The level of intolerance

PAS has just raided several shops selling lottery tickets in Kelantan. They find gambling against their values and life style and would not allow it to be on sale despite the provision of the Federal Law. Selling lottery tickets and some forms of gambling like betting on 4D, horse racing, and a casino in Genting Highland, are allowed under the Federal law. If I am not mistaken, night clubs and bars were also banned in Kelantan. The MCA is raising its protest as an infringement into the rights of the non muslims. Just because the state govt does not agree with the lifestyle of other races, it does not have a right to ban them. If this precedent is upheld, then many things can be banned and the non muslims will have to live like the muslims in Kelantan, no eating of pork, no night spots or night entertain, no bars, no gambling, no movies, no drinking and maybe no drinking of alcohol as well. What else will be banned? This is the kind of intolerance that is getting more pervasive and intruding into the lives and social activities of other minority races. This is the kind of danger when political power falls into the hands of intolerant groups or people that have no qualms about imposing their wills and beliefs on the minorities. The big question is how intolerance is PAS should it won political power in Malaysia? For the moment there are some moderate voices within the group and some forms of give and take. When the chips are down, when the more secular parties lost power to the likes of PAS, what would be left of the rights of the minorities in Malaysia?


Anonymous said...

Turkey, descendants of an ancient civilisation, retains its religious values, yet its people are tuned to the modernity of life. Not like some "johnny come lately" countries who try to be more "fundamental" than others.

Wally Buffet said...

As bad as the ruling BN in Malaysia is, the PAS is much much worse.

If this kind of party comes into power in Malaysia, that country is going down the tube because of the exodus of the minority races who forms the talent pool of the country.

When that happens, those fucking foreign talent Malaysians now encroaching on almost all sectors of the job market in Sinkapoore will be queuing up for miles at the ICA to beg for citizenship and our population problem would be solved.

But our defence budget would have to be doubled to preserve our secular way of life.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of intolerance that they are capable of. Non Muslim Malaysians must not be deceived by their apparent moderate attitude in the marriage of convenience. They will show how intolerant they will be to other people's way of life when they are in power.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My feelings about religion - especially the Abrahamic Faiths are well known. If anyone needs a reminder, just surf over to my blog :-)

I agree with LKY about Islam.

Anonymous said...


Guess again. Or at least that's what UMNO is saying to the Malay voters.

And MCA will say it differently to the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

PAS started as a purely Malay party and they need to appeal to the Malays to win their support. Hence their stance on gambling in Kelantan, which is a predominantly Malay state.

Such a policy in Penang or Malacca or even Perak is not going to sit well with the Chinese over there for sure. Gambling is a Chinese birth trait.

Politicians have to play their cards well to stand a chance and MCA obviously cannot just keep quiet. They have to act because they needed the Chinese votes. It is to be expected anywhere.

Many of the past Malay politicians were initially racist in their earlier years, fighting for support, but after coming into power they became moderate in their policy implementation. Mahathir was an example, so much so that he was expelled from UMNO at one time. Hishamuddin is another.

Whether PAS will continue with their intolerant attitude towards the minority, should they come into power in Malaysia is left to be seen.

Malaysia is still quite moderate compared to the extreme religious fanatics typically found in the Middle East, like Iran for example.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Mahathir and Hishamuddin are still extremists. Another unfortunate thing is that the Malay Malaysians are discarding their Malayness to become more like Arabs, dress like Arabs, act like Arabs and think like Arabs and be more religious than the Arabs. Soon they may even call themselves Marabs. Neither Malays nor Arabs.

I think they feel inferior to the Arabs and wanting to be more Arabs than Malays. Same as some Chinese ashame to be Chinese and wanting to be Angmos, think like Angmos, behave like Angmos.

Anonymous said...

Dare i say that most Muddle East Rulers tend to wear their traditional dresses which are reflective of their Faith. However, as can be seen from the uprisings happening now, those Rulers were just as corrupt as those in other countries with different religions.

To me, religion does not make anyone a better person.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Religion is to make the masses better people and easier to control. The rulers believe and observe religion and interpret it to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

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