A Japanese lesson

By the time the last head is counted, there could be tens of thousands of Japanese dead after the one in a century 9 on the Richter scale earthquake. The flooding water that rushed to the shore and inland, flooding everything in sight was 10m high. Yet, the Japanese were calm, stoic, as if it was just part and parcel of living in Japan. No panic, no kpkb, no screaming and crocodile tears. They put up a brave front despite the destruction and loss of life. Coming home to Singapore, you should look at the faces of the lucky Singaporeans who escaped death while holidaying in Japan or missing a connecting flight to America. There were grief, fear, and some were sobbing. What a frightening experience and a narrow escape from death. Come nearer to Orchard Road, we had the once in 50 years flood of 2 feet deep water. What a disaster! What a comic disaster. It was just an afternoon monsoon rain that could help to clear the longkangs of the debris that needed a strong flushing. Boo, boo, boo, crying all round and blaming everyone and the govt for not preventing a flash flood caused by two hours of tropical rain. Singaporeans must grow up, learn to take disasters in their stride. The two feet of flood in Orchard Road should be time for a little fun in the rain. Throw some soap powder into it and have a free foam party. Enjoy and have fun the next time when it floods. No need to kpkb on spilling a glass of water. Learn from the Japanese. The next campaign for nation building, clap and have fun in Orchard Road when it floods. Enjoy the blessing of water from the sky. Take a bath or have a party. There are worst calamities than a little flood. And for those who are hell bent to have a nuclear plant here, because no choice, too many people and oil too expensive, the Japanese lesson will help them build a better nuclear plant that will never fail. If the local super talents here are not good enough, the foreign talents will swarm here to say aye aye, they can build one for us and guarantee it will never fail. They will not live long enough to see it fail for sure. By then they would have taken the money and gone.


Lost4ever said...

Mr Chua, perhaps all the "cow-bei-cow-boo" at Orchard Road were from PR & FT. As Singaporeans would have gone through 10 years of brain washing in the education systems about national defense that they wun make so much noise.

So the root of the problem may be the immigration polices which did not ensure that new comers were integrated in a smooth way... Instant people are like instant Trees that can fall in the lightest of breeze!!!

Anonymous said...

About these foreign fellas here, it is amusing yet disgusting to find that even at food courts and shops, some of them, are behaving the "sombong" way like their local counterparts, disinterested and rude.

Anonymous said...

Hehe have fun in a flood, enjoy the company of fellow patients in the hospital. Have the company of colleagues of the opposite sex and spend some nights in hotels after work. Go casino when pay comes in or go Geylang and gayland at Chinatown.
like many rogue rulers around the world behave, oppose me, swear at me, fuck or fight me for all you want. So long as I hold the power and have the money, you shall be under control.
Among the survivals and those in the construction and property businesses in Japan now, many are rejoicing.

Construction materials will now be in great demand and their prices can be increase to the maximun and so will be the finished product, the houses. Many Japanese will be happy that their cities will be less crowded. There will be less competition in everything and much shorter queue in whatever they have to line-up for.

To make short and SWEET, enjoy life in whatever situation, be positive, make use of all circumstances good and bad. There is no point worrying about much that have not happened. Life is short and it is absolutely wasteful to live worrying over everything near and far. Be stoic, practical and pragmatic, there are bound to be people to exploit every situation.

For the idealists, they are likely to live in miseries and die worrying.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for a mistake made in my earlier post. 'survivals' should be 'survivors', please pardon me.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1053:

You are correct. Although it would be impolite to 'jump for joy' at a time of human tragedy, many Aust businesses are going to do very well from Japan's bad luck.

No doubt, savvy and opportunistic GIC & Temasek will figure out how to make a killing (oh, my an insensitive pun) from this crisis.

redbean, when the next natural disaster hits Hotel Singapore, I'll be at the Sabun Party frolicking with the Sabun Party Gals -- hopefully getting drunk and nasty with bevies of promiscuous (but still catholic) Pinoy chicks stranded in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Brave front? You must be joking. These are people famous for 'hara kiri' and 'kamikaze', so what is a little disaster to them.

They have leaders in Government and private sectors, who will calmly take their own lives when they make a mistake. Not like some who just push the blame to scapegoats lower down the chain.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Oh the PC police are offended. They are shocked, horrified and have all stepped up on their morally high pedestal to condemn the following "insensitive" persons for their "tasteless" comments:

1. Gilbert Gottfried (foul mouthed comedian) on Twitter.
e.g. "I fucked a girl in Japan. she screamed "I feel the earht move and I'm getting wet"."

2. Glenn Beck (foul mouthed neo-con) on Fox
Watch the video of this opportunistic religious whacko

3. 50 cent (foul mouthed rapper) on Twitter
e.g. “Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe's from LA, Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol."

Kudos toe 50 Cent: he made a donation aid the drowning and radioactive Japs.

During Jewish funerals, there is a person who will get up and make all sorts of jokes -- many of them tasteless. The idea is to get people to laugh in order for them to deal with their grief better.

The comedian is mankind's greatest healer. Humour has a way of working no medicine can match.

So laugh, you sad motherfuckers, LAUGH! A joke is a joke. Nothing more.

Chong said...

Yeah we all need to learn more from the Japanese culture.. It's been an intriguing insight since I started learning Jap language at Learn Japanese In Singapore