous ipoh hor fun and other popular makan there. who are these 'aliens' now calling the place their own?

Matilah_Singapura said...

You watch what you say about my beloved Holland Village.

No, it's not exclusive to pseudos. Douche bags like yourself are welcome too.

Holland village is a special place: low wage aliens are employed to serve the high wage aliens.

Holland V is mostly private property -- and it has been that way for years. If the govt tries to collect more taxes there by erecting a gantry, it will be cut down with det cord ;-)


Prince of The Village

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, your ideal condition were practised by USSR and China but failed.

The Singapore version is that the govt will plan everything for the best and the best money can buy. Then it is left to the individual to find what he needs. But there is a proviso for mean testing as well.

Wally Buffet said...

With bills running into the mega millions, anything is now possible.

That female surgeon set the benchmark so now I can imagine all the "quacks" at medical centres salivating at mega bills with the cow announcing Singapore's ambition to provide the best medical attention. He might have forgotten about simple HDB folks who just want good and competent health care without the bullshit.

Regarding the bitch bitching about low class HDB dwellers spoiling the Holland Village mood, I betcha that she is one of the foreign trash out to trash us Sinkapooreans. It's time we stop this leering attitude and fuck all trash from this island.

Anonymous said...

In time to come, if the sickness doesn't kill you, the hospital bill will.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Life - no one gets out alive" - Jim Morrison, lead sing of The Doors. Found dead and bloated in a bathtub OD'ed on smack.

Anonymous said...

If gantry points are put up around Holland Village, arising from the complaints of people like the 'sikit atas' woman, well, we know who will get hanged. Not the Ah Sohs or Uncles I am sure. And we know who will benefit.

More like the Chinese saying - "The monk spilled the rice gruel, the dog benefits"

Matilah_Singapura said...

Cutting down obnoxious structures using det cord.

Video show tree cutting. Now, let's be clear -- I'm not advocating vandalism, I'm merely postulating an idea.

Think it as being informative and educational. ;-)


VOTE BUYING -- How to do it propertly

1. Take control of the nation's currency and cnetral bank. [check]

2. Inflate currency, drop interest rates to low single digits [check]

3. Pump up the jam by telling people how great the economy is and how lucky they are to have such a good government in the midst of gobal economi and political turmoil. [check]

4. Over state favourable economic data and interpret the data to favour the government [check]

5. Promise people more goodies [check]

6. Give them a sweeternet [check]

7. With the increase economic activity, you collect more taxes: property tax - increased take, GST - increased take, fuel tax -- increased take, ERP & COE -- increased take. [check]

8. Use the increased tax take to BUY MORE VOTES. Promise the euphoric masses -- now delerious with joy on one hand, but fearful of economic collapse on the other. Reassure them of the government's committment to "security", and that "every Singaporean matters". [check]

9. Feel confident in knowing that most people will believe anything that brings them comfort and feelings of security even though what you tell them is total bullshit (use the example of religious texts for empirical evidence) [check]

10. Proceed confidently to win the election, and enslave the people even more [check]

I'm not advocating anyone out there be to corrupted to the point that they attempt, I'm merely postulating an idea.

Think it as being informative and educational. ;-)