Dictatorship of a political party

A dictator controls everything in a country, the people, resources, finances, power and ideas. A political party can also behave like a dictator, controlling everything in a country. Have we reached such a state? I was reading Tharman’s reply to Low Thia Khiang in Parliament and I came away with the feeling that everything he said was true, right and the best for Singapore. He and his team had thought through everything in detail and came out with the best solution available. ‘There is more than enough for lower and middle income households in the Grow and Share package in this year’s Budget to tide over this period of high inflation.’ Period. Believe it or not, agree with it or not, like it or not, that’s it. That’s the final answer. ‘A retired couple is likely to see their costs of living increase by $400 this year….A three generation middle income household’s living expenditure for the year is estimated to rise by $1,850….’ Undisputed hard numbers and hard truths. And the GST issue… The current system is the best. The other variations, permutations, modifications, are either not effective, bad or too difficult to implement. GST is not regressive taxation. Next please. And despite all the questions and questions, the answers given by Tharman are all the answers that will be given, and that’s it. The party has all the correct and perfect answers and solutions to all problems. Do we need another alternative party or alternative voice? As for the dictatorship of the party, we are not there yet. At least there are some who acknowledged that they did not have the monopoly of ideas. They only have all the answers.


Anonymous said...

Sir Redbean:

what dictator political party and or dictator ruler are You talking bout?

Our leaders are elected by Singaporeans in free and democratic system every five years. Me resides in Sin for six decades and had never heard or seen any citizen forced to elect our leaders.

When the people are free to choose, select and vote for their leaders, the Law makers are given mandates to rule with Laws they made. They're the choice of the people, no?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Mr Patriot,

I am only describing the terms dictatorship and dictatorship of a political party. Both we are not.

Our ruling party may have all the answers, but they have conceded that they don't have all the ideas. Ideas can come from everyone, every redbeans and the opposition politicians. But ideas are ideas and not answers.

A dictator party is one with all the answers and all the ideas and all of everything.

We are still very far from that point.

Anonymous said...

Actually or in fact, our leaders don't need to have ideas or answers, all they need are mandate and law.

They can order and call every shot and WE WILL HAVE TO LIVE UNDER THEIR MERCIES.


Anonymous said...

Shall I say they need not even have to have intelligence.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Dictatorship" is not the core of the problem.

The core of the problem is The State.

To be clear, I am anti-state: I believe that there are viable free market alternatives to organise/ govern/ protect society without the need of a state.

However most people have been conditioned since birth to accept that the state is the only way to run the affairs of a cuntry...and what often happens is that the state "steals" the cuntry away from the sheeple.

The state has the "authority" to enforce legalised armed theft and extortion (pay up or go to jail) -- so complaining about 'taxation" is a non-issue if you still believe in the idea of A State.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ahh, the state don't steal the country from the people. The state is just a form. It is people that can steal from other people.

Anonymous said...

They can have all the money, the power and the land, just respect the fellow countrymen and most will be happy. Nobody will envy them.
They should know that they have no time to enjoy even a fraction of what they possessed, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Human greed can never be satisfied. Give them the whole country and they want more.

If they are strong they want to conquer others. If they are rich, they want to buy up others. If they are powerful, they want to enslave others.

But....they forgot that they are mere mortals. Maybe, some who have attained wealth and power are starting to believe they are immortals.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 529

> Human greed can never be satisfied. <

Praise the lord on that! If "greed' was ever "satisfied", the economy will collapse!

More greed!