How stupid can one get?

I was reading the papers today about the cruel beating and harsh regime administered to two brothers age 9 and 11 under the care of a taskmaster. The boys were caned till they bled for dozing off while studying. They had to wake up at 4.30am to study and slept at 11pm. The parents thought that the taskmaster could discipline the boys and probably improve their grades. The harsh regime is common in China, and with a little trace of the sadism in a book praising Tiger mums. Beat them into shape. It is for their own good. The more you beat them, the better they will turn out. And many silly ‘masters’ employed such methods on their students. The notables who went through such regimes are Jackie Chan, Samo Hung and their peers. Many were maimed for life. Still many silly parents allowed their children to be cruelly beaten for their own good. How stupid can people be to perpetuate such barbaric behavior on the young? And there are adults who still think beating and cruelty are good to shape up children. I would recommend caning for the taskmaster and the parents. I thought such mentality only can be found in the rural areas among illiterate and ignorant farmers. ‘The 45 year old electronics scientist was sentenced to six months’ jail…’ ST. Poor boys.


Anonymous said...

Spare the rod and spoil the child albeit with a caveat : over abusing and solely relying on the rod is also counter productive.

If you survey primary school teachers, you will be surprised by how many feel the young has been molly-coddled too much and reasoned with instead of spanked to the detriment the of child in the end.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree that sometimes the rod still needs to be used on bad cases. But caning is caning and should not border on cruelty and brutality.

Anonymous said...

Punish the kids when they deserve it but not to mould or iron them into one ambition and design.

Some humans like to bully the defenceless and weak.


Anonymous said...

My apology to Readers.

'....not to mould or iron them into one ambition and design'.
It should read '...not to mould or iron them into ONES' ambition and design.


Wally Buffet said...

This stupid scientist got six months in the slammer.

Hope he will get the same treatment as he bestowed on the boys.

However, I have my misgivings.

Our jails may be too soft for criminals. Like a spartan resort really instead of a penal institution. Lots of "counselling" religious "awakening", yellow ribbon "projects" and all those silly tear jerking bullshit.

I believe if you do the crime, you've got to pay the time. And by time, I don't mean being mollycoddled in jail.

My mother was in day surgery for a colonoscopy at Changi General not too long ago. Next to her bed in a ward for observation and resting was a convict watched over by some prison guards. Guess what, those motherfucking guards were chatting with the fucking prisoner like some long lost relative, laughing and joking instead of well, just being prison guards. It helped that they were of the same race. The fucking prisoner and the fucking guards.

I am seldom angry. But this is one episode that got me ballistic.

What a fucking shithole this is. We are even scrapping the bottom of the barrel for prison guards.

I propose employing some real prison guards as foreign talents from the scariest prisons in the US such as those featured in "Prison Break". This will drum the message into our convicts that they are there to pay a price not to be pampered as if they are in a resort.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many bullies around and poor children are the helpless victims.

Someone sent me an email of a maid ill treating a toddler. She was bathing him by stepping on his back, flat on the floor like a little piglet, wriggling and screaming, and splashing him with buckets of cold water.

Later she snatched him up by one arm and splashed buckets into his screaming and wide open mouth.
And the poor helpless child just tried hugging to her leg. She was absolutely emotionless and hostile to the child.

I wanted to post a link here but unable to do so. It was an attachment to my email. She needs to be put behind bars.The parents need to see this and make a police report. The ill treatment must be stopped immediately.

Anyone can help?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I love to see parents smack their kids when I am out in public.

Children are easy to bully and dominate because they are so powerless and have no choice but to trust adults. These adults were once children and probably endure the brutal hands of their parents.

Sometimes, growing up sucks ;-)

In the meantime: smack your children regularly -- you don't need any reason; afterall, you are "the authority".

Hit them or they'll turn into pussies and end up on the internet writing on strange forums complaining about how bad their lives are :-)

Hammer those little shits!